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  1. IMO that's a buy, NIB, but I'm impartial. MY USP45T is one of my favorite and most strangely balanced feeling handguns I have. I'd bet you'll love it. I did a quick look around and only found one on GB for 1295, all others "out of stock" was most common result. "No really Honey, it's a GREAT addition to the portfolio."
  2. Mine has been fine with the 9/TCM combo. Ran it real wet at first, tear it down and clean it well, run it wet some more. I love mine.
  3. Inov8s https://www.inov-8.com/us/soft-muddy?p=2
  4. The 18# flat wires are on sale everywhere right now. Bought 5 of them for some experimentation. IIRC, the 1911 tuner at Thunder Ranch really likes what they do to dwell time. Shall see...
  5. I would trust one of the new Staccatos, but only for court duty, some sort of post. You get in and out of the car so much that the G19 is just a feather.
  6. I didn't have to invest more than range time and ammo. I have a 9mm/22tcm combo, just took it apart and cleaned it well, run it wet. It's much heavier than the high $$ 2011s, but it's just a gun. I bought mine through my FFL for cheap, and IIRC the last time I looked they've gone up significantly in price.
  7. I've not seen a con with my RIA 2011, bought it new, and tore it down for inspect/clean/lube like I do with all my firearms. It's a little heavier but has been reliable and accurate, as well as a soft shooter. With this economy we see less disposable cash for the high $$$ guns, more people working into the affordable Para/RIA markets, and therefore seeing the positive reviews of an expanded market area which are reasonable. It really doesn't matter which brand name is on the slide; if you cannot diagnose and work on firearms, you want someone nearby who does. There are so many online resources now for tuning it is truly an incredible time.
  8. Haven't bought one of their guns, big fan of their YouTube vids, sharing craftsman knowledge for us self tuners. I'll do long-distance business with them anytime. If we don't have a community that passes this stuff on too the next Gen., what do we have?
  9. Underway makes a 10 Delta Elite reload....love mine. No balance like a Colt's.
  10. A.) I'd have asked for an exchange. B.) STIs are not problem free pistols either. It is bizarre that you have asked for advice, but allegedly ordered an STI anyway, before the RIA can even barely have looked at your .40? I'm confused about what appears to be nothing more than a Company slamming opp..
  11. Well, congrats on finding THAT woman! Nice. Just swap it in, tell her you found parts/labor for cheap, and it's a done deal. It's like the woman who says she doesn't really want a bigger diamond after 20 years of marriage. Just do it.
  12. Howdy, perhaps a stupid ? but here it is: Can I put my SS Target Master slide onto a 6" 2011 frame, and run it reliably? $500+ for a frame build seems more reasonable than the Costa that I want.....
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