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  1. dry silicon spray will dry white and wipe off easily, should be visible on the black coated mags.
  2. He said he purchased M2.0s. They don't have a loop to adjust like the 1.0s do. You could temporarily take the striker block out of the gun all together and go shoot it. See if it's a timing issue.
  3. I spoke to a PT rep to day who informed me that magwells designed to fit STI will also fit the PT EVO grip. I tried two STI magwells as a test, but was unable to get them onto my PT EVO. There is no way those magwells were going on unless I hulk smashed them with a nylon hammer, even then, it felt questionable. I know that a few of you have the Dawson magwell on the PT EVO, but I haven't seen any others. Can anyone else confirm that the magwells designed to fit STI will also fit the PT EVO grip?
  4. Select group 1, and any finish/mounting combo you'd like https://www.safariland.com/magazine/model-79-slimline-open-top-magazine-pouch---double-30584.html#start=1 Select group 1, and any finish/mounting combo you'd like https://www.safariland.com/magazine/model-775-slimline-open-top-triple-magazine-pouch-30585.html#start=1 Select group 2, and any finish/mounting combo you'd like https://www.safariland.com/magazine/model-73-open-top-double-magazine-pouch-23205.html#start=1 As he said above, they generally fall into the same fitment as the G21 magazine group.
  5. I've carried a Tactical 5.0 in 9mm for a while now. I've also worked on a handful of Tactical models, and Staccato Ps, and feel like I can speak with some authority on it. Overall, the Staccato is a slightly better gun, but it's still an STI at the end of the day. I've had to fix extractor tension and feed lip dimensions on a few. One of the guns I handled straight up came with the wrong front sight and the officer chose to send it back to STI. The finish on the Staccato is definitely better. My Tactical 5.0 shows a decent amount of wear on it. The Staccato has a much more durable finish. The Staccato has deeper and more aggressive slide serrations. The sights are also better (factory fiber optic w/ adjustable rears) I'm really not a fan of the Gen 2 grip on the Staccato, it has very little friction and it would be difficult to put grip tape over it. Internals/trigger pull feels pretty much the same on both. Both could use a good polish. The Gen 2 magazines included with the Staccato are far superior, Gen 1 mags that come with the Tactical models are meh. Both will fit the Safariland 6360 series of holsters made for the Springfield Operator 1911. I hope this was somewhat helpful for you. If you have any specific questions you can reach out to me via message.
  6. Ive posted a detailed write up about it here: If you want to ensure its a spring issue and not a timing issue, take out the striker block. Go run the gun without it and see if the issue persists. If it does, try a 13lb recoil spring and see if it helps. If it doesn't, you've likely got yourself a timing issue, refer to link above and adjust trigger bar loop. Feel to reach out via message if you need anything.
  7. Hey guys, my local USPSA club has really hard/compacted dirt in almost every bay. I've recently switched to the Solomon Speedcross 4 Forces which helped with traction. I'd like to take the traction to the next level and wanted to see what you guys would recommend for really hard dirt ranges. Im open to everything thats not overly clunky/bulky. Was thinking something with metal spikes, maybe baseball cleats or track spikes with metal dirt spikes? https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/mens-ua-harper-3-mid-st-baseball-cleats/pcid3020585?scid=scplp3020585-001-8&sc_intid=3020585-001-8&cid=PLA|US|B|GGL|DES|SiC|ROAS|||Outlet|Product|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhdCCuqjD5gIVjONkCh3dWQ9OEAYYASABEgJjFfD_BwE
  8. Springer makes great products, and the combo they have will work flawlessly. The basepads are just more work to take off compared to TTI. The 140mm and 170mm extensions use an allen-key/set screw to secure the basepad to the magazine. That could get annoying really quickly if you clean your mags every-time they hit the deck. Their .25" basepads use the standard removal method.
  9. Make sure you are checking compatibility with the basepad/magwell combo you choose. A year or two ago, the Springer magwells with TTI basepads worked great. Had that combo for years. Now they do not. It seems TTI has slightly changed the design on the basepads. If you buy this combo in 2019 w/ new components, know you will have to shave off metal on one of the components. Its a shame because I feel those are the best respective magwell/basepad out for the M&P. Springer basepad w/ Springer magwell work.
  10. Compared to the "S" stamped bars, the "H" stamped trigger bars have a more aggressive loop angle and subtle length changes so that it engages sear sooner. Slightly modified geometry so that it contacts new slide stop for more tactile reset.
  11. I can't speak for the Titan specifically but my Nemesis eats everything I have given to it. I'd assume they would be the same given the design/parts are near identical. Winchester white box, Speer, Blazer Brass, Federal American Eagle, Fenix Ammo (Training), Fenix Ammo (Shell Shock NAS3 Match), Fenix Ammo (Shell Shock NAS3 2011 Specific Match), Federal Syntech Match.
  12. Owners manual pg 43 https://snwcdnprod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/owners-manuals/M%26P_Pistol_080118_441300000.pdf "Step 1: Remove the plastic slide cap from the M&P® Pistol slide by unscrewing the two screws using a 5/64˝ hex wrench as shown here (FIGURES 1c & 2c)"
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