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  1. Nalle2491

    STI DVC Open or Steel?

    I didn’t ask why. I just asked him the difference with them and the dvc steel has a slightly shorter barrel and can’t shoot major according to him. I’d Imagine it wouldn’t hurt it if you changed springs but you never know. Major pressure is way over the saami specs as we all know.
  2. Nalle2491

    RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro

    This made me drool all over myself...
  3. Nalle2491

    Limcat mount on ck frame

    Will a 5 hole limcat mount work on a ck frame?
  4. Nalle2491

    Motivation (Race to A Class :)

    Maxwell Nalle A111046 Carry Optics (U) Open (U) Just started a couple of months ago too! It'll be cool to see where we started and to see where we end up!
  5. Nalle2491

    STI DVC Open or Steel?

    I talked to the STI rep this weekend at the Double Tap Championship in Wichita Falls. I got to hold the STI DVC Steel, and a few of their limited guns. They didnt have the DVC open there, but i asked him a few questions about the two. First off, the DVC steel feels great in the hand, well balanced, smooth slide, all the normal features of a stock STI. It will run off the shelf 9mm and also comes in 38SC. The downfall to the pistol.... IT WONT SHOOT MAJOR. Those were the words of the STI rep himself. The DVC open can shoot stock 9mm with a simple spring change. So, if you're looking to shoot both major in USPSA and stock ammo in Steel Challenge I would definitely go with the DVC open and pick up a few extra springs.
  6. Nalle2491

    Newbie from Lubbock texas

    Hey I’m from Lubbock to and pretty new to the shooting community! We have a group here called the west Texas practical shooters, it’s our local uspsa club. We meet once a month at dions pizza on 82nd and university. If you’re interested in meeting up and finding out a little more shoot me a message!