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  1. Check out UM Tactical....built from scratch with high end components....great running g gun....I have over 2000 rds thru mine so far and zero malfunctions....very soft shooter
  2. I love my hyperfore....but I would take a good look at the timney that Daniel horner just developed with them
  3. I run the tti with no prob. Taylor freelance goliath. I heard good things on the new glock ets 40 rounders
  4. I have the bergara b14 bmp chassis rifle...$1500. I put on the vortex razor 4.5 to 27 I picked up used...and there are plenty out there for 1500. Puts you right in your budget. The rifle performs well. I'm solid to 1200 yrds. Its 6.5 creedmore. Bergara used to make everyone's barrels including mpa.
  5. I put Area 419 new arcs rail system on w clamp which gives a 2 system barricade stop. Warne bipod has been great
  6. Weber tactical w hood retention. Red hill Tactical Safariland Als or gls
  7. If you hump your gear...voodoo tactical bag is great...as far as I know its the only one which will fully enclose the shotgun with an extended mag tube. Bag is very modular
  8. Carbon arms...can be pulled as deuces or quad....mount to a weight belt has padding and great retention
  9. Safariland Al's or gls. Webber. Red hill Tactical. Dont want the pistol to fall out when snagged or running....retention is best
  10.  I saw an old post of yours from last year did you ever sell your versa Max please text message to 954-899-2819 thanks 

  11. Is the warne mount still avail  txt to 9548992819

  12. No just something to reach out
  13. Looking for a variable optic for an ar10 308 thx in advance
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