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  1. It's hard to beat Jager for quality and ease of installation once captured. I used to like Wolff springs but they didn't work out with the Gen 5's due to the guide rod being a bit longer. I just couldn't get reliable lockup. With the ISMI springs I can still run the same weight spring or maybe one higher and get the same result as I did in my Gen 4.
  2. NWfront

    Favorite Trigger

    I had good luck with the dot connector in my Gen 4 before eventually getting a DK. In my Gen 5 I was happy with the TTI kit but in the new G34.5 I picked up for CO I just installed the TTI springs with the polished OEM (-) connector. The break is exactly what I was looking for and it seems to have less drag in the system compared to kits connector making for what feels like a fast trigger if that makes sense.
  3. I'm curious about this myself. My Gen 5 fit my RHT without any mods and older kydex BT owb with about an 1/8" trimmed off the top where the new right side ambi release is.
  4. I use the one from Vickers Tango Down. It's supposed to made from the same plastic as the oem release.
  5. NWfront

    zev pro connector?

    So I ended up throwing one in the cart with my last order figuring it would be a worth a shot. In my 34.5 the wall and reset happen at the same points as the oem minus connector but with a slight more roll to the break. It makes for a nice and smooth action but could be perceived as a bit of mush. In the end It's one of the better ones I've tried but I personally would still prefer the stock connector to it.
  6. In my case it's been Glock to Tanfo to Glock to CZ back to Glock. After 10mo with the shadow 2 I finally sold it yesterday. The S2 is an incredibly well built gun and easy to shoot. I just found I could shoot my Gen 5 as well with a better ease of ownership. Another huge thing was being able to shoot in many different types of competition and divisions with the same gun.
  7. With the TTI springs I could go 13lb ismi or 15 lb Wolff. The lighter ismi still seems like it locks with a little more authority. With a factory springs I had to go up to a 17 and at that point the OEM dual spring felt the best. The OEM RS actually performs quite well in the Gen 5 to me.
  8. Yes I was referring to the .270" with Wolff springs.
  9. NWfront

    zev pro connector?

    Has anyone tried one of these in a Gen 5 yet?
  10. To me the loss of a little preload in the spring made it feel like I had to go with next weight up to get the same result. My 13lb spring feels like what an 11lb used to in my Gen 4. YMMV.
  11. I had the oversized Jager for my gen 5 but found the longer rod took out to much preload from the spring and it had weak lock up so I went back to their small rod and ISMI springs and all has been well.
  12. Connector and mag release are compatible. As for the guide rod the 19 share the same but the 17/34 Gen 5 is longer.
  13. I experienced the same thing installing my new TTI's yesterday. I could tweak them enough to get the follower on but it would pop right off unless I would compress a few coils and hold it for a 10-20 seconds. That seemed to make it hold long enough to get it back in the mag tube and get things back together. I figure they will be good to go after a little use.
  14. I find the the extra sight radius makes big difference. Also while I really like the balance of the 17 I do prefer the way they 34 handles recoil. I wouldn't say it's less recoil just has a different feel to it.
  15. I don't really like talking negatively about a product I've personally never tried so I won't but I will say two shooters I know both had issues with all metal releases after heavy use and went back to all plastic. The one I saw up close looked like it was damaging the notch in the mags themselves where it locks in.
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