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  1. Sounds like a question for Earlan357. He is very well versed in P-10 triggers. The only way that I know that you can create a rolling break in a P-10 is to trade it for a Glock.
  2. Thank you, Earlan. I always appreciate your extensive knowledge and your willingness to share.
  3. Earlan, There are two Jentra Tungsten guide rods listed on NDZ Performance for G17, G17L and G34s. I have the longer one, Jen-JTGR-1, that extends to the end of my G34. It runs past my p-10F muzzle .5 inch, as you say. The Jen-JTGR-2 is shorter, but by how much I don't know. Do you know if the JTGR-2 is long enough to work on the P-10F? I don't care if it is not perfectly flush. I'd sacrifice a little weight to not have to cut down the JTGR-1.
  4. I have a Gen 5 G34 MOS and have had many CZ 75s, Sp-01s and Shadows. However, I have only handled (not owned) an S2. The G34 will fill up your hand more. Most likely, it will feel bulkier and not as comfortable as the CZ. Does that mean the CZ shoots better than the G34? Not necessarily. I am growing to like my G34 more and more. It has been a love hate relationship. However, trending more towards love.
  5. I have a Gen 5 G34 MOS. My second ever Glock. I bought a G17 several years ago and quickly sold it because I didn't like the trigger and consequently did not shoot it well. Shot mostly CZs since the first glock. All had good to exceptional triggers from CZ 75 SA to SP-01, converted SA only, to P-10C. All were modded. Pull weights ranged from 3 to 3.5 lbs. I had to go to Tanfoglio sear springs on the SP-01 to increase it up to 3 lbs. In short, all were much better, in my mind, than the stock Glock trigger. Understand, triggers likes and dislikes are highly subjective., I bo
  6. Yep. Johnny's triggers use OEM parts and mods are internal.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess taking it down and putting it back one more time can't hurt anything.
  8. Same thing happened to me. Put an HBI trigger in my P-10C and it works great. Put one in my P-10F and it won't reset. Put the OEM trigger back in and works like it should.
  9. I see. My DPP has the 7.5 Delta. I would be going the other direction on dot size. Sometimes I feel like the 7.5 is a little big. Although the point on the delta is very nice for the long tight shots. Thank you.
  10. Sorry, triple post. Getting late.
  11. I too have the DPP. I've been thinking about another optic. What is it about the 5 MOA SRO that makes you like it better than the DPP?
  12. I too have the DPP. I've been thinking about another optic. What is it about the 5 MOA SRO that makes you like it better than the DPP?
  13. I appreciate the opinions. And I know, at least one is very well informed. I would like to think there is a little bit of pre-travel. However, that is not what the website, rangerproofswag.com, states. And there is an explanation as to why. Is there anyone on this board that acutally has one?
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