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  1. I finally was able to catch up on this thread from start to finish and I am so thankful for the amount of information here! After being absolutely anti-320 since it came out I made the mistake of picking up a p365 and realizing they are engineering marvels. Next up was a p320 pro carry, which I am currently using your thread as an inspiration for. I am anxiously awaiting your report on the accuracy of the killer innovation barrel vs the bar sto. I was planning on picking up an x5 legion for my range gun, but why not dump those funds into one of these monsters you have created.
  2. So I am pretty far into the lefty bolt gun journey with no rifle yet, but I hope that you can learn from my experiences. I started off with a lefty savage with the intention of ordering a 6mm creedmoor barrel and making it into a usable gun. I ordered a barrel from Apache gun works which ended up taking over a year to get my refund due to the barrel never showing up. Following that I ordered a PVA John Hancock in 6 creed, which I waited two years for before finally cancelling my order and getting my refund back. Now I am almost four years into this game and my Bighorn TL3 should be here in June and I am building it myself. If I was to do it over again I would go for 6.5 creed Bergara B14 HMR and call it good. I already invested in dies, brass, bullets, etc. for the 6 creed or I would have gone down this path. That, or just suck it up and buy the gun you want to begin with. I have always wanted a TL3, and with pre-fit shouldered barrels I will be able to do caliber swaps in the field. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully this helps you.
  3. I just wanted to give back some great info to the forum that has taught me so much. I was cleaning some brass last night in the wet tumbler and decided to experiment with a new soap instead of my usual dawn and lemi-shine. My wife gets this stuff from target called Smartly, citrus scent, and this is probably the cleanest my brass has ever come out of the tumbler. As a bonus is smells great too. A 10oz is less than 2 bucks. Give it a try and tell me what you think.
  4. For subs I have had the best luck with IMR 4227, and for supers I use H110. The blk can be a pain in the neck with an AR, so I would stick with tried and true loads unless you are a very experienced reloader.
  5. I’m on the waiting list for a John Hancock in 6mm creedmoor. Thought long and hard about a 6 dasher, still not sure I made the right decision. From all accounts I have read the Tikka is a hell of a factory rifle, and you wouldn’t have the wait. For me, three lug action with crf and a manual ejector ticks all the boxes.
  6. I recently sold off a Benelli SBE2 and picked up a Franchi affinity. I only have 200 shells through it, but if you blindfolded me and told me to pick out the benelli based off of how it shoots I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I still can't believe I picked up this thing for 500 bucks.
  7. I apologize if this has been covered before, but I wasn't able to find the information. I picked up a Franchi affinity and have installed a TTI lifter, safety, bolt knob, and a MOA extended tube. I have a bolt release sitting on my bench waiting for the tap to come in, and I was wondering if I need to flatten the face of the factory release before installing the TTI extended one? Thank you!
  8. I agree with the ambi controls on a "normal" AR. When I first got into the AR game I started with a Stag lh model, but I really don't like the proprietary parts on it. I find its nice to have eyes on the action without having to rotate the gun over. Gas is only an annoyance when you have a can on the end.
  9. I just wanted to share my recent experience with Chris at CPWSA and Ready Tactical. A couple of weeks ago I was at the range practicing transitions from rifle to handgun that required running with the handgun in holster. While I was running I felt my side get really light and looked back to see my Glock skipping across the grass. After checking the gun and my pants, I started looking at my gear and noticed a crack running along my holster right at the top retention screw. The next day I sent Chris at CPWSA an email explaining the situation and to check if there was a warranty on Ready Tactical holsters. I received an email from him within two hours, and after a couple of emails back and forth he told me they would be sending me a new holster. A week later I had a box on the front door with a replacement holster and a couple of mag pouches thrown in there as well. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the communication and customer service from CPWSA. I will continue to use and recommend them whenever I have the chance. Also, Please check your gear whenever you get to the range. I had gotten complacent and just threw on my belt without looking at it, and the situation could have been a whole lot worse. Definitely learned a lesson that day.
  10. I use 3.4 of titegroup under 135 bayous. I haven't checked it over a chrono but they shoot fine for me.
  11. In January I will be making a trip to the sand box and my Dillon will be sitting for 6 months or so. Is there any special considerations when storing the press? I planned on giving it a good cleaning and spraying it down with some Ballistol or similar rust preventative, but I wanted to check with the wealth of knowledge here and make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you!
  12. I suggest getting a can of the keyboard cleaner compressed air. Blow everything off of the press then vacuum off the bench.
  13. Thank you all for the info. Hammer, if you don't mind me asking what is your moderate keith load? I picked up a box of 240gr round nose .44 special cowboy loads to try in my buddy's 29 mountain gun this week and that sealed the deal for me needing one. I don't plan on shooting full house magnums through it very often, so I am looking into the advantages of .44 special vs a light loaded .44 mag that would be comfortable to shoot for extended range sessions.
  14. I am looking at picking up a Smith 629 and was wondering if anyone loads .44 mag or special on their 650? I would probably start off just using my single stage, but if it gets shot enough I might have to look into a quick change for the caliber.
  15. Do you currently reload at all? If not, please understand that the cost savings for reloading is kind of a moo point. Yes, reloading is cheaper, but that just means that you will shoot a lot more. Your 1,000 rounds a month will turn into at least 2,000 and at that rate you will be wishing you had a XL650 with a case feeder.
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