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  1. Idk about the shadow 2 frame but I've been over 200pf a couple times on a sp01 and 175pf for a couple thousand and never had any problems. It's also a open gun with a comp I wouldnt try that on a non-comped gun.
  2. My cz 75 shadow that I use in production is the gun I carry only thing I change is the recoil spring and ammo.
  3. Your right earl I looked up the 2019 catalog and while most pistols use the d style release the 75b still uses the old style release I would have swore I seen regular 75b with the d style release but maybe not.
  4. The new 75b models use the d style just like the shadow does. Older 75b models use the circular style mag release.
  5. If your planning on shooting minor it would be ok but your gun won't last long shooting major. If you want to port it add 3 or 4 vertical ports and a comp and it will shoot really flat.
  6. Oil and solvent Haven't found anything better than motor oil and acetone.
  7. That is not normal for a CZ send it back under warranty
  8. Ya chopping a promag down and running a gram follower cost less than 50 bucks.
  9. I completely agree with sarge I clean my open gun every 4 or 5 matches without issue. If a gun won't run without cleaning and lubing every sub 100rds something is wrong.
  10. Those are some big groups yicks. How is barrel to bullet fit. Like said above your bore is more than likely .3555 so .357 would be best in lead but .355 would probably be ok in copper bullets. If that doesnt fix it I would install a cgw 10x bushing and/or a different barrel.
  11. Ya I know its 5 now but I still wouldn't even be concerned till its above 10.
  12. I casted lead bullets for years and shoot indoors and had my blood levels tested I believe it was 3 or 4 but below the new range limit. Biggest way to get lead poisoning is touching lead than touching your mouth or food. Couple years back anything under 10 for adults was acceptable so your fine.
  13. You should start selling those to the masses, they look great.
  14. John what comp is that? And how does it compare to the sjc11 port.
  15. Most CZ barrels sluggish at .3555 so ideally the best lead bullet would be more than .0005 over bore diameter. You'll know if your bullet is under bore diameter your get gas cutting and terrible accuracy.
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