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  1. The grouping is slightly better but not much difference for me
  2. you got it. send paypal gift to jtsayson@yahoo.com and give me shipping address.

  3. thanks to everyone that worked so hard on this match!!! it was a blast squad 13 rocked!!
  4. i don't really want to see how bad i sucked!!! lets drink beers instead
  5. nice he told me he was thinking about that but i wasn't sure he would get it done
  6. i live in abilene and that is the only match around that area that i make on a regular basis i'm sure you can ask some of the guys at the match and they will have more info on that.
  7. this match is gonna be a blast!!! the ranch this range is on is awesome!!!
  8. I think shooting ss prod or lim 10 helps you learn to break down stages every new shooters should shoot these divisions for the first year in my opinion
  9. hope to see you on the range i shoot in liberty hill at best of the west range every 3rd sat 3gun!! you should come out and play!
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