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  1. Well, hopefully will be able to answer that question within a month or two (weather/pandemic/funds permitting). Shot last match in 2013, hadn't fired a round off since then until two months ago, by casually going to a new local indoor range just to see it. Started feeling the "bug" again so built a PCC and started dryfire. We'll see how the thought translates to action very soon. Do I expect to ever go back to shooting 7 matches a month? No....... do I want to get out and see old friends and give this another go-- so far, yes. -Mike
  2. Just built one on a Spartan lower, and am having the backup PCC built on a Spikes lower. Both will all kinda Taccom in the upper goodies. -Mike
  3. Trace, Been a long time since shot with you, but do you shoot w/ both eyes open all the time, squint one, or shoot one closed? Remember, Southpaw here too.... I never really felt that I could shoot the dot faster than irons until my eyesight finally got worse. -Mike
  4. Good timing! Just decided to take advantage of the downtime and do the same- using a combo of Steve Anderson and Ben Stoegers drills. Mix and match, setup a couple and do the. Actually also doing w/ airsoft as well. Ordered the mini target set and have it in the garage. -M
  5. As someone who made that "not shooting, sell guns and reloader and supplies" decision....... just DON'T. Playing the "if only" game now and seeing it'll cost probably 2 1/2 times as much to do all over again!! -M
  6. Wow......hadn't heard that SR 4756 was being discontinued........that sucks! Where'd you find out? I use Vihta N350 when I'm out of SR 4756, FYI, but that isn't a Hodgdon powder obviously.
  7. The drive from Tyler to the Longview range isn't bad at all, ETRPC is a top notch facility, and you couldn't ask for nicer folks. Hope to see you there! (Assuming we ever actually make it back out there from all this ice...........) -Mike
  8. Take a break; I did, for 3+ years......and now I shoot now and then; enjoy it, but it's still not the "way it used to be"........ remember, as you and everyone said.......if it ain't fun, don't do it. ====
  9. Here's the new one I just had built..... once it's broken in, off to hard chrome. Pimpin' ain't easy.
  10. Brian built my last race gun and I've kicked myself every day for ever selling it. I'm planning to hold on to this one. After about 1000 rounds, its off to HARD CHROME!
  11. Picked up my new race gun today! 38 super! Built by Hawley Custom. Sweeeeett!!
  12. Most folks that I know who used SP2 until it became unavailable ended up switching over to IMR4756......just FYI.
  13. I had a problem w/ USPS too.... sat and watched them drive by the house and the web update showed failed delivery attempt; I sat on hold over an hour to complain but it never went anywhere. Package ended up re-delivered following day with a different carrier anyway.... thankfully my UPS driver ROCKS!
  14. So far I've picked up a couple of 140s and probably will grab up a 170 come payday...... haven't decided on which basepads I'll get, fortunately they'll be just fine stock at least for a little while.
  15. So anyone out there just running stock magazines with factory basepads? Since I've been in "re-purchase everything" mode, examining what may or may not be a luxury vs. a necessity.... I've always used the Dawson pads in the past. Did I mention you should NEVER sell off all your stuff in case you change your mind and decide to come back and shoot?!?!?! -Mike
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