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  1. Same thing happened to me. Put an HBI trigger in my P-10C and it works great. Put one in my P-10F and it won't reset. Put the OEM trigger back in and works like it should.
  2. I see. My DPP has the 7.5 Delta. I would be going the other direction on dot size. Sometimes I feel like the 7.5 is a little big. Although the point on the delta is very nice for the long tight shots. Thank you.
  3. Sorry, triple post. Getting late.
  4. I too have the DPP. I've been thinking about another optic. What is it about the 5 MOA SRO that makes you like it better than the DPP?
  5. I too have the DPP. I've been thinking about another optic. What is it about the 5 MOA SRO that makes you like it better than the DPP?
  6. I appreciate the opinions. And I know, at least one is very well informed. I would like to think there is a little bit of pre-travel. However, that is not what the website, rangerproofswag.com, states. And there is an explanation as to why. Is there anyone on this board that acutally has one?
  7. Does anyone have the Long Ranger trigger or the Task Force Ranger trigger for Glocks by Ranger Proof Swag? Failing that, have you shot one? The website advertises these triggers as eliminating all pre-travel. In practice is that correct? Is there no pre-travel at all?
  8. jwilk and zzt, Thanks, you may be costing me some cash.
  9. fastlane604

    P-10 F Open gun

    I am beginning to give thought to a building a P-10 F Open gun for steel challenge type events. Since there is no power factor requirement, 9mm works. I would use a slide mount optic and probably buy a barrel/compensator combo, maybe from Primary Machine. Can a slide mount optic be competitive in steel challenge? I know the trigger is not going to be in the 2 lb or less range, but that is OK. I prefer 3.5 lb triggers. Is this viable, or just a waste of money? Thanks.
  10. I have both Red Hill Tactical and Comp-Tac. Both are good, but if forced to choose, I'd go RHT.
  11. I have both. I prefer the HBI because it is flat. The HBI reduces the pre-travel but does not remove it. It is not adjustable. The CGW is slightly curved and the pre-travel can be adjusted until it is almost gone. If you prefer a flat trigger, I suggest the HBI. If adjusting out the pre-travel is more important, I suggest the CGW. To answer the original question, if I buy another P-10 I will install an HBI trigger.
  12. I have a CGW stnls rod and 15 lb flat wire recoil spring on both my P-10 Cs and my P-10 F. I am very pleased with them.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Cajun Gun Works has their P-10 F rods in stock now so I have installed one of the., But, I will remember for future reference.
  14. Yes, i did. I first removed the striker. I have unstuck both Glock and CZ slides doing that in the past. That did not work. I turned the gun upside down and initiated the slide removal protocol. That did not work. Out of frustration, I moved the slide as far forward as I could, about 3/8". I then sharply rapped the back of the slide with a rubber hammer and the slide slid right off. I think the head of the Glock guide rod was hung up on the frame just enough to keep the slide from moving freely forward. All seems good. Thanks for asking.
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