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  1. SH*T that explains it!
  2. Bunsen

    CZ Tuning

    You can always go to CZC!
  3. This is for a regular TS: 10052 Grip Screw (2) 10255 Mag Spring (4) 10521 Mag Spring and Follower Kit (4) 10019 Trigger Return Spring (2) 10021 Pin No 9 (1) 30029 15# Hammer Spring (1) 30031 16# Hammer Spring (1) 30020 13# Recoil Spring (1) 30022 14# Recoil Spring (1) 10063 Magazine Release Spring (2) 10094 Extractor (1) 10095 Extractor Pin (2) 10096 Extractor Spring (2) 10004 Slide Stop (4) 10008 Slide Stop Spring Pin (2) 10040 Hammer Retaining Pin (2) And I burn through that in about 15K rnds which is over a year for me but I recheck at the begining of the season. I have a sorted bin with it and it all comes with me.
  4. Bunsen

    CZ Tuning

    Only thing I felt the need to fix right out on my CZ was trigger work but I was being picky. The real question is will you like shooting a TSO that is 5.3 inches long and the balance. I have let people shoot my gun before. Some notice the extra length/weight and like the feel versus others don't. Everything other than that can be fixed in time.
  5. Would not recommend it. you need a lot of gas pressure for them to work. The volume of the barrel is pretty big difference between a PCC and an open pistol.
  6. I have always been quoted an 8 week lead time for pistol work and never had it go the full length of time.
  7. I love with the new DAA Alpha X!
  8. do you have a description of this somewhere? I have 2 that I don't use anymore and wondering if I can bring them back to life.
  9. always do it shooting my limited gun and a 22.
  10. The Timney 681 for the MPX and I have had not issues with mine. No idea exact count but probably pushing 10K. all with factory 124s.
  11. now that is a good deal. I ended up finding a used jeweler's one on EBay.
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