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  1.  I saw an old post of yours from last year did you ever sell your versa Max please text message to 954-899-2819 thanks 

  2. Is the warne mount still avail  txt to 9548992819

  3. No just something to reach out
  4. Looking for a variable optic for an ar10 308 thx in advance
  5. Got this for my 11 yo to shoot 3 gun. Had the stock reduced and opened the loading port. Want to put on a mag tube extension. Nordic components does not make any for this 20 guage but they do for benelli 20 guage they didnt know about compatibility. Anyone know what to do?
  6. My son now 11 has been competing in 3 gun local matches fornthe last 9 months. I stqrted him at 5 on an mp15 22 w a red dot. He now shoots 22 pistol 20 gauge shotgun and 223 rifle. Started on rimfire stages w knockover steel. My daughter now 6 shoots 22 rifle but I help her support the firearm. My son has been drawing out of a hokster for 1 year now. Shot his first idpa match local this year. They know recite breathe the 4 rules of gun handling. Playing nerf guns arou d the house same rules apply.
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