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Found 27 results

  1. I'm posting this just in case anyone else has looked at their dwindling supply of Clays, their large supply of Trail Boss, and wondered "Can I make 40 minor with Trail Boss?" I know someone who tried TB in 40 and reported no negative effects, but did not have chrono data. So, I did some weighing and measuring to determine that 3.2-3.3gn of TB is the max no compression load for my brass/bullet/OAL. I loaded one batch slightly under the no compression limit, one batch slightly over, and tested it for speed and function in a Production legal Glock 35. Please keep in mind that this data is for informational purposes only and should not be used by anyone for anything. Seriously. Do not use this. (Glock 35, 180gn Xtreme RNFP, 1.135 OAL, 58 deg, 10 shots over chronograph at 20') 3.0gn TB - 602 fps (SD 18, ES 52, PF 108) 11lb recoil spring will not reliably cycle. 3.5gn TB - 661 fps (SD 23, ES 52, PF 119) 11lb recoil spring works, 13lb not reliable. The ES and SD were large, neither made minor, and I'm not willing to go higher. For comparison, my usual load is 3.0gn of Clays with a 180 and it tested at 737 fps (133PF) with a SD of 9 and ES of 29. I'm going to keep the TB for CAS and look for a new minor load when I run out of Clays. -5hakey
  2. I've got a Limited Extreme .40, I'm working up a 170pf load. I'm just wondering what springs you guys are running in your Limited guns. I have a 10, 11 and a 12lb now, has anyone used Henning's 10.75lb spring? I know about sight recovery time and ejection pattern. There's a lot of knowledge on this forum so just curious how some people are setting up their guns. Thanks in advance for any info. P.S. First time Tanfo owner and setting up a .40.
  3. It's working like a charm. Thank you Eric Grauffel and Sebastien Egret.
  4. Changed to .40 recently. All set-up for Ares bullets. Changed to H&N bullets and had a failure to FTF today (one out of 150) bullet was in chamber but brass hanging... Collegue said yr crimp is not good enough. So, adjusted for more crimp. Checked a factory bullet. Factory ammo is still more ' smooth' though. Should I increase crimp further? What is the best way to decide om crimp level? Feel? Compare with factory ammo? Measure??? If so, how? Help greatly appreciated! Henk
  5. I'm trying to find reloaded ammo for sale in .40. I'm looking for something that is tuned down to meed the requirements of powerfactor for that load. I would reload but due to the lack of time and knowledge of how to reload are the things that are holding me back. Does anyone know of any place to buy?
  6. Hey all... New reloader here and I'm hoping to get some advice and info from you seasoned veterans. I would like to shoot .40 Major Power Factor in the Limited Division when I start out. I got a really good deal on an SA XD(M) 5.25" Competition in .40 S&W, so I'm going to be using that. Nothing special done to the firearm. I will be running it as it came from the factory, with the factory 5.25" match barrel. Ok, I bought 500 once fired Federal brass (already cleaned and ready to go), 1000 Winchester Small Pistol primers, a pound of TiteGroup and 500 Hornady 180gr XTPHP bullets. I probably wouldn't have gone with that bullet choice after reading all of the info here first, but I purchased all of this at the same time I bought my reloading equipment (from the same place/site), so that is why I went with it, so that is what I have to reload for now. I will change to another type of bullet after I have loaded these 500 rounds. So, my question is, has anyone done any loading data with the above (or very similar) items for the XDM 5.25" in .40 for Major in Limited? Any suggestions, hints, ideas? I know from other threads here that TG runs hot and since summer is right around the corner, I may be trying to find some VV N320 locally. If I can find it and someone has run the same setup above but with N320, I would also love to hear that loading data as well because I may be using that for future use. I do prefer 180gr .40 bullets as I have always carried, qualified and used them for duty ammo, plus it is my understanding that using the heavier bullet with the faster burning powder (TG or N320) will produce a softer recoil for Major. So, I figure that is the way to go and makes sense. I also looked up the info on the Hodgdon website for TG and it gave me the following loading data info for Hornady 180gr XTP