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  1. 1. Ya that all sounds normal 2. The nubs your hitting are held up by 2 springs underneath them which is were you getting some resistance. when the slide Mark's are lined up the rear of the slide is probably fighting the hammer causing the resistance there. Cock the hammer and see if that changes it, will still be some when the slide runs over the hammer.
  2. Cz barrels tend to be faster. When making major in my open shadow i can use quite a bit less powder then people running 1911s with 5in barrels and make the same PF.
  3. I'm going to shoot a indoor match with them this thursday so that will be the real test. I'll let you know. Outside I can't tell any difference.
  4. I fell it does a much better job keeping the gun flat compared to other powders like WAC just because of the amount of gas created/charge size. Oh course if your running a 124gr bullet your losing some of that due to the lower charge.
  5. Yup its my favorite major powder so far. 115gr Oal 1.140 9.7gr aa7 Winchester brass and fmj bullet. Also seems to work fine with coated bullets my oal is about .050 shorter tho and the charge is just reduced a tad.
  6. The canik is a good value for the price point but of the ones you listed none of them hold a candle to the Shadow 2 IMHO. Save your money and buy the CZ
  7. Same here run a 10lb recoil in both my production shadow and open shadow (major). Never broke a slide stop in any cz
  8. The cz factory comp hammer is a good hammer but has inferior hook design. I have had to send 2 different comp hammers to CGW to be recut at a different angle. I personally like the look of the CZ comp hammer more then the CGW hammer but the machining is much better on the CGW hammer over the CZ factory comp hammer.
  9. From the looks of those guns im gonna say there in the 1993 to 1994 range.
  10. We are a sponsor on the forum, we sell mostly ar-15 stuff but I have a soft spot for CZ pistols so we sale the mags for them just above cost in the clearance section on the site. https://aerospacearms.com/clearance/
  11. I wish they offered 170mm extensions for the small frame CZ's.
  12. I ended up taking a 32rd pro mag and cutting it down to 170mm with a flat base pad. Also replaced the internals with the gram follower/spring setup and it holds 27rd and has ran flawless so far. I should also note that I removed the finish on the mag and removed some material in areas to get it to drop free.
  13. No that barrel with not fit. Your barrel diameter is .550 and the standard barrels are .500. Could you have a bushing made to except the new barrel...probably. Also on top of fitting it to the breechface/extractor you would also need to fit the bottom barrel lug/peanut.
  14. Something you could try is polishing the breechface and/or swapping the extractor. Ive had to do a little work to the extractor claw on a couple cz's to get them to feed thicker rimmed ammo. Are you running the stock extractor spring?
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