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  1. That is badass! You didn't happen to record a build sheet, did you?
  2. In SC, the participation in both USPSA and SCSA is down 20-25% lately from pre-Covid numbers. I'm sure some are staying away because of covid fears, but in guessing it's mostly ammo related.
  3. Nailed it. At the local level 1 uspsa matches near me, probably 85% of the shooters in a given squad all know each other and have shot together dozens of times. When you hear the emphatic *IF* you are finished... " question/command, by the time you realize what he's trying to tell you, it's far too late to fix. It's definitely a razz your buddy moment.
  4. Before buying any firearms, seek out an optometrist who understands shooting. Get an eye exam, and have him rig up some test frames with the left lens focal length set for front sight length, and the right lens set for distance/target. The mixed signals to the brain will make some people want to barf, most won't have any problem with it. I love this setup and had a bitchin set of Oakley shooting glasses made. Their lenses are very high quietly rBest firearm investment yet. A no-cost trick you might try, is to put a small piece of scotch tape on the left lens of your cu
  5. Personally, I like the Steel Challenge stuff as I shoot SC quite often. It's great practice for draws and transitions. The World Speed Shooting Championship held a couple weeks ago had more than 700 guns entered/shot... Just skip over those 'bonus pages' in the magazine if they don't interest you.
  6. Same here; ordered last week, ups tracking number says it will arrive tomorrow. "Never Send Anything You Care About By US Postal." -words to live by.
  7. Send a detailed email to USPSA.
  8. Mine has functioned flawlessly with my company-paid-for iPhone. If they only knew...
  9. Chandler, Why do the 135 grain bullets have a groove in them?
  10. At the Carolina Classic Level II, 10 days ago, there were 259 shooters. CO was the largest category with 71 shooters followed by Limited with 55, Open with 43.
  11. Goals? Move up from a low CO-B in USPSA to a strong B, and in Steel from in both CO/RFPO, up to A. How? 1) Consistent hammering of speed on beep-to-first-shot. Specifically, draws, draws, and more draws. 2) Quicker movement between shooting positions. Specifically, sprinting drills w/ dry firearm. 3) Decreasing my double-tap times. Specifically, performing dedicated live-fire drills testing what i can, and cannot get away with on that second shot while staying in the A Zone. [I have my own 'playground' that i built 100' from my back door, so i have no excuse. ]
  12. Try cleaning the emitter with compressed air. (Think dust on the projector lens)
  13. They both work fine and feel pretty equal, but Titegroup leaves your pistol filthy. Sport Pistol is so much cleaner, I've got bottles of TG I haven't touched in two years.
  14. I've got a Walther PPQM2 with that weird stepped chamber. Is there any downside to reaming it a few thou so it will accept a 'normal' length round?
  15. When every company in the ammo business is selling everything they make, as fast as they can make it, there's no reason to discount it.
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