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  1. Yea I wasn’t looking for one that fits in the IPSC box. Was just curious which magwell that was. I am looking to replace the one on my TSO with something a little larger unfortunately CZC is out of stock of the large magwell right now
  2. is that the CZC large Magwell or the IPSC legal magwell.
  3. I am talking about the support hand thumb rest not the safety thumb rest
  4. Has anyone upgraded the stock “*thumb rest [generic]*”. I’m looking for something with a little more heft to sit more of my thumb on it instead of the 1/4 I get on it now
  5. Which one fits all loosey goosey. The TSO or the Checkmate insert
  6. Regardless of the drill, getting comfortable behind the gun and learning to track the tights and call the shots is what’s most important. A couple of targets set up like el prez like Chenalt said will allow you to also get comfortable with transitions. Shoot slow, watch the shots, feel the gun recoil, align it back up, shoot again etc... you’ll be wasting time and ammo if you just go out to the range and start blsting bullets all over the place and don’t realize what’s going on
  7. On top of a case feeder and bullet feeder what are some other “must haves” that will make my reloading experience better. I’ll have a 650 headed my way in a few weeks and just want to be ahead.
  8. Czgunsalot. Did you get the thigh pad for it as well?
  9. I think I just need to pull the trigger and buy one. Ive been getting hung up on the few negative reviews and totally overlooking all the positive stuff people have been talking about
  10. I agree with the running. Once the buzzer goes off the pistol is drawn. I feel a lot more comfortable running with a pistol in my hand rather than in my holster. Even the RHT one I’m currently using. Aslo i have looked at the pictures and matched it up but i have read on ads on this forum and others that they bought the correct insert for the trigger guard of their pistol but it still didn’t have a good fit and was all loosie goosie
  11. so many pages in this thread but has anyone installed the large magwell from CGW on their orange. It looks like when I do I will need to get different grips because the ones that come with it will be off the base of the magwell and it would look janky
  12. what Maxwell is that?! I need one!
  13. I have seen some other people in different treads say that they got the SP01 block and did a little modification to it to get the TSO to fit snugly. Im guessing that the SP01 has the thinnest trigger guard and with a little bit of sand paper you can open it up to the desired snugness for the TSO.
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