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  1. Has anyone tried porting on their pcc barrels. I couldn’t see much benefit from a comp and presently just use thread protector. I’m building a back up rifle and ordered a low price barrel to try some ports. Just wondering if there is any experience or benefits.
  2. Try some heavy industrial shrink wrap. It would add all around but would definitely add some meat to the grip. I shoot with a guy that added the heat shrink around the bottom of his XD for an evo like grip
  3. I made one a couple weeks ago. I think 3/16” thick 1-1/4 aluminum angle is the easiest thing to use. I had a 1x3/4 piece of scrap wood a couple inches long and used some rubber bands to hold it against the side of the pistol. Play with angles (cut different angles) and distance to get the best fit for you. Place some painters tape at the edge of the angle for reference. Mark and drill the holes for test fit. I used a belt grinder and files to remove all material that wasn’t a thumb rest. I sanded to 400 grit and hand checkered the front of the rest with a triangle file. Looks decent but more importantly fits perfect for me. Sorry cant post pics.
  4. I have dummy rounds with different colored Bullets for dry fire practice. The weight makes a difference for reloads and draws. I like to practice draws and transitions with a full mag in the gun, as it would be in a match.
  5. Our club has a new shooter orientation at the beginning of every year the Saturday before our Sunday match and is promoted by the section and advertised at local ranges and Facebook. We go over safety, divisions, safety, rules, safety, and try to give a good understanding of Uspsa. Class is on the morning and about half way through we take them to a bay and let them watch a shooter, usually B or C class as to not be to intimidating go through a stage. After a free lunch. The shooters are speperated and shoot 2 or 3 stages to get a feel for it. Table starts for people with no holsters and some use pockets for mags. It allows new shooters to get a feel for the sport with other new shooters with little intimidation. Most never come back, but a good bit do and they already know people from the class and feel more comfortable during matches. This is how I got into the sport and I am grateful for the class and help every year since. I still shoot with people I met in my class.
  6. Check westernpasection.com and sign up for their newsletter. I think there is a steel challenge and maybe Indoor matches through the winter. Most matches are done till March in western PA
  7. Nordic components makes a narrow rail for 22 and blowback and is 1 1/2 wide. I use it and I like the small width. It’s only 12.5 inches long but works fine
  8. Yes. It looks exactly like the pictures on the web site. I actually like the angle. I test fired 50 rounds today and no issues. It seemed a little harder to seed a magazine in, compared to the mag block i was using. 32 rd metal form wasn’t bad but the 20 rd asc mag was definitely harder to seed.
  9. I got a blem black creek precision last week. haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet. Everything looks good and went together fine. Good deal for $90
  10. I had the same problem once. Put it in a freezer for a couple hours and it should help loosen.
  11. I recently got new mags from Dawson's with there +0 bases. They weren't much more than buying just the mags. A lot cheaper than buying separately.
  12. I only have a bullet feeder die with the feed tubes. I now have little interest in case feeder. Handling brass allows for quick inspection and does not slow you down. I made a board that is 1' x2' with half inch v grooves every 5/8" to lay the bullets out. It will hold 500 bullets and its quick to fill the tubes. I just fill 3 tubes when I reload the primers. I had little problems with hornady bullet feeder die in 40 but still messing with 9mm with coated bullets
  13. I carry a small trauma kit in my range bag. I ordered a tornaquet to carry on my belt. I plan on practicing more this year and I may be by myself. A shot to the femoral artery and you have about 45 seconds to stop flow.
  14. Yeah it was East Huntington. Everyone was great, very helpful. I'm using my glock 23 and probably shoot production (salary cap division) and try that for a year. See how it goes from there. Thanks for the replies
  15. I attended a USPSA orientation at a local club last month and shot my first match the next day. Long story short, I'm hooked. I was doing a lot of Google searches on competitive shooting and most of the results were coming here, I figured I should join and learn. I have 3 clubs within 45 minutes from my house that shoot USPSA, so I hope to do some shooting this summer. Already have Practical Shooting book and video (vol I-3), lots to learn. Keeping it safe and having fun. Jacob
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