HP bullets, but I'm curious to hear from others that have run TG on an XDM 5.25" on what their loading data is/was. TiteGroup (Case: Hornady Twist 1:16" Primer: Winchester SP Barrel Length: 4" Trim Length: .845") Stating Load: Gr 4.2 Vel 877 fps Pressure 26,500 psi Max load: Gr 4.7 Vel 978 fps Pressure 33,300 psi Bullet Dia: .400" COL: 1.125" (I read that factory .40 S&W OAL is 1.120") Now my barrel is 5.25" and the above info says 4" barrel, so I don't know if that would affect the COL info, amount of grains and/or pressure or not on the loads for my XDM. That is why I am asking. Again, better to be safe than sorry and thus the reason for this post. I checked the VV website for load data on the N320 and it had no load data for HP bullets (not for N320, it did for N340). Soooo, I wouldn't even know where to start. However, here is their info for N320 on Fiocchi 180gr LTC (Lead Truncated Cone?) bullets: N320 (Case: Remington Twist: 1:16" Primer: Small Pistol Test barrel: 5.5" Trim Length .843") Starting Load: Gr 3.5 Vel 883 fps Pressure Not Listed Max Load: Gr 4.1 Vel 968 fps Pressure Not Listed Bullet Dia: Not Listed COL: 1.126" So, I don't know how different of the loading data would be from the LTC bullets to the HP bullets for the N320. Again, any info on either of these loads would be truly appreciated as I'm trying to stick to either of these loads for this particular firearm for the time being. I'm not planning on loading anything until I get the info sorted out first. Plus, is there a better or certain OAL (Is that the same as COL above?) that I should run in the XDM 5.25" and how would that adjust/deviate the load data above? Thanks again for all the great info from everyone! Mat
  7. Bought brand new mags (bone stock 9mm 20 rd) from CZC. All three of them fail to lock into place due to the mag catch notch either being too low or not wide enough (you choose perspective) on the mag body to engage the mag latch. This CZ TS is .40 and as per the information provided here by trusted members who have done the same, I converted to 9mm for 3gun and will shoot "major' for USPSA. The barrel (fitted by myself) is a great fit and functions without issue. The pistol fires flawlessly as long as I hold it in position with my thumb while firing (yeah...i know...not an option!). The first round fires and as the slide returns to battery, it fails to pick up the second round in mag, as the mag (due to chamber pressure/cycling) withdraws from its seated position in the pistol. Has anyone experienced this whether in an actual CZ TS chambered in 9, or during the above stated conversion? Yes: It is a 9mm TS mag No: I have not changed the guts or added a basepad Yes: .40 mags "click" in without issue ALWAYS I ran three mags fully loaded, rapid fire while holding mag in position without even one FTF. Thank you for you help with my problem.
  8. I started breaking in my new CK Arms Hardcore .40 S&W, using a variety of commercial ammo. I thought the reliability I observed with the ammunition might be useful to others, so I'm sharing these data below. One box per manufacturer was sampled. Interestingly, where FTFs were observed, the first instance experienced within the first three rounds fired from that box. From each box, I sampled the ammo OAL, expecting the longest to feed most reliably. The results didn't support that assumption. I sampled six rounds from each box of 50. MBX 140MM magazines were used. Brand: Average OAL, Median OAL, Std Dev OAL, Failure to Feed Experience: LAX New 180g: 1.1201, 1.1190, 0.0038, None PMC 180 fmg: 1.1244, 1.1235, 0.0027, Frequent Fiocchi 170g fmjtc: 1.1266, 1.1265, 0.036, Frequent Monarch brass case 180g tmj: 1.1201, 1.1185, 0.0034, None Aquila 180g fmj: 1.1088, 1.1090, 0.0010, Frequent Winchester Train 170g FMJ: 1.1244, 1.1238, 0.049, None Remington UMC 180g fmj: 1.1268, 1.1255, 0.0038, None Winchester White Box 180g: 1.1225, 1.1210, 0.0045, Constant Magtech: this was ammo borrowed at the range; it wasn't measured, but no FTFs were observed over 10 rounds. The good news is there are a variety of inexpensive sources which ran fine. I look forward to more testing as break-in progresses. Scott
  9. Practical Pistol Reloaded is a straightforward, no-nonsense instructional book on pistol shooting, specifically – practical pistol competition shooting. Its take-no prisoners style holds nothing back, and eliminates any guess-work related to which techniques work and which ones are outdated.

