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  1. Avedis

    Shield upgrades

    trigger and sights https://www.twobrostactical.com/collections/m-p/m-p-shield
  2. Avedis

    2011 baseplates

    I believe 4mm, see video below at 0:50 sec, (gen 2 mags) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdM0gtYmUTs
  3. Avedis

    Cold Bluing PT EVO Grip (Touch-up)

    Applied the Caswell stainless blackener gel, worked great. It turned out slightly darker than the PVD Coating that was on the grip, but i'm okay with it. Pictures below, let me know if you have any questions. Stainless (grip was scrubbed and degreased) Applying gel Gel washed off, it leaves an almost charcoal like powder residue on top which needs to be scrubbed off and degreased prior to second/third application of gel Two applications of gel later, grip was rewashed/degreased, then re-oiled.
  4. Avedis

    Cold Bluing PT EVO Grip (Touch-up)

    Thanks for the recommendations. I picked up this stainless blackener from Caswell per their customer service rep's recommendation. https://www.caswellplating.com/stainless-steel-blackener-gel-kit.html I will let you know how it goes.
  5. Hey guys, tonight I installed the new Limcat V2 magwell which requires grinding off the three little "tabs" on the PT EVO grip, just above where the magwell sits. Now, there is a bit of stainless showing above the magwell. Even though it's a race gun, my OCD wont allow it, so i'm looking for a quick way to touchup the metal to blacken it. It doesn't have to be a perfect match to the black PVD coating thats on there, I just want to get rid of the stainless color. The standard cold blues I use from Amazon/Brownells aren't bluing the 17-4 stainless of the PT EVO grip. I know that cold blue generally doesn't work on high quality stainless, but are there any tips or products specifically for stainless that I can use to touch this up? Seems wasteful to refinish the whole grip.
  6. Avedis

    Most realiable 2011 mags

    All 10 of my Atlas tuned STI Gen2 mags have been 100%
  7. Proprietary part. Call Zev, they will take care of you. Make sure you pick up a replacement return spring and roll pin if necessary.
  8. Avedis

    Limcat Metal Grip

    I recently held JJ's new Limcat and it was definitely less aggressive than my PT EVO, it felt a bit lighter as well. Overall it felt good in the hand. The checkering added friction without being overly aggressive. If you want maximum control though, the added weight and friction from the PT EVO will likely shoot flatter
  9. Avedis

    Springfield Range Officer Elite vs...

    I've got an RO Elite that I carry on duty every day. With a little bit of work they are a solid all-arounder. What are you getting for 4X the price? Obviously, the WC is going to have an all around better fit and finish and will have more features than the RO Elite. WC has a bull barrel, checkered front strap, magwell, serrated slide (top and rear) etc. Ultimately its up to you to decide if those features, and the WC name, are worth the price. Will you regret it? Highly doubt it. For me, it was worth it to buy the RO Elite and do a bit of modding. I think if you go into it with the mindset of, "this is a solid 1911 that I can tune/polish/mod into something pretty damn good for ~$1200 total" you will be happy. If you purchase it with the mindset of it having the same performance/fit/finish of a high end custom 1911/2011, you may regret it. Let me know if you have any questions on the RO.
  10. Avedis

    Apex Trigger for Shield... Worth It?

    Worth it https://www.twobrostactical.com/collections/m-p/products/m-p-shield-duty-carry-action-enhancement-trigger-kit
  11. Avedis

    anyone Try one of these in their M&P?

    They will work as ambi, just like the factory ones. You can see the difference in profile here: https://www.twobrostactical.com/collections/m-p/products/extended-magazine-release-1
  12. Avedis

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

  13. Avedis

    M&P Trigger Bar

    From what I understand, there has been three. Blank (no stamp), S stamped near trigger return spring hole, and H, also stamped near trigger return spring hole. The H is the latest variation that I know of, The sear engagement loop or "candy cane" as people call it, has a more aggressive loop angle and subtle length changes. It engages sear sooner. It has slightly modified geometry so that contacts the slide stop for a more tactile "click" during reset. Here is a link to another thread with more info on the subject. If you take your slide off, you'll easily be able to see the stamp on the trigger bar. You can go on Brownells or G&R Tactical and order the correct one. If you can't find what you need, shoot me a message, and i'll see if I have an extra I can sell you.
  14. Avedis

    Apex Trigger Kit

    The CAEK are a solid upgrade in that they remove almost all most of the grit in the trigger pull and clean up the break. The CAEK will have little affect on the pretravel, and you'd have to purchase an additional part (Action Enhancement Trigger body) to get rid of the factory hinged trigger design. To answer your question, which will improve it the most, the FSS is a pretty clear cut choice. It will do all the same things as the CAEK in that it will smooth/crisp the trigger up AND it will reduce almost all of the pretravel. Flat and curved are both great, they have the same internals. Apex is correct (of course), they are mutually exclusive. People were installing CAEK, DCAEK, AEK kits then months later trying to add the forward set sear trigger bodies to the kit. The issue is the FSS trigger bodies have different geometry, and wont work with the sear included in the AEK kits. It became such an issue that Apex had to stop selling the FSS trigger bodies as a stand alone product. https://www.twobrostactical.com/collections/m-p/products/m-p-forward-set-sear-flat-faced-trigger-kit-aluminum https://www.twobrostactical.com/collections/m-p/products/m-p-trigger-forward-set-sear-polymer-trigger-kit
  15. Avedis

    S&W M&P Cleaning

    Depending on the cleaner you're using in the ultrasonic, it may dry out the polymer frame. A few uses really wont damage much, but I can't see how it would be good to do it repeatedly. Everyone I have shown contact cleaner to has fully converted. Spray gun cleaner on frame, scrub with various brushes, spray clean with contact cleaner, lubricate as necessary.