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  1. I have a pro carry with a dot on it, and a legion thats set up for production division. I will have to throw the carry slide on the other grip and put in on the timer to see what the difference is. It certainly could be done, I'd look and see if a pro carry or x carry is already on the list and get a caliber conversion for one of those.
  2. I have not mounted a red dot to my legion, but I have a pro carry with the same slide milling and I mounted a RMR using a C&H precision filler plate which allowed the optic to fit much more securely. I would look into one of those.
  3. I recently picked up a RMR to try out a dot on a sig x-carry. I am quickly learning why my accuracy was never what I wanted, that darn dot dances all over the place. I know this is a grip issue, but any tips to work on dry fire to settle the dot while going through the shot process? Thanks.
  4. I have messed around with TG for subsonic loads, mostly using speer TNT's. I would highly recommend going to trail boss instead, way less room for error.
  5. The little bushing that rotates to drop the case into press wasn’t rotating enough and not dropping cases all the way in. I caught it on that, like a moron, pressed through it and got the case stuck on there.
  6. Those are the ones. They arrived in a couple days and worked great. I would have preferred torx, but they worked fine.
  7. So between grad school and a new baby my xl650 had been untouched for a couple of years, and I finally ran out of 9mm and needed to get it back up and running. I had taken it apart to clean it before and let me tell you, there were growing pains. Lessons that were relearned, listen to your press! This was a first for me but a very interesting screw up.
  8. So I haven’t gotten them for the legion yet, but my pro carry with rmr holes took a 6-40x1-2” flat head. I ordered them from monsterbolts.com And they arrived in a couple days. I initially ordered 3/8” and they are too short
  9. No idea on holsters, but that’s a really nice looking set up!
  10. Somewhat related, I just got one of their filler plates for a P320 Pro carry that was factory drilled for a rmr, and the fit and finish is phenomenal. It arrived quickly and I can’t say enough good about the company.
  11. I finally was able to catch up on this thread from start to finish and I am so thankful for the amount of information here! After being absolutely anti-320 since it came out I made the mistake of picking up a p365 and realizing they are engineering marvels. Next up was a p320 pro carry, which I am currently using your thread as an inspiration for. I am anxiously awaiting your report on the accuracy of the killer innovation barrel vs the bar sto. I was planning on picking up an x5 legion for my range gun, but why not dump those funds into one of these monsters you have created.
  12. So I am pretty far into the lefty bolt gun journey with no rifle yet, but I hope that you can learn from my experiences. I started off with a lefty savage with the intention of ordering a 6mm creedmoor barrel and making it into a usable gun. I ordered a barrel from Apache gun works which ended up taking over a year to get my refund due to the barrel never showing up. Following that I ordered a PVA John Hancock in 6 creed, which I waited two years for before finally cancelling my order and getting my refund back. Now I am almost four years into this game and my Bighorn TL3 should be here in Jun
  13. I just wanted to give back some great info to the forum that has taught me so much. I was cleaning some brass last night in the wet tumbler and decided to experiment with a new soap instead of my usual dawn and lemi-shine. My wife gets this stuff from target called Smartly, citrus scent, and this is probably the cleanest my brass has ever come out of the tumbler. As a bonus is smells great too. A 10oz is less than 2 bucks. Give it a try and tell me what you think.
  14. For subs I have had the best luck with IMR 4227, and for supers I use H110. The blk can be a pain in the neck with an AR, so I would stick with tried and true loads unless you are a very experienced reloader.
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