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  1. I've been shooting more USPSA lately as well, hence the haven't shot IDPA yet this year. But I'm really looking forward to trying it out
  2. I am heading off to compete in the Centeral CA Regional sactioned match in acouple of weeks and haven't shot a single match under the new rules. How quickly did everyone adapt to the new rules? Is there any particular rules that you have been struggling to get use to? I would consider myself to be a quick learner and feel competent with a handgun. I'm looking forward to trying out the new book but a tiny part of me is thinking I might screw something up.
  3. Peplow530

    Shadow 2 holsters

    Boss hanger with a Bladetech holster on a Safariland ELS belt http://benstoegerproshop.com/belts-holsters-pouches/
  4. This is a link to the Rebel 17, this is the one I use. It is basically a bigger beefed up thumbler tumbler. I clean about 500-600 pieces of 9mm per a run. I have clened tens of thousands of pieces of brass without a hitch, and it still looks new. http://www.stainlesstumblingmedia.com/reloading-products/package-kits/stm-complete-package.html If money is not an issue and you really want a roided out version of this tumbler her is a link to its big brother, the 40 lbs tumbler. I'd imagine you could run 2500-3000 pieces of 9mm in this thing. I'll own it one of these days. http://www
  5. Just PM'd for part 2. Here's my results from part 1 coming into the range cold. I'm thinking if I would have done the drill after warming up a bit the times would be a little better. Transition drills 7.48 7.59 6.95 + .50 = 7.45 6.77 6.09 + .50 = 6.59 6.28 + .50 = 6.78 Overall average 7.11
  6. That was kind of what I was thinking of trying
  7. I am shooting a CA state USPSA match tomorrow and was wondering what I should consume throughout the day to keep my energy up. What does everyone out there like to do on the range to keep your mind and body sharp? I was thinking plenty of water obviously with an assortment of different fruits and nuts throughout the day. I was also curious how many people drink coffee or some sort of caffeine before a pistol match?
  8. I'm newer to reloading, but isn't it kind of dangerous loading a 9mm to Major PF? if a manufacturers max data load is 4.8 for something, do you really want to push it much past that? Plus how does brass hold up to 9mm major load? Not trying to criticize, just trying to understand. Thanks.
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