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  1. Check out an elftman tactical 3 gun, its my favorite trigger I have come across so far.
  2. If you can swing it an arsenal SAM7 is the way to go, I recently picked up the K-44 and it is an amazing AK. I am still waiting for my grail AK to get back from 2 rivers arms, I was able to find a really clean SA-93 thats getting de-neutered right now.
  3. I tried for a while to load the leatherhead bullets for a 8" upper and I had serious issues with leading up my can. The coating on the bullets would shear off and deposit the lead all over the muzzle break, to the point that I gave up on the project and picked up a single shot blackout to play with. If you are doing this with an octane that is user-serviceable then you can just clean the can like you would a rimfire can and call it good.
  4. I am currently waiting for my center fire pistol can to get out of jail, and I have been contemplating hosts for it. I will eventually pick up something in .45 acp, but want to get a threaded barrel for my p320 pro carry since it’s already set up with a dot on it. What have you had the best luck with? I would prefer to keep it 1/2x28, but If the factory barrel is that much better I can get another piston ordered. Other thought would be to pick up an x carry legion and call it good. Thoughts?
  5. I have a red river tactical (not to be confused with red hill tactical) advanced cut holster for my legion and I really love the holster. Build quality is on par with anything I have owned before, and black multicam looks sweet!
  6. I have a pro carry with a dot on it, and a legion thats set up for production division. I will have to throw the carry slide on the other grip and put in on the timer to see what the difference is. It certainly could be done, I'd look and see if a pro carry or x carry is already on the list and get a caliber conversion for one of those.
  7. I have not mounted a red dot to my legion, but I have a pro carry with the same slide milling and I mounted a RMR using a C&H precision filler plate which allowed the optic to fit much more securely. I would look into one of those.
  8. I recently picked up a RMR to try out a dot on a sig x-carry. I am quickly learning why my accuracy was never what I wanted, that darn dot dances all over the place. I know this is a grip issue, but any tips to work on dry fire to settle the dot while going through the shot process? Thanks.
  9. I have messed around with TG for subsonic loads, mostly using speer TNT's. I would highly recommend going to trail boss instead, way less room for error.
  10. The little bushing that rotates to drop the case into press wasn’t rotating enough and not dropping cases all the way in. I caught it on that, like a moron, pressed through it and got the case stuck on there.
  11. Those are the ones. They arrived in a couple days and worked great. I would have preferred torx, but they worked fine.
  12. So between grad school and a new baby my xl650 had been untouched for a couple of years, and I finally ran out of 9mm and needed to get it back up and running. I had taken it apart to clean it before and let me tell you, there were growing pains. Lessons that were relearned, listen to your press! This was a first for me but a very interesting screw up.
  13. So I haven’t gotten them for the legion yet, but my pro carry with rmr holes took a 6-40x1-2” flat head. I ordered them from monsterbolts.com And they arrived in a couple days. I initially ordered 3/8” and they are too short
  14. No idea on holsters, but that’s a really nice looking set up!
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