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  1. I'm using SNS 180gr RNFP at 1.180" and 4.6gr to get just over 170PF.
  2. I'm not aware you can remove a stage. But you can edit your score for that stage to see what it impacted.
  3. +1 for my kids (9 and 10 yrs), but I'm the opposite and just like being out of the house/office!
  4. New chassis from Copper Custom soon.
  5. 9 major in Limited, heavy bullets with fast powder. 147gr @ 1150 fps is only 100 fps faster than most self defense loads advertise. I'm sure someone with a ballistics background can tell us why this is a very bad idea. Brand: DoubletapProduct Code:9mm+P 147gr FMJ Bullet : Montana Gold Full Metal Jacket Flat PointBallistics : 147gr @ 1135fps / 421ft. lbs. from a G17.Glock 19 velocity - 1120fps.
  6. Only 16 of these were made and handed out to support contractors that were key contributors to get this block upgrade into first flight test.
  7. Used STI would have the best resale. You could try it and sell it without losing much. I think you'd eventually get to a 2011 anyways, might as well start with what the majority of US shooters in Limited are using.
  8. I tried it. Noisy wire squeak sounds when dry firing. Drove me nuts. The one range trip I didn't notice a difference in performance. Went back to regular springs and guide rod.
  9. Buy the PractiScore Competitor app, you can "what if" and un-DQ the shooter after results have posted and see how they would have placed on the stages they completed.
  10. Welcome from Cedar Rapids! West Liberty has USPSA, Steel challenge and 3-gun Eastern Iowa Practical Shooters (EIPS) is an indoor club (about 30 mins north of IA City) Woodland and IOP clubs (share a range) about an hour south from IA City Black Hawk Pistol Club north of IA City (1.5 hr drive) Dubuque USPSA is about 1.5 drive north Ankeny USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge and indoor USPSA about 1:45 to your west I'm attempting to keep track of most of the USPSA club matches on the EIPS calendar here: https://sites.google.com/view/easterniowapracticalshooters/schedule?authuser=0 Precision Rifle Series near Mt Auburn, IA (about 1:15 north of IA City). I like short commutes so I'd probably pick living nearer IA City. South or east sides of IA City are good bets, north side (North Liberty) is in between IA City and Cedar Rapids so housing prices go up in that area with commuters. Laws are good. Suppressor and SBR friendly. High capacity mags are good to go.
  11. Yes, about 10 minutes so not to ambient room temp. I'm planning to go again tomorrow with just WST and see how it fares over 200 rds.
  12. Just ran a doubles drill today. 100 rds with WST, then 100rds with Sport Pistol. The slide was VERY hot after 80 rds of Sport Pistol! I waited a few minutes to shoot the last 20 rounds, concerned my fiber would fall out. Not a match scenario but it had me rethinking types of practice.
  13. I've seen erratic Chrono results when sunlight plays on the sensors. Try to use another target to keep the sensors in the shade?
  14. Primary issue is click-no-bang, no mark on primer. Secondary issue is the lack of extraction and subsequent double feed. My guess is the extractor isn't clearing the rim on the click-no-bang round. Maybe clean around that extractor part and check for burrs that would keep the bolt from fully going into battery when a round is chambered. Might be getting hung up on magazine feed lip. Not sure how far out of battery will still allow the trigger to drop the hammer...talking 1/8" or less so it will be tough to find the culprit.
  15. Does your ammo plunk and spin freely? I noticed my Ruger PCC didn't like my 1.135" OAL (wouldn't spin) and I've seen other non-Ruger pistol caliber carbines have similar issues with not extracting due to the round being stuck in the lands.
  16. Yes! The PC Carbine feels front heavy to me. This is something I may try out!
  17. My assumption is in 10 years we'll have 9major in limited. Heavy bullets going fast. Chrono stages will be important. And we'll all be buying new limited blasters again.
  18. I saw this on YouTube and ran it a few times. It's video game level fun. It doesn't exercise your eyes focus near to far like you can set up with mini cardboard dry fire targets in the basement. I've only found the one video on youtube like it. Easy to Chromecast to my living room tv. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZV2lZyopFk
  19. Not a single issue. Ran great in Single Stack Classic and a bunch of local matches and practice since. The slide to frame fit is great. You can really feel the slide gliding back and forward with 130PF 9mm. It's a beautiful thing. The sensation makes me grin after shooting my plastic gun.
  20. Stainless will only lockup/gall when it's brand new and fit is super tight (slide to frame or bushing and barrel). I had a new to me DW PM9 that *might* have started to gall during my first match with it. I'd only had maybe 50rds through it and I'm guessing the prior owner had about the same. It got stuck about 3/4" out of battery. I went to the other bay and was able to remove the slide stop and get it loose, oiled, and it finished the match.
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