    The best way to shoot is using the Isosceles Stance, fact or myth? What about the press-out technique?

    According to Professor Roger H. Lincoln, there are two rules for success in life: 1. Never tell everything you know. 2. Never tell everything all at once. In this book, Ben Stoeger laughs in the face of this great entrepreneur. Top shooters share a common knowledge which they have collected over the years from a plethora of sources. A knowledge that, in its whole, is far from common to the average shooter in that it is scattered.

    In this book, top shooters such as Bob Vogel, Dave Sevigny, and Matt Mink collaborate with the author, Ben Stoeger, to compile the so-called “Grand Master secrets” into one location. The knowledge spans from marksmanship fundamentals to shooting on the move, and competition skills such as stage breakdown and managing match pressure. Finally, this book contains many tips, drills, and exercises to help you improve your shooting.

    This book answers the “how to” questions about shooting technique. How do you hold the gun? How do you shoot fast? These questions and many more are answered inside. This material is geared for the USPSA, IPSC, or IDPA action shooting competitor.

    This is the revision to Ben Stoeger’s book “Practical Pistol”. This new edition is revised to reflect technique changes that have taken place over the last few years. The sport of Practical Shooting is changing quickly and becoming more competitive every day. This updated version of “Practical Pistol” is a must have for any serious USPSA or IDPA shooter.

    238 pages



  10. Has anyone tried a S&W Shield 9MM slide/barrel with their .40 S&W Shield frame? I've read the barrel works on the .40 slide but what about replacing the entire .40 slide with a 9MM slide?
  11. Hello, A local club is putting on a USPSA match in a few days and I'm going to try it. I've never been to one before. I've shot about half a dozen IDPA matches in the past 3 months (because they were available on my days off, not any kind of preference) and am pretty bad (Sharpshooter), have been using a carry gun (M&P 40 compact) for that in their concealed carry pistol division. Anyway, I also have an M&P 40 pro 5" and I'm considering shooting it in Limited major because I have 3 of the 19 round 140mm Taylor Freelance magazines and a carver custom flared magwell, although the rest of the gun is stock (black rear sight/FO front). The gun holds about 4" groups at 25 yards with my unskilled self shooting slowfire groups. Would I look like an idiot showing up to shoot limited as a beginner? I have shot a friend's STI edge so I know the M&P is not really a competitive gun in the division with it's 5 pound trigger, it would just seem fun to me to try something way different from IDPA (less reloading, more shooting). My other option is to shoot without the magwell and use stock magazines in production. I have some .40 minor ammo which functions fine in the pistol should I choose to do that. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello Everyone. I have been shooting USPSA for a little over a year and have been reloading for my STI edge and a bar-sto since I started. I have never had an issue developing loads that meet power factor and function in either gun...A few months ago, I took delivery of a custom 2011 with a briley barrel. This barrel has me stumped....The most recent load that I have worked up is 4.8gr of n320, loaded at 1.180, win primer, xtreme 180gr HP. This load comes in at 166PF and is showing signs of pressure. Flat primers, and primer flow...If the primers did not look they way they do, I would normally bump up the powder 1-2 tenths of a grain and call it a day..One of the guys at the range mentioned I may want to test magnum primers for more velocity.. Does anyone have a similar experience with briley barrels? They seem to be slower than STI and bar sto barrels..Should I try jacketed bullets or a different powder? Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. Currently have a xdm 5.25" in .40sw and was wondering, if possible, what I needed to do to shoot 9mm with it. Reliably, of course. Also, which barrel do ya'll recommend?
  14. I am planning to get a case feeder (at last) for my Dillon XL650! I load 9mm and .40, and after some research, I can't figure out which size case feeder to get, the one with the large or small pistol plate. I have found a number of people that claim they were told to get both for my exact situation. (intended calibers of use) I am hoping I can get enough responses of which size case feeder to get and your explanation of how well it works for each caliber, that I can make a confident decision on my purchase. My previous post started this discussion, but never really got me to a solid answer, people were claiming both work, but I want to know which works best...
