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  1. I don't really like talking negatively about a product I've personally never tried so I won't but I will say two shooters I know both had issues with all metal releases after heavy use and went back to all plastic. The one I saw up close looked like it was damaging the notch in the mags themselves where it locks in.
  2. NWfront

    Favorite Trigger

    I've tried a few of the big name full kits but have gone back to the TTI GM connector kit in my Gen 4's and now 5's. In the end it's all personal preference.
  3. I switched from Xtreme to Everglades and found both their plated 124RN & 147RN profile allowed me to load about as long as I wanted though I settled on 1.135
  4. The Gen 5 trigger is pretty good out of the box but I needed to lighten things up to get the gun to work with a lighter recoil spring. I ended up going with the TTI GM3.25 kit. I prefer it to the $150 trigger I had in my Gen 4 at a third the cost.
  5. I saw an iron sights only model locally last week. They did a great job on it and I think it will do well.
  6. I just installed a set of Dawson's on my new SP01. They both required a small amount of fitting and despite having the groove under the front I still had to drill it as it was slightly out of alignment. The nice thing about Dawson's is they come with punches and their perfect impact policy so if they don't zero your covered. I have found their competition kits with FO front and blacked out rear to be about the perfect sight picture but that's a personal preference thing so you would have to figure that out for yourself.
  7. I got this from an article I found while researching SP. Jared Hinton, communications coordinator for Alliant Powder, describes Sport Pistol as "a low nitroglycerine, double-base flake propellant. On the burn rate chart, Sport Pistol would functionally replace/overlap with American Select. Temp sensitivity can change from application to application, but Sport Pistol is extremely stable with a slight negative slope. In our most comprehensive testing, it changed less than 15 fps, between 0 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit."
  8. Everglades 124 JHP V2 1.125 AOL 4.15gr SP 1080 fps 133PF Everglades 147RN plated & Xtreme 147RN HPCB 1.135 OAL 3.3gr SP 905 fps (Ev) & 908 fps (Xt) 133PF All 8 shot averages from a Shadow 2 in 45 degree weather using mixed brass and Fed spp.
  9. The Racers I received from SC a few months shipped with the second set of screws mixed in with the extra parts. This is what it should look like in bullets out configuration. It looks close but the adjustment wheel has the clearance to move freely.
  10. Maybe that's what I'm experiencing as my S2 has an 11lb HS and the SP01 has the OEM HS out of the S2 (14-14.5lb I'm told). I'm thinking of giving the 10lb RS another try since front sight dip is the bigger issues for me.
  11. For those who have ran both the S1 & S2 have you found that the S2 needs a heavier or lighter spring to get similar results? With the S2 I settled on an 11lb RS early on but recently picked up an SP01 and noticed it shoots flatter and the sights come back more consistently with the same spring. Am I wrong in assuming the S2 should be the flatter shooting gun?
  12. I received my new signature holster and pouches today. The holster fit is excellent and rigid enough for the all steel gun. Smooth draw with both it and the pouches. The only thing I don't care for is how thin it gets where they folded it around the sight tunnel but my Shield's Klipt holster is the same and it's held up to years of use.
  13. I'm also coming from strikers and a worked over Stock 2. I can tell you that a Pre B disco and CZC Comp hammer dropped right in with zero fitting. Pre-travel & reset were short with crisp break. I think the biggest improvement was finding the right grips.
  14. I would recommend just shooting it a while and figure it out from there. It may be perfect for you out of the box. I put in all the go fast parts and ended up going back to the stock parts with 11lb recoil/hammer springs and a set of Lok grips.
  15. I've been trying different fmj's lately since the price difference has closed up but decided to grab a few boxes of Xtreme 147's during their Halloween sale. The quality looks the same and to my surprise I received a shipping notification the fallowing day and they showed up on my doorstep 2 after that. They used to take 1-3 weeks.
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