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  1. Had my 750 for over a month now and outside of breaking the bushing rods that sit on the failsafe arm it's working lovely. Today just broke my third bushing and have another one coming in the mail. I'm new to reloading so this is all new to me, but fun in the process....
  2. Is anyone aware of any all classifier matches taking place in their area coming up soon. If so can you notify me.... Thanks in advance.
  3. Sounds good... and I got the request for your facebook group this morning. Thank you. I will be at PSA on the 13th and CSRA on the 22nd. Mike
  4. Hello to every one, My name is Michael Woodland and was told about this forum from a guy who I shoot with and see at practically every match I attend. It is just my intent to come on here and talk about various matches coming up and questions about the sport of competition shooting. Feel free to tell me where and when you are shooting and more than likely I will try to make it to that location. Currently, I am in the Columbia, SC area and as it looks there are some really good matches that can be enjoyed every weekend. Thanks for reading and looking forward to making some new contacts within the shooting community. Michael Woodland
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