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  1. maybe if the floor is dirty I put it somewhere it's not,
  2. I've found shooting steel challenge has helped me and reading these types of threads ie: listen to those that know and have gone through the change over.
  3. I've been shooting and RO'ing IPSC for nearly 20 years now including WS's and Regional and National Championship's and I can honestly say I've never seen a gun come out of a kydex type holster, a few out of the different race holster's, mostly due to either user error or people clashing holsters when wandering around, which in the end is user error anyway.
  4. yep when you get caught in IPSC too
  5. If it's #2 I usually remove my rig and place it on the floor in the cubicle or portaloo before any business takes place, gun stays holstered never had it fall out.
  6. What is it you guys do during a walkthrough that you require to lock down a gun into a bucket holster? Having said that I have Comptac, DAA Alpha X, and currently use a 4 Bros holster for my X5. All of them work fine and to be honest I don't really have a preference over any of them, just what I feel like using on the day..
  7. check out the EAA Witness, probably find all the parts and mags are the same.
  8. Aren't the majority of the racy ones Aluminium? Dawson, Techwell, STI just off the top of my head.
  9. Ran an Springfield RO and a STI Spartan for a while, get decent mags, had a NightHawk GRP ( best pistol I have ever owned but circumstances forced me to part with it) in my opinion most are pretty rliable as long as you have good mags for them.
  10. I've had Dansegli X5 for over 12 months now ( not much use this year) but have not had any bulge case issues at all. Mainly shooting Syntech 150gn and 148gn reloads and even 125gn all minor IPSC loads (130ish PF.
  11. Legion is set up for the R1Pro and DPP and RMR, the R1 has different size / thread screws and a slightly different shape at the front of the optic I believe.
  12. Sgt Schultz, that's 127mm max barrel length APPENDIX D4: Production Division 1. Minimum power factor for Major Not applicable 2. Minimum power factor for Minor 125 3. Minimum bullet weight No 4. Minimum bullet caliber / cartridge case length 9 mm (0.354") / 19 mm (0.748") 5. Minimum bullet caliber for Major Not applicable 6. Minimum trigger pull (see Appendix E4a) 2.27kg (5lbs.) for first shot or 1.36kg (3lbs.) for every shot, see below 7. Maximum handgun size Maximum barrel length 127 mm 8. Maximum magazine length No 9. Maximum ammunition capacity Yes, see below 10. Max. distance of handgun and allied equipment from torso 50 mm (see Rule 5.2.5) 11. Rule 5.2.10 / Appendix E2 applies Yes 12. Optical/electronic sights No 13. Compensators, ports, sound and/or flash suppressors No
  13. small plastic zip lock bag should contain any spillage until you notice
  14. I wonder if its a long dustcover or the AXG carry length?
  15. Maybe ask the Mods if there's no option
  16. Maybe the OP can close the thread for comments?
  17. My point is it is used to place something onto as part of your equipment is it not? So absolutely it falls into the category of allied equipment.
  18. If it's not allied equipment what is it?
  19. I do similar in IPSC. We are allowed magnets but i still barney from one set up behind my gun at around 5 oclock, and usually have the mag in hand before MR.
  20. Sooo how often does a competitor load his gun before LAMR?
  21. The fact that he had loaded the gun should have given it away
  22. I was shooting an RX with an original X5 grip ( only changes) for a year or so in IPSC, got hold of an X5 so sold it off ( sellers remorse within a couple of weeks)
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