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  1. jerson0208

    Dot torture distance?

    Thanks for the link. I will try these drill this weekend.
  2. I have had good luck with Taccom magnetic. A pain to set up but was easy to pull quads out and have good retention. I mount it with blade tech mini tmms which is screwed on to my belt on strategic locations.
  3. jerson0208

    Footwear options for 2018

    looks similar to speedcross. If it is more comfortable than speedcross then I got to try them. Speedcross is very comfortable to me already. Only thing salomon gets dirty quick. $59 per pair is very reasonable.
  4. jerson0208

    Help with Limited belt setup

    Can you provide feedback on how it is better than the race masters?
  5. jerson0208

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    I agree, without enough practice the gun will not make a significant difference. C shooter here and shoot USPSA, maybe once a month most of the time without practice due to out of town work. My performance is way better when I get to practice.
  6. jerson0208

    Chrono stage info in PractiScore

    I wonder how many level 1 matches has chrono stage?
  7. I agree, I would even go as far as having a AED onsite since most ranges are not easy to find for EMTs. It should be one of the priority purchase of the club along with steel targets.
  8. The mags, followers and springs will be $110 shipped. pls send paypal friends/gift to jtayson@yahoo.com. message me your address.

  9. are they for double stack 2011 magazines? If they are I will take them.

  10. STI DLC Grip payment details

    Please send payment as friends or gift to my paypal: jtsayson@yahoo.com

  11. STI DLC Grip payment details

    Please send gift to my paypal: jtsayson@yahoo.com

    1. jerson0208


      are you still interested?

  12. STI DLC Grip

    Please send gift to my paypal: jtsayson@yahoo.com

  13. PayPal gift/friends to jtsayson@yahoo.com. Give me shipping address 

    1. Tubguy


      Mike Bertrand

      935 Sims Ave#1

      St Paul Mn 55106


    2. jerson0208


      I will ship as soon as payment is received.

  14. you got it. send paypal gift to jtsayson@yahoo.com and give me shipping address.

  15. How much you want for it?

    1. kellymc


      23 dollars shipped but I'm not sure if it is 4mm or 7mm