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  1. I also use 3.5 grains in 9mm with 124/5's. Very clean powder. I appreciate the responses.
  2. Made up a nice e3 load for 38 special and thought I'd share. Using hole #.57 in the Lee Pro Auto Disk setup, I consistently dropped 3.5 grains topped off with Ringer's TCFP 125 grain coated bullets. Seated & crimped on the bullet crimp line using the Lee FCD. With my Taurus Poly Protector 605 snubby I obtained 756 fps. Recoil was very manageable and accuracy impressive. No flyers or keyholers and target paper was cleanly punched. Brass was once-fired range brass and primers Remington spp.
  3. I have a Taurus 85 and a Charter Arms UC Lite that I use for plinking. Both have 2" barrels. I have some Alliant e-3 that I want to develop a load for (125 grain & 158 grain Xtreme bullets). Anyone care to share their recipe?
  4. My Titegroup load for 115's is using the Lee Pro Auto Disk hole #37 and I drop 4.1 - 4.2 grains.
  5. Hi-Power Jack...I've been making test loads with varying degrees of crimp. That sweet spot is what I'm after.
  6. Thanks for the responses. radny97...Lee literature describes the FCD as a taper crimp. Miranda..."so you have to shoot hard lead boolits" caught my eye. I shoot typical #15 on the hardness scale. I see where Rimrock has #22's available. Is this what you're referring to?
  7. I'm a plinker loading A#5 6.1 grains Eggleston 115 cnbb (0.357) and 7625 4.2 grains Darda's 124 non-shouldered lrn (0.357) in range brass. Using not enough crimp, the bullets walk/creep and some have even exited the casing while in the cylinder. With max crimp I get bullet tumble/keyholing and even a slight bit of walking (several thousandths of an inch, but usually less than 10). My starting COL is around 1.100. I use the Lee carbide dies, including the FCD, but have replaced the decapper/sizing die with a EGW undersize die (which is made by Lee for EGW). My thoughts at this point
  8. vnboileau...Sorry I'm late to my own party! I use the Lee auto disk setup and I attach a small Walmart cheapo aquarium pump via rubber bands to the powder hopper/tower. The vibration from the pump allows the e3 to dispense evenly.
  9. Thanks guys...looks like we're all in the same ballpark!
  10. Thanks for the reply Brewski...I run 3.5 grains using conical or lrn coated 124's with a COL @ 1.120. I like Eggleston and Ibejiheads bullets. For plain lead I like Darda's. I like the 0.357 diameter.
  11. Tried the search feature for this powder but nothing came up. Going back a couple of years there were a number of posts on it. Just curious as to how people are doing with it re general plinking.
  12. He said in his post that he has brass, been collecting it.
  13. 4.0 Titegroup is Max whereas 3.6 is starting. Have you tried backing that down? What's your COL?
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