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  1. Thanks for the replies guy's. I jumped on them when they first came out. Love them in 4 in. gun in 45. There was only a 17lb. in 5in. back then, felt undersprung with major or carry ammo. More spring weights avalible now, may re-evaluate in 5in. guns. Was looking for a little input on their use in 4.25 guns, Commanders.I want to run one in a lightweight Commander without a guide rod adding the weight and was concerned with spring binding.
  2. I thought you need. .40 cal. or larger to score major in limited.......
  3. Has anybody tried running these in there 1911 guns? Worth the change in parts? Any improved performance? Looking for some actual experiance with them. Thanks Guys!
  4. fal

    Ramshot Zip

    Anyone using Ramshot Zip with 200gr. or 230gr. Bullets in their.45ACP major loads for USPSA? Temperature sensitive? Conscestant SD’s? Thanks for any input!
  5. I weighed some of these bullets today. All weighed between 151-152 grains. Thought they recoiled a little harder than expected. But they do shoot!
  6. I used to ride a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with a Dillion Range bag bungee netted on the rear of the seat to IDPA matches. I have been wanting to ride my Harley-Davidson Deuce to a USPSA match. Problem is rolling gun beltup small enough to fit in a smaller back pack. Not the most comfortable bike to ride as it is a pro-street style hot rod. But I will try it soon. Tactical pants and trail running shoes. maybe a pair of shorts to put on at the range.
  7. Zack I agree with you, membership should be required for L2 and above matches in USPSA and Steel Challenge. Just stop messing up everybodys classification!
  8. Zack have you heard any thing more about acceptance of this idea. I have heard that some match directors did not want any rifles on their pistol range. Strange thought process since most shoot cowboy action on same ranges. Has been approved at your range?
  9. I would think pistol calibers in a carbine would not be any worse than .38 super Major or .357 Sig. Pistol calibers don't gain much velocity with longer barrels unless you are using slow powders (.357 Mag, .44 Mag.)
  10. Thanks guys! I still have some single stack pouches left over from L-10 with a Single Stack ( 10 rnd. .45 mags are still cool!) Just need to buy another belt and a couple pouches.
  11. About to start in single stack division in USPSA. Was wondering how many mag pouches most are running on there belts and is anybody unusually excited about running mags in pouches bullets out to save belt space. Looking for some input
  12. Thanks Guys! That is what I was thinking. Got one on the way.
  13. Helping a new USPSA shooter to get set up in Production Class with what he has for now. Looking for experience with a Glock 19 shooting 124gr. Bullets at 1025-1050fps. Factory 18 pnd. Setup is inconsistent. Is a 15 pnd. Spring the way to go? Looking more for a captured set up if possible. Recommendations please? Gun is a Gen.3 by the way.
  14. fal

    Glock 34 holster advice

    Quack, are those magazine pouches legal for production class? Thought race gun pouches were set to far away from the belt. Just asking by the way, just started shooting Production class after shooting Open and L-10 out of a race rig.
  15. Just re-read USPSA rules on Single Stack restrictions. Am I understanding correctly that a gun with a frame rail or extended dust cover in legal to shoot in Single Stack class as long as it meets the weight limit ? In particular the standard weight Les Baer Monolith.
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