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  1. This is not IPSC legal since that the first shot in prod division needs to be DA. BUT... if you manage under the practice/match stress pull the trigger and place the hammer in half travel/cocked position before final sight picture/sight alignment it will be more or less the same ..... and it is done regularly by competitors. Attention ..... ND risk is high meaning that your practice need to be really intensive ..... otherwise in best case DQ is guaranteed.
  2. UF PRO P-40... bit pricey but high end stuff that can last for very very long time......
  3. If I may add one PoW from Rob's side ..... "In a match I would never make up D on stage with HF 7-10 and C on stage with HF 3-5" assuming Major scoring. If we transpose that to minor ......
  4. Great one @Istange .... That means for a good stage planning we need just to estimate time need and after that we can have clear math of how much mistakes will cost us Now question of all questions is how to make fast guestimation of time needed to finish the stage with high hit factor? Option 1: Estimation of HF that will lead into time and time will lead into cost of penalties Option 2: Estimate time that will lead to math .....
  5. Hi all, Can someone explain me how practiscore make math per image below (C: x0.18, D : x0.53, M: x2.64, NS: x1.76 MAX Time 26) Stage setup 2 steel 14 Paper, some noshoots Min round 30 Max points 150 Feeling a little bit confused
  6. Ok....Who's preparing and what your expectations are?
  7. Additional note When on a half cockd position with engaged safety ..... trigger shoe can go freely full motion
  8. Hi goodfellas, Few hours ago I installed short reset disconnector on my CZ Shadow 2. In DA mode hammer travels to aproxim. point of half cocked position and falls. In SA mode reset is short and crisp (like it should be). Since that I have match in 2 days ... please help. TiA P.S. Sorry for not using search engine ..... currently in panic mode
  9. Previous experience is some sports like basketball (defensive stance play especially), football (footwork and direction change) or judo (ballance change/transfer ) can be really beneficial. Explore their movement approach and mimic their practice approach.....
  10. And now what? Pics just wanish....or maybe it's not politically correct to expose things a Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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