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  1. And when you write that book email me for my address, so you can send those royalty checks....
  2. I count the stage like music, when walking through a stage. If you know how to count music, you will know what I mean. Its really only to find out the pace that I am going to shoot certain targets at. ie: 3 uspsa up close targets, will be at a pace of 1 te, 2 te, 3 te . 3 uspsa long targets 25yds and beyond, would be at a pace at 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 music people will know what I am talking about, then plan your reloads, but this counting method is used to burn the pace of the stage in, before you shoot it....
  3. Been along time since I posted on my food for thought post, and I figured I would add this one. Since I gave this advice to a customer/shooter getting into single stack division.... Magazine Grip Angle for Reloads "I'll give you a little nugget when it comes to single stack division, that no one ever talks about, is getting the perfect single stack basepad. Depending on what platform you shot before, should be the type of basepad you should get. For example if you are used to shooting and mag changes with a glock, I would advise going with a Dawson basepad (since they are angled). If you are used to shooting STI in limited or open, 3gun etc, then you need to go with a straight pad instead of angled. Everybody talks about the grip angle on the gun, and how it effects their shooting. no one talks about the grip angle of the magazine while you are inserting it into the gun. Then they wonder why they bobble reloads.. take your magazine that you are used to doing mag changes with and put it on your bench basepad down and make it stand up, and take the single stack magazine with the basepad you plan on using, and see it the magazines when stood up has the same angle or not, you want them to be exactly or pretty darn close. this just helps in the transition from going from one platform to the next..."
  4. I was waiting for this.... Too much information in Panda's brain not to put it into a book. From reading your diary, I am sure this will be a good read, and probably well worth the investment..
  5. hahahahhaha, I posted that 11 years ago...... You know your a shooter when you shoot your .45 brass until it cracks, then you load it one more time.... You know your a shooter if you have ever used spent cases for hearing protection....
  6. I didn't know Brandon did glock work as well
  7. I have been using BBI's and I must say that I am impressed! first of all I use titegroup powder, and I figured I would look like a choo choo train, while shooting a stage, but with his new coating, that has been a non factor. his bullets are as advertised. I use less powder (8-10% less powder) and they are accurate. The impulse is similar to shooting lead, which I like. If you haven't tried them, they are definitely well worth a try. I would use these bullets over any of the bullets on the market today. In fact, I think its the ideal bullet for shooting sports.
  8. If you get too addicted to shooting clays, you will be buying shotgun shells by the pallet. : P
  9. I shot my first major match with leon. He was a great guy, always had a smile on his face. When you saw him, he shook your hand and you knew he was genuinely happy to see you. We definitely lost a true friend....
  10. Well if that was the case, Eric would still be shooting open, since he hasn't lost. So do you think its fair to the open shooters, who wanted to shoot against Eric in open division, and now cannot?
  11. FYI,we are in the process of making Tangfoglio barrels, and will be making CZ barrels for SPO1(In the pipeline). We are going to make them with the proper OD so that there is minimal fitting required to make them work. More details to follow...
  12. I am using a different bullet, but I will give you my recipe. 115gr Zero Hollowpoint 9.7gr 1.233" oal 1470-1500fps Federal Small Magnum pistol primer (fed 200's) 172pf at Gator Classic 2013 PS. I also have 7 holes in my barrel, 5" barrel,, Infinity ulitmatch barrel, Shay comp. Super Flat and extremely loud.. but that's what ear muffs are for...
  13. Every Gator match that I have been to after blake threw his mag at the stomp box, they have always specified in the stage description that the activator(stomp box) must be activated by your foot. And they specify it with emphasis when you are squaded with him. lol
  14. Here you go Sean LOL, I didn't know he practiced it....Now I am not that impressed...lol, nah. I know they were telling Blake not to do it, I am sure Jeff's buddies were telling him the same. Wow!
  15. I want to see Jeff Blackmon throwing the mag at the window video...What's funny is the gator classic has the "Blake rule" where you can not throw a mag at an activator. Now they are going to have to make a "Blackmon rule" lol I want to Thank the Match Director, who did an awesome job with this match. Gary and Barbara Thibodeaux, the RO's and staff that made everything happen! You couldn't have asked for anything better,Great Stages, great food, great weather,great people and a Great Match. That is just a few reason this match gets sold out every year.
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