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  1. FlightMurse

    Advice for lefty

    I agree with the ambi controls on a "normal" AR. When I first got into the AR game I started with a Stag lh model, but I really don't like the proprietary parts on it. I find its nice to have eyes on the action without having to rotate the gun over. Gas is only an annoyance when you have a can on the end.
  2. FlightMurse

    CPWSA Customer service.

    I just wanted to share my recent experience with Chris at CPWSA and Ready Tactical. A couple of weeks ago I was at the range practicing transitions from rifle to handgun that required running with the handgun in holster. While I was running I felt my side get really light and looked back to see my Glock skipping across the grass. After checking the gun and my pants, I started looking at my gear and noticed a crack running along my holster right at the top retention screw. The next day I sent Chris at CPWSA an email explaining the situation and to check if there was a warranty on Ready Tactical holsters. I received an email from him within two hours, and after a couple of emails back and forth he told me they would be sending me a new holster. A week later I had a box on the front door with a replacement holster and a couple of mag pouches thrown in there as well. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the communication and customer service from CPWSA. I will continue to use and recommend them whenever I have the chance. Also, Please check your gear whenever you get to the range. I had gotten complacent and just threw on my belt without looking at it, and the situation could have been a whole lot worse. Definitely learned a lesson that day.
  3. FlightMurse

    load for 135gr moly coated lead rn bullets 9mm

    I use 3.4 of titegroup under 135 bayous. I haven't checked it over a chrono but they shoot fine for me.
  4. In January I will be making a trip to the sand box and my Dillon will be sitting for 6 months or so. Is there any special considerations when storing the press? I planned on giving it a good cleaning and spraying it down with some Ballistol or similar rust preventative, but I wanted to check with the wealth of knowledge here and make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you!
  5. FlightMurse

    FYI if your new to dillon

    I suggest getting a can of the keyboard cleaner compressed air. Blow everything off of the press then vacuum off the bench.
  6. FlightMurse

    .44 mag/spl on Dillon 650

    Thank you all for the info. Hammer, if you don't mind me asking what is your moderate keith load? I picked up a box of 240gr round nose .44 special cowboy loads to try in my buddy's 29 mountain gun this week and that sealed the deal for me needing one. I don't plan on shooting full house magnums through it very often, so I am looking into the advantages of .44 special vs a light loaded .44 mag that would be comfortable to shoot for extended range sessions.
  7. I am looking at picking up a Smith 629 and was wondering if anyone loads .44 mag or special on their 650? I would probably start off just using my single stage, but if it gets shot enough I might have to look into a quick change for the caliber.
  8. FlightMurse

    550 or 650

    Do you currently reload at all? If not, please understand that the cost savings for reloading is kind of a moo point. Yes, reloading is cheaper, but that just means that you will shoot a lot more. Your 1,000 rounds a month will turn into at least 2,000 and at that rate you will be wishing you had a XL650 with a case feeder.
  9. FlightMurse

    Double trigger

    Holy crap that video is humbling! Thank you Mr Kelley for contributing to this thread, and providing night shift nurses with hours of entertainment on your youtube channel!
  10. FlightMurse

    Theoretical .22 conversion

    On the bright side the normal lower would let you have short barrel 5.56 uppers, etc ,etc I have looked at a .223 SBR before but I'd like to keep it quiet. Maybe a .300 blackout but that is a lot of case prep to mess with.
  11. FlightMurse

    Steel Gongs and Plates

    I'd definitely stay with 3/8 for personal handgun use. It is heavy enough to lug around as it is. I have shot my 3/8" plates with .223 at 200 yards and not a scratch on it.
  12. Could you post a picture of the bullet tip? How much pressure do you have on the down stroke when loading these rounds? I would think you would have to press pretty hard to deform the bullet enough to make a change in accuracy.
  13. I can't help with shell plate advice, I just wanted to say thanks for giving me a new caliber to look up. I had no idea this round existed, sounds like a lot of fun.
  14. FlightMurse

    Max OAL for sti edge 9mm

    Good luck with the load development. As others have mentioned, the plunk test is the only way to be sure. I would second the recommendation for a round nose as well. Unless you are hunting with it I haven't found a good reason for a big flat meplat.
  15. FlightMurse

    Well-used Glock Pictures

    Not bad Russell. My first formal shooting experience was a Bob Vogel class and I remember seeing his glock that had been fired so much that the slide was bare. I determined to stay with one platform until my gun looked like that, then maybe I can have a quarter of the skill that man does.