  15. I bought a 51738 to shoot USPSA. I received the pistol Monday. I took it to the range on Tuesday. I couldn't get through a single magazine without a fail to feed. I tried the factory Mag and 4 other mags. The bull barrel is poorly fit. There is at least .008" side to side slop. There is at least .012" slop top to bottom. Both were measured with feeler gauges. With the hammer down you can't feel the slop. When the hammer back the barrel can be rattled easily. The barrel link to slide stop fit is visibly loose also. I've contacted Armscor and the best they can do is give me a 4-6 week window to get it back from the time they receive it. Oh and that 4-6 week window is subject to change without notice. All of the single stack guns I've seen of there have been excellent. This one is not. The dealer has offered to take the gun back and refund me. But then I'm out an FFL fee and shipping both ways. Or, I wait and maybe get a working pistol. I'm really disappointed and frustrated. To me a 4-6 week time frame tells me one of two things. 1 they are so over run with defective pistols they can't turn them around in a reasonable time frame. Or, 2 they don't care enough about customer satisfaction to put a rework in front of the production guns and get them turned around. I'm really leaning towards returning the gun and eating the shipping. What do y'all think? 4-6 weeks is at least 2-3 matches, and 2-3 classifiers. I know USPSA is just my hobby, but it's important to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be important to Armscor. I'm not sure how long the offer for a refund is good for.
  16. Just got my xdm 5.25 .40 back from the springfield custom shop. Had them install their customer fit match barrel. Turn around time was two weeks. Before sending it back it would shoot 4-6 inch groups at 25 yards off a rest. Didn't matter which ammo I used. With the new barrel it consistently shoots 1.250" 5 shot groups at 25 yards off a rest, using 180 fmj factory ammo. The 165 fmj is right at 2". Well worth the money. This is the second gun I have had them re-barrel and am very pleased with both. I would recommend there service to anyone with an XD or XDM.
  17. Range trip today. Loaded .40 s&w long. Winchester once fired brass CCI #400 small rifle primers 180g LRNFP Winchester Autocomp 1.249 OAL Tanfoglio hunter 6in barrel 10mm 5g 1. 885 2.869 3.881 4.906 5.862 Average FPS: 880 Average PF: 158.4 Notes: crazy accurate and soooo soft! 5.5g 1.947 2.958 3.947 4.953 5.932 Average FPS:947 Average PF:170 Notes: nice load. I'm going to try 5.3-4 see if I can get in the 168-9pf. Use this for limited. Not as accurate as the 5.0g but really nice. Not too snappy. 6.0g 1.1019 2.1009 3.1029 4.970 5.1041 Average fps: 1013 Average pf: 182 Fun to shoot. Brass and primers are fine. No bulge. Snappy and as accurate as the 5.5g load.
  18. Hey guys, So I had my SVI re-barreled last winter and I upgraded my 5" sight tracker gun with a 5.4" sight tracker barrel. Slide is still 5", frame is still a butler cut for the 5" slide. I had just kept using my 180 gr bayou load after the change and it has worked out pretty well for me, but I am wondering if a lighter bullet would benefit me at all. I know a lot of people that go up to a 6" barrel tend to choose a load with a 165gr bullet, but what do you do with a 5.4? And does it make a difference that mine is a 5" slide and a hybrid (bull) barrel, as opposed to most 6" guns that have bushing barrels? Thanks for your thoughts, Eli
  19. I am trying to develop some reduced recoil loads for 3 gun. Unfortunately it’s still hard to come buy some of the more popular pistol powders so my selection is limited. I have on hand Silhouette, Accurate No. 5, Power Pistol, and CFE Pistol. I would love to find some NV320 or 231. I am using 180 JHP Montana gold bullets. Looking through several different loading manuals all of the minimum loads are still close to major PF velocities. I see several threads on here where people are loading up to 1 grain under the minimum recommended level. Is this safe? Can i start a minimum and back it of .1 to .2 grains and see where that puts me for PF and reliability. My goal is to get closer to minor PF but I would be happy with a power factor around 150 and good accuracy. I found one thread on CFE Pistol, Hodgdon list min at 5.9 for 180 JHP and he had loaded it down the 5.1, AVG 877 PF 158, with 180 HP. What is the general consensus on loading below the minimum recommended charge levels? What’s the safe way to do it, if it is safe?
