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  1. I have the same recoil system. Swapping to a 308 spring and adding $2.50 in quarters to short stroke it worked like a charm. I have the taccom bolt with the weight out. I had to use blue loc tight on my QC10 receiver/tube combo. Mine kept loosing up as well.
  2. Guess I am the odd man here. I recently purchased a Fabarm L4S Sporting. Absolutely love it! Cycles my 7/8 loads with no issues.
  3. I have had a mec 9000g with the adjustable bar for 6 years now. I shoot about 500 shells a month. And as long as I keep up on husbandry it runs fine. I can turn out 100 shells in about 10-15mins. As someone said before shell prices have been coming down dramatically lately. If you are shooting an off the shelf load it might be cheaper to just buy shells. Walmart had 1oz loads the other day for $3.80! I shoot 7/8oz loads so it’s easier for me to reload than to try to hunt them down.
  4. I have the DAA with the TSO insert but I am getting wear on the bottom of my trigger guard. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. I hope a comp comes out. I allready have a red dot. So add a comp and a little extra powder and it would make a nice open gun. Assuming the barrel is GTG with 9 major. Can’t get that question answered.
  6. While I haven’t seen what you are looking for I have a dedicated .22lr for some local outlaw steel matches. It is set up the same as my PCC and I do feel it helps my speed getting on and transitioning to targets. It was never meant to be a trainer but I have definitely improved shooting identical setups.
  7. How is that working for you? I thought about putting a spacer where you have the wave springs. Maybe I’ll put a wave spring between them.
  8. I run a shooters connection double layer belt with 2 Coda Evolution mag pouches. The 5” at 12:00 position for my big mag and a 3” at 9:00 for a 27 mag round I use for classifiers. The Coda with big mags are rocksolid. They don’t flop around whatsoever fully loaded.
  9. I have been using 3.2 with SnS 135gn bullets with good results.
  10. I run 135gn SNS round nose with 3.1gn of e3. Averages 947fps. Makes minor in USPSA by 3%. I came up with it for my Scorpion for PCC but works fine in my shadow and I dont have to change things on my loader. Aka lazy.
  11. I have been having some fun with some local steel matches shooting rimfire. Problem I have is racking the slide on those conversions is a pain. Not much to grab onto and I have to keep the #16 main spring to get the rounds to consistently go off. So I have a thought. Checking to see if there is something I am not taking into consideration before the tools come out. I was was thinking of buying a slide Racker that would mount into a rear sight ,cut the dovetail off, and then thread the remaining part. Then drill and tap right behind the rear cocking serrations on
  12. Well, a zip tie did it. Just ran abou 80 rounds with no issue. mach 1soldier IOU a beer if our paths ever cross.
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