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  1. They're both great gun builders, but I personally think that an Akai is just a step up from an Atlas. It might just be the cosmetics on the akai, but you really couldnt go wrong with either...
  2. dry firing makes my draws consistent, and make my trigger pull more exact. Plus the more time you have with a gun in your hand the more stable youre going to become.
  3. BILL DRILLS!!! Time after Time after Time!!! Make sure and use a timer as much as possible with the PAR timer on.
  4. I dont think wind is going to affect USPSA becasue almost everything we shoot is below 50 yards. But when wind is pushing the body around it will forsure affect the way we shoot.
  5. whoaa... maybe you should blast the person that posted this instead of me, and also not come across in such a hostile manner. I know DAA would fix this without question, they have some of the best customer service out there, but for the price of those mag pouches you shouldnt even have to worry about that. Thats my opinion on it.
  6. Double Alpha Alpha x holster is my favorite holster out right now. I have a few friends that like the ghost but i think the DAA is a better made product. BUT THAT IS COMPLETE PERSONAL PREFERANCE.
  7. I had this same problem and after adjusting the angle and a few different setting on my holster it started becoming very smooth. DAA and EVO are the way to go.
  8. I love my DAA race master mag pouches. They have the new alpha x mag pouches out and theyre not much more expensive than the race masters. Check out both!
  9. Thats not to cool for some of the most expensive mag pouches out right now. I've always been a fan of Saul Kirsch and DAA in general but i would have to think twice about upgrading from my Race master mag pouches after seeing that.
  10. Oakley flak jacket 2.0 with tr-45 lens for indoor and oakley flak jacket 2.0 with polarized black lens for outdoor use. Comfortable, light weight, and they look good.
  11. although i personally like the pocket pro II theres nothing wrong with the cecd7000. We use them ocassionally at our local matches and I've also seen them used at the larger matches. You cant go wrong with any of the big names honestly.
  12. Matt McLearn did a short video on trigger position and trigger pull that’s on YouTube! Check it out!
  13. Once you pick up that 2011, and get it dialed in, you’ll forget than you even own a Glock unless is you daily carry or nightstand gun. But for comps... leave them were they belong.... AT HOME! ??? I’m kidding please no one get mad!
  14. That is a beautiful piece of hardware! I’ve always been a 2011 fan but I’d consider changing if that was offered To me!
  15. Lol I think I’ll just leave the slide racker on there. Sometime you need to be able to rack it quickly in case of a jam or unload and show clear
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