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  1. fastlane604

    p-10F issue

    I understand and I feel your pain. I bought a G34 because of it. But, spend 30 minutes dropping the slide over and over and see if it doesn't help some.
  2. fastlane604

    p-10F issue

    . Here is my trip down P-10 slide release hell. I have two P-10 Cs. Both slide releases were tight as a tick when new, as well as, having horrible mag releases. No amount of reprofiling or polishing helped, but replacing with the Apex mag release did the trick. The single side mag release on new issues has cured that problem. But, I digress. Back to the slide release. I handled a G34 gen 5 one day and couldn't believe how easy it was to drop a mag. It was like Glock used my hands to design the slide release. I bought one a few days later and then embarked on the trip down Glock trigger hell. I put an Apex trigger, trigger bar and connector on it. It is better but still nothing like the HBI trigger on my second P-10 C. By this time my first P-10 C had loosened up enough to be tolerable. But, my second P-10 C which has the HBI trigger and which I shoot the best had a slide release just as Rowdy describes. I began repeated slide drops without rounds or snap caps in the magazine. At first, I had to use two hands on the slide release. I kept working it until I could drop it with one hand, as well as, many trips to the range. It now has loosened up pretty well and I shot an IDPA style match with it last Saturday and did not feel hindered by my slide lock reloads. On one occasion it even autoforwarded. So, you ask why didn't I just shoot the G34 and forget the P-10 C and now the P-10 F I just received? Because I shoot the P-10 C better. It feels better and I have more confidence with it. The trigger is crisper and has a faster reset and less pre-travel. Since I don't shoot USPSA I don't need the 19 round capacity of the P-10F and I find the F's grip a little unwieldy, so sometimes I put the F slide on the C frame and I have a very quick gun with less muzzle flip. I really like the combination. So back to how to break in the slide release. For me, it just took a lot of dropping the slide, over and over. Plus a lot of shooting.
  3. Rowdy, you the man.
  4. I am using a CGW 15# spring on a CGW stainless guide rod. I shoot 145 Bayou Round nose and N320 that run 128+ power factor. Very accurate load but the brass drops from 0 to 2' from my feet. Has anyone tried using a 13# spring on their P-10 C?
  5. as i cannot have any of the evil magazines(clips LOL) and can have 10 rounders only. how much shipped to 06085 thanks

  6. fastlane604

    SAO SP-01

    I converted my SP-01 to SAO. It already had the CGW Pro Package which includes the comp hammer and adjustable sear. I removed the disco. I also removed the firing pin block and lifter arm and installed the spacer next to the sear. The trigger pull was a little light for me, under 3 lbs. I installed a Tanfoglio sear spring and an extra power trigger return spring and bumped it up to 3.5 lbs. It is very crisp with no creep and quick reset. I installed the CGW flat faced trigger with pre-travel and over travel adjustment. I also put on the wide paddle left hand safety from CZ Custom. I can really bear down on it to help with recoil control.
  7. I have the NDZ Performance Gen 5 extended mag release for my G34 Gen 5. They sell a couple different lengths. Mine is most extended. It is aluminum. $15. I have not noticed any problems with it, but I have only put a couple hundred rounds through the gun since installing it. Good purchase and extended enough to get on it well.
  8. fastlane604

    My P10C mods

    What are you hoping to accomplish? With the HBI trigger and the lightest HBI striker spring the trigger pull on my P-10C is 3.5 lbs. The break is crisp and the reset is lightning fast. There is a little bit of pre-travel. If you don't like the pre-travel, the CGW trigger will adjust it out. I have the Apex enhancement kit on my Gen 5 Glock 34 and it is better than the stock Glock trigger but far from my P-10C trigger.
  9. fastlane604

    My P10C mods

    Plus one on the Apex extended mag release.
  10. Paul, get up a little grumpy today?
  11. Back to the plunk test.
  12. It wasn't a problem with the snap caps but it was a problem the other day at the range. I had loaded some 124 TC Bayous at 1.10 OAL and I had a couple that were too long. Really suprised me. I have always dealt with short chambers on my CZs, but didn't think I'd have to worry about it with a Glock. Only the TCs caused me trouble. The RN ran just fine at 1.13 OAL.
  13. I tried the case with only a live primer and I tried a homemade snap cap with a spent primer installed backwards. Both racked just like they should. It appears I created much adieu about nothing. Thank you all for the suggestions, especially HCH on the case with a live primer and BoyGlock with the primer backwards. You assuaged my concerns.
  14. Thanks for the tip on the backwards primer. I will try it.
  15. Good suggestion. I will try it and report back. As I mentioned earlier, skipping the snap caps is an easy thing to do. My real concern is in the event of a high primer or a misfire. I want to know that I can rack the slide to clear the chamber without taking the slide off the gun.
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