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  1. NWfront

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    I've been trying different fmj's lately since the price difference has closed up but decided to grab a few boxes of Xtreme 147's during their Halloween sale. The quality looks the same and to my surprise I received a shipping notification the fallowing day and they showed up on my doorstep 2 after that. They used to take 1-3 weeks.
  2. NWfront

    Blade Tech Signature series OWB holster

    Anyone ever try one of these signature series out? I've been looking for a reasonable priced SP01 holster for use in IDPA a half dozen times a year.
  3. NWfront

    Light Striking SP01...

    Can the Rami spring be used with the OEM firing pin in a standard SP01? I'm planning to run a 13lb or stock S2 hammer spring so I'm not sure I will need the extended firing pin.
  4. NWfront

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    I found it to be really smooth and has a nice break with the stock springs. Not sure what connector came in the comp kit I tried out but it gave it a mushy break that was just awful.
  5. NWfront

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    In my Gen 4's I went with a few different full kits with good results but the Gen 5's are back to stock. The kits just made them lighter but ruined the feel. I did install polished OEM minus connectors on the models that didn't have it from the factory.
  6. As planned I switched back to the TG I had but after a a couple hundred rounds I ordered another 8lb jug of SP. The gun just runs much cleaner and cooler.
  7. NWfront

    Everglade Ammo? And Concave base bullets?

    I was able to test out some of these under 4.2gr of Sport Pistol today. I didn't get a chance to chrono but accuracy was excellent out to 30yrds.
  8. I have used it with SNS (they recommended SP), Blue Bullets and Xtreme plated 9mm.
  9. NWfront

    Everglade Ammo? And Concave base bullets?

    Sounds like accuracy isn't an issues. I'm curious about velocities compared to a standard base 124gr .355-.356 dia bullet and if the base will really allow for a better seal. I think i may have a few Xtremes I can load up for comparison.
  10. I found SP runs much cooler and quiet a bit cleaner than TG. With coated I definitely prefer it but now that I've started using FMJ/plated again I will go back to TG just because it's easy to find locally.
  11. NWfront

    Everglade Ammo? And Concave base bullets?

    After loading extrmes for a couple years I decided try a box of these. I received them and they all seem to measure .354. My Dillon Dies resize the brass down to where I don't see bullet set back being a problem. Anyone running these notice this and should I be concerned with other possible issues?
  12. NWfront

    Glock trigger upgrades, best bang for your bucks parts?

    I liked my DK the best fallowed by Johnny's but as far as bang for the buck I really like the OC custom trigger bar and housing with the polished (-) connector and springs. For around $80 delivered you get a smooth trigger with adjustable pre/over travel. Just the bar with TTI kit is excellent as well.
  13. NWfront

    Shadow 2 LOK Grips

    The top of the grip on the original palm swells do not come up as high as they do on the thin grips. I like to grip high on the gun so had my S2 palm swells made with the extended tops added. If you give him a call he will get you squared away.
  14. NWfront

    Shadow 2 LOK Grips

    I'm liking the custom palm swells so much I upgraded my original thins to a second set. Looks like I have no other choice but to get another CZ for the black pair.
  15. NWfront

    80% frames

    I'm curious about how the revised V2 full size versions are holding up. I've always wanted a 17L but the gen 3's give me slide bite.