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  1. This ^^^^ S&W M&P 15-22 with an ALG Defense ACT trigger with JP yellow competition springs, very reliable ignition and feeding with the OEM magazines.
  2. If you have the Taccom buffer you can get their short stroke spacer for it. It comes standard now with their 3 stage buffer kit. I dropped in the entire kit with my QC10 lower build and haven't looked back. Has worked great for over 2k so far.
  3. I use a black 35 inch Eagle Industries discreet rifle case that I have had for years, gun storage compartment is just plain and padded no straps to get in the way removing or inserting the rifle. It has large outside pocket with smaller magazine pockets within, but to keep it light as possible I only keep the bare essentials in there during a match such as a small torque limiter tool kit with spare parts, small cleaning and lube kit with rags. This makes is easy should I have to take the gun to the safety area for a tune/adjustment/clean. I pull a collapsible wagon between stages at most outside matches, the case sits in there along with my gun bag that holds everything else along with a small cooler with water and snacks and folding stool.
  4. I've suffered from pinch nerves in my C3-C5 over the last couple years. Chiropractic treatment has helped alleviate it but I'm sensitive to over extending my neck and like you stated fatigue doing so after a couple of hundred rounds causes the same neck pain. This riser will make a huge difference for me for that and speed gained in seeing the dot.
  5. The one specifically for the Holosun 510 sold by Optics Planet.
  6. Got my riser today. Proceeded to install it with purple loctite and torqued all the screws to 15 inch pounds. Remounted and did a few dry fire drills. Amazing how much of a difference that 0.217 inches of extra height can make! I can actually shoulder and immediately see the dot in the middle of the glass, no need to push my face into the cheek rest or crank my neck down to search for it. I'll rezero tomorrow and do some live fire presentation drills.
  7. I run a FM-9 bolt in my AR9 build. When I originally first got it running with a standard 9mm buffer and spring combo. I noticed very slight dimple marks on the primers of ejected rounds. made sense to me as though the firing pin has a spring is is essentially free floating. I was just very careful to make sure the gun was always pointed in a safe direction when closing the bolt, etc. NEVER had a issue. Since replacing the buffer system with the Taccom 3 stage buffer system. I haven't noticed any dimples.
  8. That's exactly how I feel... I've been running dry fire drills from low ready and stock on belt. I feel like I have to push my face into the stock to get the reticle in the center of the glass.
  9. Funny this post came up. I just came to the realization at my last match this weekend that I needed to at least try one. Great hits but slow to see the dot when mounting the gun, feel like I had to mash my cheek into the stock to get the a comfortable sight line. I checked all my other red dots on my AR's and they are all 1/3 co-witness. I ordered through a vendor on EBAY at the last stage of the day, should be here by the weekend.
  10. That's also possible. I'm running plated 115 and 124 RN at 1.125 OAL as a point of reference same ammo as when i experienced it the one time.
  11. My set up for a main mag is the same. I experienced the exact same thing once... pulled the spring, gave it a little extra upward bend at the first coil under the follower. reassembled and loaded it up fully and let it sit overnight. The next couple days I would randomly unload it 10-15 rounds and load it up again. I didn't get a chance to use it in live fire for about 4 days but never experienced the nose dives again. I've got about 700 rounds and 4-5 matches through it now.
  12. I'm very new to PCC and am running the complete Taccom 3 Stage on my first build with a 15.4 ounce BCG, gun weighs a total of 6.4 pounds with the optic. I'm shooting 115s at 138 PF. It's snappy but shoots flat and the dot rise is predictable and settles immediately. I still have to get the time to experiment, perhaps pull the BCG weight off.
  13. Well, just as a follow up. Looks like I got lucky with the current lot of CFE PISTOL I have, 4.9g with a 115g Xtreme plated at 1.125 OAL put me right at 136-7 PF at the muzzle with a Magneto speed V3. I'm going to bump it a tenth to 5g and load up 500 to practice with. Recoil is a little snappy but the dot rise is predictable, goes up about an inch and immediately settles back. I zeroed on a 3 inch round See N Shoots at 50 yards and had fist size groups of 5 with a 2 MOA Holosun red dot.
  14. I'm sure it will be a little higher but wanted to try something within the range to see if the unburnt powder issue would be resolved at that point.
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