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  1. And when you write that book email me for my address, so you can send those royalty checks....
  2. I count the stage like music, when walking through a stage. If you know how to count music, you will know what I mean. Its really only to find out the pace that I am going to shoot certain targets at. ie: 3 uspsa up close targets, will be at a pace of 1 te, 2 te, 3 te . 3 uspsa long targets 25yds and beyond, would be at a pace at 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 music people will know what I am talking about, then plan your reloads, but this counting method is used to burn the pace of the stage in, before you shoot it....
  3. Been along time since I posted on my food for thought post, and I figured I would add this one. Since I gave this advice to a customer/shooter getting into single stack division.... Magazine Grip Angle for Reloads "I'll give you a little nugget when it comes to single stack division, that no one ever talks about, is getting the perfect single stack basepad. Depending on what platform you shot before, should be the type of basepad you should get. For example if you are used to shooting and mag changes with a glock, I would advise going with a Dawson basepad (since they a
  4. I was waiting for this.... Too much information in Panda's brain not to put it into a book. From reading your diary, I am sure this will be a good read, and probably well worth the investment..
  5. hahahahhaha, I posted that 11 years ago...... You know your a shooter when you shoot your .45 brass until it cracks, then you load it one more time.... You know your a shooter if you have ever used spent cases for hearing protection....
  6. If you get too addicted to shooting clays, you will be buying shotgun shells by the pallet. : P
  7. Read this, it may help the learning curve or get you thinking outside the box http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=129746&page=6&hl=%2Bfood+%2Bfor+%2Bthought#entry2019466 Good Luck!
  8. bump, I just wanted to revitalize this thread, because I see a lot of the same questions being asked again, and maybe this thread can help someone. cheers!
  9. You are right! visual patience/when your sub-conscience it telling you to go fast, or you are too slow is sometimes hard to teach/understand and achieve from a shooter just starting off, or it may take years to understand it, and I think it takes this understanding to move forward. Because we both know that the only thing that is concrete is the reading on the clock. The easy answer which is used a lot is "shoot your sights" but you are beyond that. I would be interested in knowing what else you find out.
  10. The issue is a strategy failure. For whatever reason I thought an acceptible strategy for shooting steel was simply shooting at "White" when my sights were anywhere on the steel. I am finding that this is not an acceptible strategy as it does not yeild consistent hits. I simply have to change my strategy to pick a specific spot on the steel to aim at while engaging steel. This is the same kind of failure mode a lot of shooters have on paper. They shoot at "Brown" when engaging paper targets and don't pick a specific aiming spot on the paper target. I am basically doing the same thing with stee
  11. Try pushing your practice targets to 30-40yds and practice getting all "A's" , maybe throw in a steel at distance. Then shoot one of your local matches and see if the steel looks the same size when you shoot it.
  12. I am not burned out, I am on fire!!!

  13. Been there and done that with the low light conditions, really makes you look for that daylight in between the sights, literally.. How did your draws turn out? did you figure a better method?
  14. Hey who's that logo on the shoulder? haha, I am glad you were able to show up for Space City, I guess we will have a re-match, you got me last year, but I will lay the excuses on early, I have been so busy with work to get in some serioius practice in, along with helping out for space city this past week. So you will definately have the edge going in. but i love a good challenge! lol, We will see you in a couple of days... come by the booth and hang.
  15. Since I was asking about it in another thread, did you find that working with a dot helped you learn to call shots better? And did it improve your trigger control? It was much easier to call your shots with an open gun. When I shot open I used a 4moa dot and you could see the dot lift off the target. There was no front and rear sights to align. It was see the dot on the target and pull the trigger. To me it was easy, and I believe alot of shooters find it much easier to shoot. My programing of the stage was different also, I would look at things that I could do to shave off tenths of a se
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