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  1. Has anyone yet to have any experience dealing with IFG customer service? If so how were they to work with? I had a Stock 2 that I never really warmed up to and sold it. Another big factor in letting it go was the thought of having to deal with EAA in the case of a major issue.
  2. One of the the better known custom triggers makers includes (or at least did the last time I purchased one) maritime cups in their kits to reduce drag. I found it did make a difference in performance but also the need to clean the channel more frequently due to carbon getting through the gaps.
  3. I like the look of that Limited Master. I'm curious about what price points they both come in at.
  4. I've had half dozen Jager rods and have seen some slight scratches form and the bottom edge on one tried to burr up a little after thousands of rounds but nothing I couldn't easily knock down with a stone. This definitely looks like something isn't fit correctly to cause that kind of wear so quickly. Are you sure it's the correct rod for your generation of gun? Was it possibly not seated correctly when you installed it?
  5. Anyone running the Holosuns? A guy was showing me his 510c and I was impressed with the how crisp/sharp the reticle was and curious if the smaller 507c is comparable.
  6. I know of a few Duel Illumination RMR's that have seen some hard use without failing. Without electronics there is not much to go wrong. The downside is dot brightness can be a bit tricky in different light conditions.
  7. I've had great luck with the Razor and Venom for CO. The Vortex warranty and quick turn around are primarily why I went with them but they also look and preform great at a price point that's hard to beat. I've seen the SRO's up close and they are impressive. If they are anything like the RMR in terms reliability I could see them being worth the cost. As far as back up irons Dawson makes them to cowitness just about every optic.
  8. NWfront

    downside to MOS?

    The only downsides I've noticed with the MOS is that the additional plate and screw's increase the chances of something coming loose. The other is that in my Gen 4 brass would often hit the optic but that seems to no longer be an issues with my Gen 5's.
  9. NWfront

    MOS Plate torque

    Anyone else have issues with the factory thread locker? My plate came loose this weekend and it didn't appear to bond to the slide very well despite me degreasing it before installation. I thought maybe I missed some so after cleaning it up I used a second set from a new package to give it another try. If they back out a second time I'll try Loctite 242.
  10. I've noticed the same thing since moving back to a plastic gun. While they seemed great in my CZ the 147's now feel a bit to sluggish to me so I decided to picked up some TG last week. With 124's I still prefer the SP if I were to run them again. As for the charge I increase it .10-.20 grains when using SP.
  11. I heard they revised the breach face for better ejection. All I know is my new fs gen 5 has zero issues with brass hitting the optic. My non fs gen 5 hit it a few times over the couple of matches I had the optic mounted to it and the gen 4 mos seemed to do it once every dozen rounds.
  12. It's hard to beat Jager for quality and ease of installation once captured. I used to like Wolff springs but they didn't work out with the Gen 5's due to the guide rod being a bit longer. I just couldn't get reliable lockup. With the ISMI springs I can still run the same weight spring or maybe one higher and get the same result as I did in my Gen 4.
  13. NWfront

    Favorite Trigger

    I had good luck with the dot connector in my Gen 4 before eventually getting a DK. In my Gen 5 I was happy with the TTI kit but in the new G34.5 I picked up for CO I just installed the TTI springs with the polished OEM (-) connector. The break is exactly what I was looking for and it seems to have less drag in the system compared to kits connector making for what feels like a fast trigger if that makes sense.
  14. I'm curious about this myself. My Gen 5 fit my RHT without any mods and older kydex BT owb with about an 1/8" trimmed off the top where the new right side ambi release is.
  15. I use the one from Vickers Tango Down. It's supposed to made from the same plastic as the oem release.
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