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  1. At the Carolina Classic Level II, 10 days ago, there were 259 shooters. CO was the largest category with 71 shooters followed by Limited with 55, Open with 43.
  2. Goals? Move up from a low CO-B in USPSA to a strong B, and in Steel from in both CO/RFPO, up to A. How? 1) Consistent hammering of speed on beep-to-first-shot. Specifically, draws, draws, and more draws. 2) Quicker movement between shooting positions. Specifically, sprinting drills w/ dry firearm. 3) Decreasing my double-tap times. Specifically, performing dedicated live-fire drills testing what i can, and cannot get away with on that second shot while staying in the A Zone. [I have my own 'playground' that i built 100' from my back door, so i have no excuse. ]
  3. Try cleaning the emitter with compressed air. (Think dust on the projector lens)
  4. They both work fine and feel pretty equal, but Titegroup leaves your pistol filthy. Sport Pistol is so much cleaner, I've got bottles of TG I haven't touched in two years.
  5. I've got a Walther PPQM2 with that weird stepped chamber. Is there any downside to reaming it a few thou so it will accept a 'normal' length round?
  6. When every company in the ammo business is selling everything they make, as fast as they can make it, there's no reason to discount it.
  7. I've burned through two pairs of Speedcross 4's as the soles are softer than a cheater qualifying tire. Just received my first Boombah trail shoes and i swear they are a clone/ripoff of the Saloman's. Look, feel, and fit are identical, right down to the very narrow toe-box. Don't know if the soles will last any longer, but at less than half the price, i won't feel so bad about turning them into lawn mowing shoes.
  8. RCBS lockout die. Yes, it takes up a station, but it will likely save your ass someday. Over/Under powder checker
  9. OK, I'll bite. What's a grease ring? I've never heard that term before...
  10. Saving time! Just doing his part to keep the match moving.
  11. For me it's roughly 50% having a high quality dot (Currently using an FTP Sports Alpha3) and 50% high quality shooting specific glasses. My right lens is front sight distance, the left lens is target distance. Crappy dots and/or crappy lenses gets me a terrible starburst.
  12. Less low-port shooting from an awkward position near the ground. Those turn into a gymnastics event, penalizing us old geezers with bad knees. I'm there to shoot and have fun, not pull a muscle. More stages that can be shot two or three different ways/strategies. It's great to have options...
  13. This has saved my ass exactly three times. I hate giving up a station, but it's been worth gold. https://www.rcbs.com/accessories/replacement-parts/lock-out-die/16-87540.html I put a couple-hundred pieces of brass in a 2 gallon Ziploc bag, close it most of the way up, then stick the nozzle of the One Shot in. Seal the bag up then "mix it up". Let it sit a while and it's good to go. The bag method keeps the mess and the fumes to a minimum.
  14. Not quite apples to apples, but here are a couple shots of the Alpha 3 w/ 8 moa side-by-side with a Vortex Venom 6 moa. When you start to lose view of the dot on the Venom, the Alpha 3 still has plenty of viewing window. It's very clear, and you'll never use it on it's brightest settings unless you are aiming your pistol at the sun. And you could probably still see the dot... I'm roughly 1,500 rounds in, and 3 matches, and I'm very pleased.
  15. Smith & Wesson Victory. Like the MKIV, the sky is the limit on how much, or how little you want to personalize it. Either way, both Tandemkross and Bill Striplin will accept your credit card
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