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  1. Your 4 port rib is probably much shorter than the KKM rib. What I have seen from KKM is a full length rib, so a refit might be possible.
  2. Just spoke to the guys at KKM. They are committed to their hybrid barrel as an exclusive through Shooters Connection. Still tooling up to meet demand. Per my measurements, the rib on the KKM is + 0.010 compared to my schuemann's so a slide could be refit. As far as Al @ Schuemann - totally off the radar. Yes, there is the difference in the back end of the rib between the two that has to be accommodated in the slide refit.
  3. Stone off the high spots so the slide runs smooth. Don't worry about appearance and divots. They help retain gun oil. A perfectly smooth as glass bearing surface is NOT the most desirable. Go over to practical machinist forum and search for "scraping". Try to avoid the lapping compound approach as it will remove material where you don't want to remove it.
  4. Yes, my Schuemann barreled guns are all exceptional. Problem is 38S is getting more and more expensive to shoot. I stay pretty busy converting old 38S open guns to 9 major. Hence the issue with Schuemann being out of production.
  5. Frog, it looks like you handle a file pretty well. Hand filing the dovetail should be within your capabilities. Especially if your buddy can mill a dovetail pocket in a piece of scrap or the slide to use as a fitting reference. You can use a prick punch to raise a surface if the fit is loose, too. Hell, lathes were originally made with chisels and files and reference surfaces.
  6. Just curious if anyone has had contact with Schuemann. I had an email last fall from Mike saying he had sold the operation and that it was in the process of moving. He said to give them a month or so and try emailing them. So far I'm not getting any responses. Currently I have a 38S open gun with a schuemann in it and the owner wants to convert it to 9 major. Thanks
  7. Thanks ZZT, I was thinking of a 4.5" Slide with a government length recoil system. This could get me into schuemann's barrel inventory of a 5" ribbed barrel that I could cut back and thread for a bull comp. I'm stubbornly clinging to the idea of an island barrel for future poppels. I've decided to stay with 40 at this time. Just not worth the change in caliber for now.
  8. Fool around with different bullet shapes. Something with more of a shoulder that contacts the feed ramp higher would be my guess. Feed ramp adjustment or longer COL might help too. Try to simulate the failure with dummy rounds and take a very very close look at what's going on at the bullet/feed ramp. That should tell the story.
  9. Bumping this with a new question. What's the current wisdom on shorty Open Guns vs the standard 5" or 5.5"? Building a shorty along the lines of the DVC Steel might be interesting. All opinions welcome. Thanks
  10. Nose diving b/c the front of the round is not supported as well by the feed ramp would be my bet. Especially when the mag is completely topped up causing drag at the feed lips. I stay away from conicals in all my 1911/2011 patterns. Good Luck
  11. I have about 15K rounds this year behind a DPP and 3-4 x per week dry fire and I'm finally getting comfortable with the delta. For a long time the sight picture seemed too busy and took a little bit more time for the brain to process it. If I had it to do over, def a round dot.
  12. Looking at the HP Precision Delta's, they appear to be conical. So they likely have a narrower shoulder and are hitting the feed ramp further up the bullet. Hold the two load up with the HP in front of the RN. I bet you can see the RN from behind the HP. If you can tolerate a longer OAL, that might help. Or..... Have you tried RMR's HPs. Very popular around here.
  13. Will do Rishii, its very hit or miss right now. I just bought a commander length from stock no problem. So it the shortage looks to be limited to the barrels for open gun builds.
  14. "You have a much clear view of the target for the second shot. Another plus is he cuts the ports way forward, so if you want to add poppels later, you can add them in the comp. I put two 3/16" poppels in a V2 config. " Nice Pistol! And that's exactly what I was looking for - putting the poppels in the comp. What I saw with poppels on DVC guns reminded me of fire cracking. And yeah, I hear yuh on comps breaking loose. It's PITA Appreciate the input a ton.
  15. I know it's hit or miss on these Mike. If I decide to go with a Schuemann, I can go on a waiting list since this is for a future build. Appreciate the lead on KKM and SVI island barrels.
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