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  1. Taylor freelance make them, including magwells.
  2. Just got word my slide is ready and it will be shipping out in the morning! 5 weeks on the money. Can't wait!
  3. soulbyte

    DAA insert block

    I bought the para specifically for my para. I was told the trigger guard is slightly skinny. For the rock island I bought the 1911 insert and hand to remove a little material. The guns still shift so I ended up buying the rod o keep the muzzle in place.
  4. Awesome, good to know guys thank you. I was quoted 8 weeks so I'll keep my fingers crossed for half the time. Did you guys have to pay for serviced before or after it was done? Do they call you to go over everything? My slide should arrive there tomorrow. I didn't write my CC info on the work order, I was afraid of someone other than them getting a hold of it.
  5. soulbyte

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    Anyone experiencing this with springer precision base pads?
  6. Wanting to get the slide on my SP01 cut for their RDS mounting system. Just wondering what type of turn around time have you guys experienced with CZ Custom?
  7. I had the same over insertion problem with my Rock Island and STI gen 1 magazines. To correct it I got the dawson posi-lock mag release for STI, which fit in my Rock Island. Also did you get MBX STI or MBX Para magazines? The OEM STI mags fit and work perfect for my frame, same as the Pro Match, which was designed to be able to use the STI magazines.
  8. How light is your firing pin spring? Try using your factory spring with the extended firing spring and see if those secondary hits are still there. Also, have you checked to see if the spring isn't broken?
  9. Thank you for that link. I was measuring overall length. The longer rear portion where the hammer strikes makes complete sense! It seams as though the mystery firing pin might be a czc compairing the rear to my other.
  10. Thanks for the measurements! Is this for a SP01? Your CZC seems pretty close. CZC has theirs published at 2.475". I'm wondering if they changed lengths at some point and made them a little shorter. If you wouldn't mind posting a picture of of the pin where the block reliefs are cut and the end where the hammer strikes that would be great!
  11. Recently picked up a complete upper for my SP01 I'll be regulating to Carry Optics duty. Decided to pick up a CGW extended firing pin for it and noticed the one in the slide was much longer, way longer in fact. I measured it out to 2.490", the CGW measured out to 2.472". I'm trying to figure out what firing pin I have in this slide. I decided also to measure all of the other extended firing pins I have to try to match it up and can't find a match. The measurements are below. SP01 Mystery - 2.490" Factory - 2.438" CGW - 2.472" CZC - 2.475' Tactical Sport Factory - 2.463" CGW - 2.495" The Tactical sport CGW firing pin was closest to the mystery pin in length. I ruled it out because of the lack of firing pin block cuts present in the mystery firing pin. Anyone know what firing pin this could be? I don't know any other aftermarket manufacturers. I'm thinking this could be another CZ factory part but don't know which gun it came from. Thoughts?
  12. Awesome, just what I was looking for. thanks!
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything via search. I'm having problems with my universal uplula and my new style STi 9mm magazines. My uplula is getting stuck in the down position which makes it a pain when reloading. I would have the pull the mag down every time I load another round. Anyone experience the same thing? Any fixes? I don't have problems with the old style mags.
  14. Just curious, do you have a tactical sport or sp01/shadow?
  15. I'm very new to USPSA and have only been in the sport for six years. After four years I finally became a member. 1st year Singlestack - Rock Island Armory Tactical 45 2nd year Limited - Para P18.9 3rd year Limited - Rock Island Armory Doubestack Tactical 40 4th year I went buy crazy - Springfield Loaded (9mm), Rock Island Armory Doublstack 45, New Frontier Build for PCC x 2, and dumped a bunch of money into my RIA 40 & Para for longslide conversions, then purchased a bunch of Phoenix Trinitiy 2011frames x3 and para frames x3 for future personal builds (I'm still trying to build). 5th year - I got bit by the CZ bug and purchased a SP01 for Production , loved it so much after spending a small fortune at CGW I bought a used IPSC Standard used for Limited Not to mention all the extra gear, rifles for future 3 gun adventures, rimfire guns for steel and all the extra parts... sheesh!!! And I thought building cars was addictive.
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