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  1. That's exactly how I feel... I've been running dry fire drills from low ready and stock on belt. I feel like I have to push my face into the stock to get the reticle in the center of the glass.
  2. Funny this post came up. I just came to the realization at my last match this weekend that I needed to at least try one. Great hits but slow to see the dot when mounting the gun, feel like I had to mash my cheek into the stock to get the a comfortable sight line. I checked all my other red dots on my AR's and they are all 1/3 co-witness. I ordered through a vendor on EBAY at the last stage of the day, should be here by the weekend.
  3. That's also possible. I'm running plated 115 and 124 RN at 1.125 OAL as a point of reference same ammo as when i experienced it the one time.
  4. My set up for a main mag is the same. I experienced the exact same thing once... pulled the spring, gave it a little extra upward bend at the first coil under the follower. reassembled and loaded it up fully and let it sit overnight. The next couple days I would randomly unload it 10-15 rounds and load it up again. I didn't get a chance to use it in live fire for about 4 days but never experienced the nose dives again. I've got about 700 rounds and 4-5 matches through it now.
  5. I'm very new to PCC and am running the complete Taccom 3 Stage on my first build with a 15.4 ounce BCG, gun weighs a total of 6.4 pounds with the optic. I'm shooting 115s at 138 PF. It's snappy but shoots flat and the dot rise is predictable and settles immediately. I still have to get the time to experiment, perhaps pull the BCG weight off.
  6. Well, just as a follow up. Looks like I got lucky with the current lot of CFE PISTOL I have, 4.9g with a 115g Xtreme plated at 1.125 OAL put me right at 136-7 PF at the muzzle with a Magneto speed V3. I'm going to bump it a tenth to 5g and load up 500 to practice with. Recoil is a little snappy but the dot rise is predictable, goes up about an inch and immediately settles back. I zeroed on a 3 inch round See N Shoots at 50 yards and had fist size groups of 5 with a 2 MOA Holosun red dot.
  7. I'm sure it will be a little higher but wanted to try something within the range to see if the unburnt powder issue would be resolved at that point.
  8. Thanks for the insight on the CFE Pistol. I had actually heard some statements in regards to incomplete powder burn. I loaded up 20 rounds with the 115 Xtremes at 4.9g which is the minimum charge in Hodgdon online loading guide for a 115 LRN. I'll see where it sits on velocity in my barrel and perhaps work down from there. I'm not opposed to picking up another pound of powder just to send these 115s downrange, CFE Pistol is just what I have a surplus off on hand. I had read that many liked HS-6 at that 140ish PF range for 115s, so figured CFE Pistol should work similarly as it's only a couple of places down the velocity chart than HS-6.
  9. OK, I've read and searched throughout the forum and still haven't found a concensus so decided to ask in my post. I just came across a good deal on some 115g Xtremes and have CFE Pistol on hand. I will be sticking to 1.125 OAL to run a Goliath extension. Any insight of a good PF range I should be running to take advantage of the comp? I'm running my first PCC build so far 500 or so rounds at 132 PF with 124gr Xtremes and TG its been reliable and very pleased with the performance. QC10 lower, Timney PCC flat blade trigger, 16 inch Ballistics Advantage barrel with VG6 Gamma comp, Foxtrot Mike bolt and Taccom 3 stage buffer system, running short stroked. Not looking for specific load data but if you have experience with a similar setup and 115g loads shared thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. A new priming system on a 650??? The 650 has the most robust and reliable priming systems of all the Dillon machines.
  11. Firstly I own both a XL650 and a Super 1050, so I agree given the right circumstances the problem is there. Like I said before, " All the other stuff is fluff in regards to how we personally run the machine" Smaller spring or a smaller ball bearing are no cost (to Dillon) fixes sure but do these enhancements make it an improvement for every caliber conversion offered? Engineering costs associated with any improvements are based on what the manufacturing entity researches as having added value to end item. As an example, You state the roller bearing adds minimal cost. That may be true for the flat washer and bearing them selves. What about the cost of dealing with the tweaks to the ejector spring because of that roller being added? If they redesign the spring, pay to have it retooled, will it work for every caliber combo possible? They could add instructions to their website on how to tweak it but what about those that can't get it right/ What would be the cost in extra customer support? Working in the aerospace manufacturing field. I know what is involved in even making the simplest design changes. Dillon has obviously not deemed these changes mentioned as value added.... and honestly I cannot blame them. That is not to say they don't make changes cause the do. Subtle ones maybe like a improvement on a primer slide, sizing die decapping pin, index ring material and geometry, adding grease zerks, a fail safe system on a powder measure.
  12. This issue especially boggles my mind.... I skip maybe one primer every 2000 rounds.
  13. Disclaimer: I'm not picking on anyone. Every few years it seems that someone will post a thread like this in regards to the points that have been made. “Dillon should come up with a fix” Insinuating for the price we paid.... it should be better... etc. Well the reality, it's is already a proven well made product… it’s a business and involves many complicated business processes that take both time and money to implement. The unspent primer ski ramp… you would expect them to spend money to retool to do what, add a screw cup to the bottom? The spent primer chute same thing? Someone mentioned, “The shell plate advance jump that causes bullets to tip over and powder to jump out of cases” this has never been an issue for me, why them? I lube the index paw with grease, use a powder that does not overly fill the case and make sure that I have sufficient flare on the case mouth. My point is you can’t please all of the people all of the time. However, using the excuse because of the money we spent it should be better is reaching. There is not a Dillon press out there that can’t work, reliable in stock form. It’s just a matter of setting it up right and Dillon is always making tweaks and adjustments on certain parts and pieces you just never here of them until you actually need one. All the other stuff is fluff in regards to how we personally run the machine. I added a bearing and made my own spent primer mod for my 650 as a convenience thing for me. Not that the press didn't work without them. On my 1050, I have minimal aftermarket enhances and have no problems with it related to my type, pace and frequency or using it.
  14. I actually have the Redding in 9mm and .223 which I got first, then after got the Hornady in .308... If I had to do it again for the 9mm I'd be very happy with the Hornady option.
  15. I have a 50 inch Midway and was going to get a 56 when I went from a 10 to a 12 (8+4) round tube M3K but decided instead to stick with the bag I had and just pull the tube and compressing the spring within the 8 shell section of the extension and using a spare nut to cap it off. It takes me 3 minutes to pull it off and put it back on. The Midway is a cheap back and has worked for me for several years. I personally wouldn't want to spend the money on another much replace a good Safariland bag.
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