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  1. Welcome from another Texan and thank you for your service. -Mike
  2. My wife uses this on her PCC........ it's pretty slick. Thanks for review! -Mike
  3. Totally agree........... we lost the rubber cap to ours, and called to order one. They graciously sent a replacement for free....... THAT is rockstar customer service. Highly recommend them here too! -Mike
  4. Running Spike's Tactical lowers and have used 3 different uppers w/ no issues. Have used a Taccom setup and also used 16" barrel/comp setups. -Mike
  5. Nicely done! Which adapter plate for the CMore? I'd like to see that dot..... bigger IS better, I say. -Mike
  6. The kicker for some of us is really finding a holster. As a southpaw, they are few and far between to start, let alone w/ light option. Not planning to add one at this time. -Mike
  7. Little bit of a bump........saw a review on one and wondered if anyone had tried one out for Carry Optics yet?
  8. Old school! Used to shoot w/ a guy who had one. The Bushnell is sorta a precursor to the EOTech.....but it's pretty danged cool! Shoot it till it breaks! -Mike
  9. Found a new cool band....... LILIAC. Some covers and some original material:
  10. We have a 22" and use it all the time. Love it.......especially in summer to help keep heat out of the kitchen and cook outside. -Mike
  11. Archery- some variation (this is the closest to what you are doing now) Precision rifle Those would be two that would seem to fit. -M
  12. Very nice! And it goes without saying, the ambi-safety is a pleasant addition. In fact, may just need to shoot this one sometime soon!
  13. Definitely with friends when possible...... the "you know each other thing" plus the less worry that you get squadded w/ someone who isn't safe. (Looking down the muzzle of loaded guns as RO is not exactly pleasant) These days we end up w/ a mix of folks we know and a few we don't, but since shooters are generally good people, by the 2nd or 3rd time shooting w/ folks you will find you gravitate to them becoming part of the "usual" squad as well.
  14. Looks like a great class and very informative. Thanks for sharing vids too. Keep up the good work! -Mike
  15. Comptac: https://comp-tac.com/international-holster-belt-paddle-drop-offset-holster-comp-tac/ There are a couple other good ones out there, but this is what we own/use/buy. -Mike
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