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  1. Archery- some variation (this is the closest to what you are doing now) Precision rifle Those would be two that would seem to fit. -M
  2. Very nice! And it goes without saying, the ambi-safety is a pleasant addition. In fact, may just need to shoot this one sometime soon!
  3. Definitely with friends when possible...... the "you know each other thing" plus the less worry that you get squadded w/ someone who isn't safe. (Looking down the muzzle of loaded guns as RO is not exactly pleasant) These days we end up w/ a mix of folks we know and a few we don't, but since shooters are generally good people, by the 2nd or 3rd time shooting w/ folks you will find you gravitate to them becoming part of the "usual" squad as well.
  4. Looks like a great class and very informative. Thanks for sharing vids too. Keep up the good work! -Mike
  5. Comptac: https://comp-tac.com/international-holster-belt-paddle-drop-offset-holster-comp-tac/ There are a couple other good ones out there, but this is what we own/use/buy. -Mike
  6. And when you are ready to sell this set up, I want first dibs.
  7. Well, FWIW, kinda dig the Canik. Depending on your application/use for the gun, if you are just gonna "game", it's gonna be hard to beat the Canik for dollar to dollar comparison. The Canik trigger is VERY nice out of the box and have actually seen them already w/ red dot mounted for 700 and sometimes less. And for about 150 bucks, you can upgrade a few parts (Feedomsmith trigger, guide rod/spring) on the Canik and it's a runner. It'll boil down to personal preference-- I started out very long ago shooting an XD in production and rented one not long ago to see how they've changed-- good gu
  8. So since ammo is scare and am able to source 45 acp, gonna shoot a G21 (3rd gen) that I just picked up for a while till things cool off....... that being said, I sadly realized that NONE of my gear work for this gun. I thought my CR Speed mag pouches would work, but nope......and finding a LH holster for G21 is frustrating at best. My Limcat race holster doesn't work either, which i sorta expected, but hey, I tried. Worst case, will get Comptac or BladeTech to make one. Anyone have recommendations, short of shoot right handed? And on another note, anyone happen to have gear that works th
  9. Clays being my favorite, and Titegroup comes in second. Actually experimenting between loads and powder and bullets can be very therapeutic (or annoying as hell).
  10. Dallas Pistol Club, XMG, Mission 160, TDSA all good places to start. USPSA and IDPA all over the place every weekend-- check the local shooting calendars for the matches. -Mike
  11. Welcome "back"! DFW here....... get out there and enjoy! -Mike
  12. Welcome to the area! Cresson, Waxahachie, McKinney area........and several others. Also lots of IDPA and Steel challenge too.
  13. I have astigmatism in both eyes......... and I've been trying to switch everything over to green, which I seem to see better. YMMV. -Mike
  14. I"m anxious to hear answers to this too. Used to shoot Open, which didn't have any cowitness, and now trying Carry Optic, seems distracting. Then again, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong. -M
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