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  1. I don't know why the 5" ppq doesn't get more love. It's a great pistol and the mags are 15 rd. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Any links? @Brassaholic13 - Any pictures of the new adapter with 4 holes?
  3. What are the advantages of the boring bar and carbide insert over the end mill you ask? When an end mill dulls, it has to be replaced and thrown in the "to be sharpened" stack. When a new end mill is installed, the depth of the end mill has to be exactly where the last end mill was removed from. If not, the die cutting depth will change, and as such, the die will have to slightly be raised or lowered in the tool head to accommodate this change. With a boring bar, when the carbide insert dulls, all that has to be done is to remove the Bosch motor from the trimmer adapter, remove t
  4. Interested in the Fastfire 3.  Would you take $180 shipped via paypal payment?

  5. Not using the stock follower. Upgrade to an aluminum low drag one. I'm going to work on the shell catch a little more.
  6. Update 2: I decided to play around w/ the mag spring a bit more this morning. I trimmed a few more coils off and it's ~9" past the end of the tube and it's running a bit better. It only intermittently fails to load the first round. But if I rack the bolt forcefully, it'll release that shell. I'm afraid to trim more off the spring for fear it'll stop loading the last round in the tube. Any other suggestions?
  7. So as an update, I was able to get the bolt release off with the help of a drill. I'll retap it and put the extended bolt release on at a later time. I tried grinding down the carrier latch a bit, but am still having the same issue. Is there a Benelli part I can drop in to alleviate this?
  8. I started having an issue today at a match that I've never experienced before which led to an other issue when I got home. I have a factory M3K w/ a Nordic +8 extension. Never had any issues feeding shells before. Today, when I put 8 or more in the tube, it refused to release the first shell. So on every stage, I had to pull up on the bolt release then fight the jam that it caused to get it to manually load the first shell. After that, it ran fine. I didn't understand what exactly what causing it until I got home. When I got home, I loaded some dummy shells to recreate
  9. I usually do it from low ready since I also can't draw from holster at my range.
  10. On the Hornady dies, you can adjust the seating stem without adjusting the crimp.... What happens when you change the crimp?Fair point. I usually only change oal after I have the crimp where I like it. Sent from my Z812 using Tapatalk
  11. On the Hornady dies, you can adjust the seating stem without adjusting the crimp....
  12. If you're running a quality extension, nothing bad will happen without a clamp.
  13. Ordered a set of the kensights. Will report back when they're installed.
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