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  1. Awesome, just what I was looking for. thanks!
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything via search. I'm having problems with my universal uplula and my new style STi 9mm magazines. My uplula is getting stuck in the down position which makes it a pain when reloading. I would have the pull the mag down every time I load another round. Anyone experience the same thing? Any fixes? I don't have problems with the old style mags.
  3. Just curious, do you have a tactical sport or sp01/shadow?
  4. I'm very new to USPSA and have only been in the sport for six years. After four years I finally became a member. 1st year Singlestack - Rock Island Armory Tactical 45 2nd year Limited - Para P18.9 3rd year Limited - Rock Island Armory Doubestack Tactical 40 4th year I went buy crazy - Springfield Loaded (9mm), Rock Island Armory Doublstack 45, New Frontier Build for PCC x 2, and dumped a bunch of money into my RIA 40 & Para for longslide conversions, then purchased a bunch of Phoenix Trinitiy 2011frames x3 and para frames x3 for future personal builds (I'm still trying to build). 5th year - I got bit by the CZ bug and purchased a SP01 for Production , loved it so much after spending a small fortune at CGW I bought a used IPSC Standard used for Limited Not to mention all the extra gear, rifles for future 3 gun adventures, rimfire guns for steel and all the extra parts... sheesh!!! And I thought building cars was addictive.
  5. What is the stock weight for the hammer spring? Just changed mine to 15 and it does feel like it's got a rolling break.
  6. Tried searching for a good flat shooting spring combination for the CZ Standard IPSC (Tactical Sport) in 40sw. I just picked up a used pistol so I'm replacing the mag springs, extractor, recoil and hammer spring. Searched but most discussion currently is for the TSO. I will be testing the pistol first with WWB then creating my own loads. I have 13, 14, 15, and 16 lb recoil springs available and 11, 12, and 15 lb hammer springs available. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Currently have the 13 recoil and 15 hammer in place.
  7. Dang, thanks for the reply CzViper
  8. Hello, I’m looking for magazine alternatives to the factory TS mags in 40 but can’t seem to find any. Looking for mecgars but don’t see anything for the TS. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. soulbyte

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    I currently running a 10lb from CZC that has been 100% reliable with CCI primers. Only concern is with such a light hammer spring do any of you worry about causing damage to the gun? I'm running 124grn minor factor rounds and it feels a little harsh. My 1911 runs a 15lb main for the same ammo.
  10. 11lb recoil and 10lb hammer is my current setup.
  11. https://shop.springerprecision.com/SP-EZ-CZ-9mm-base-pads-Factory-16-round-magazines-SP0308.htm Anyone know if these are production legal? I'm running the 10 round meccgars.
  12. Hello All. Does anyone run the CZC Basepads for Mec-gar mags? I'm looking of some pictures of them. The CZC website only shows the bottom face of the pad. Would like to see how they fit on an SP01. Also, I'm running the 10 round blocked versions of the Mec-gars from Greg Cote. They should be the same dimensions as the 75b 17 round mags with the exception of the 10 round limiting dimple. Want to make sure the CZC basepads work on those. Also, if you have any other recommendations for basepads for the Mec-gar mags please post them up here. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you! I went with the limited10 cone barrel. Very happy with it but it took a lot of fitting.
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