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  1. I use AR Gold PCC version with JP bolt
  2. First ever Cobalt Kinetics PCC 9 mm Barrel 16” OAL waiting new 9mm pro bufer and we are ready!!
  3. I have all (brand)steel grip available on market in my possession. SV is definitely #1 but for sure Cheely is beter then EVO
  4. I have adapter spacer but I’m not sure which spring to use , that’s reason why I ask if someone try already...
  5. Anyone try this one with rifle length bufer tube? i can’t find any info if this work with rifle stock...
  6. You know maybe what’s exit diameter for 9 mm brake?
  7. 14.5 doesent work with Cobalt Kinetics handguard. we wait in next 2-3 week new 13 inch handguard. im thinking to cut barrel on 15 and put new tread
  8. Tony , this 9 mm one is made for me but YES it’s same like .223
  9. Cheely has better quality and better design !!!
  10. Which barrel you guys use or recommended and why?? i have 16 JP but tread for comp doesent work with my Cobalt Kinetics 9 mm Pro Comp so I need new barrel...
  11. With this new EndoMag , I have apsolutly same 9mm and 223 Cobalt Kinetics. Just different colors
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