  20. My police department uses Federal 180 grain HST ammo for duty carry. We carry the Glock model 22 (.40 s&w). I have carried the same group of rounds for just over 3 years. I noted some of the rounds looked a little short today. I measured the OAL and found them to vary between 1.125 (normal) to 1.088 (WAY TOO SHORT!). Federal stated the velocity to be 1010 fps, making these a pf of 181.8! What is your professional opinion on this? I obviously have some concern.
  21. Can someone tell me what the factory feed lip dimension is on a .40 magazine and .45 magazine. I think the .40 is about .388 and the .45 is about .414, again, I think that is what they are/should be. Thanks in advance
  22. Just sent my new .40 S&W M&P C.O.R.E. to Apex Tactical Specialties for a trigger job and Failure Resistant Extractor. Gunsmith who actually worked on my gun called me to explain that he didn't like the reset on the gun and would like to replace a part at cost, labor free, because he thought I would like the difference. Gun was ready for me much earlier than I imagined and yesterday when I shot it, I was incredibly pleased with the work. So I highly recommend this company for any work you'd like to have done. Communication with them was excellent and the work is fantastic.
  23. Has anyone had reliability issues with these extensions? I have been running them on duty Glock 22 for about 2 months now, loaded with 20 rounds each. Do the springs hold up? I have shot a couple matches since getting them and they have run flawless. What's the recommended life span on them fully loaded? Is it the same as the factory 15 round mags?
  24. So, I have decided finally to build up the STI Single Stack frame that's been hiding in my safe for a number of years. It's going to be a basic build, in .40 S&W, blue, with which to compete and/or carry. So, I've accumulated a few parts in the recent past: slide stop, pins and springs and the like.but I'm ready to complete the project. I'm looking for best places pick up the rest of the parts, slide, barrel, trigger etc. Where would you go? Feel free to post links in your replies.
  25. Greetings from Yuma. Ive been looking all over for some reloading questions. Quick info, my loving wife brought home a Glock 22 in December and I loved it so I got a Glock 35. We have gone crazy these last few months and we had decided to start reloading (how I found the forum). This weekend our Dillon 550 showed up so I'm ready to start. While waiting the 8 weeks for our press and dies to arrive we purchased all we could find for reloading .40. These items wouldn't have been my first choice, but right now, this was about my only choice of components. I was able to get: 2000 CCI small pistol primers 5000 Remington small pistol primers 2000 Bear Creek 180gr flat nose molly coated bullets 8 pounds of Longshot powder We purchased the Hornady book and wrote every powder they listed for the 180 grain, and Longshot was the only one I could get my hands on during these scarce times. My 'source' told me that I could use the same numbers as the 180 gr FMJ bullets with the lead ones. I haven't been able to verify this. Is this right? I loaded 20 rounds with 52.3 grains of powder and they fit in the case checker just fine. In the manual it was supposed to give you 950fps, and was second to lowest load. I haven't shot them yet. Does anyone have any experience with this combo? Does it sound like a good starting point? Should I toss these 20 rounds and start over with another setup? My wife and I mainly shoot in an indoor range, and outside at steel targets. Any input would be greatly appreciated. When this drought ends I will get some FMJ and different powder, just to try. Another question is the dreaded Glock and molly coated lead bullets combo. I have read and know guys who have had good luck with the Bear Creek in their Glocks, as long as they clean the barrels after shooting. I at least want to try it out while I'm waiting for our aftermarket barrels to show up. Again, thanks for any advise in advance. I'm a lucky man to have a wife who sports a Glock sticker on her SUV, but the cost of ammo is getting out of hand when she has a 500 rounds per week habit.
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