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  1. I have been using a Wiland barrel and their carbon fiber hand guard on my pcc for about 6 months. I use it for local matches . I like the barrel a lot. The barrel is accurate and has been very reliable. I shoot mainly Brazos coated round nose bullets. One thing when I ordered it took about a week or so to ship. If I need another barrel I will order from them.
  2. Tony, Sent you a private message on your gun.
  3. I have a pro and a racer trigger. Both are good. I have to agree about the Fat Daddy flat trigger. Your finger placement has to be just right for the safety to disengage.
  4. If you are interested in a sp-01 shadow CZ Custom has them on sale right now for $750. That definitely is a step up from a standard sp-01. https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-factory/cz-75-sp01-shadow-9mm-91154-black-cz-custom-exclusive.html
  5. The factory reduced power recoil spring set up is blue on the end. If you have the one that is black on the end that's the heavier one. With my tp9sfx I'm using a glock striker spring, glock striker safety plunger spring, and a glock gen 3 recoil spring rod with gen 4 adapter. With that I'm using a 13lb glock recoil spring. I can shoot softer loads with this and it improved the trigger quite a bit.
  6. Very good deal on SP-01 Shadow at CZ Custom. https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-factory/cz-75-sp01-shadow-9mm-91154-black-cz-custom-exclusive.html
  7. Actually they are a #1 split ring. I bought some at Sportsman's Warehouse.
  8. I got an email from Smoky Mountain Guns and Ammo. They will be selling the standard model for $459 shipped and the optic plate model for $499.
  9. How much tungsten should I order to do the same thing to my XDM?
  10. Don't know about the Holosun, are you using the right screws? My TP9SFX had problems with mags dropping free. It's an easy fix. There are vertical ribs on each side of the mag well. The mags drag on them. I ran a file in and out of the grip until the mags drop out cleanly.
  11. 1steelshooter

    CZ models

    I know your friend said he can't afford a shadow 2 but CZ Custom has sp-01 shadows right now for quite a bit cheaper than shadow 2s. They have the all black versions for $880 and two tone ones for $850 on sale. I think the shipping for them is less than $15 priority mail. Nice guns and they come with 3 18 round mags.
  12. I have two CZ slides that are milled for vortex venoms. I like how low the sight fits in the slide. It makes picking up the dot easy. I also have a canik TP9SFX and a XDM OSP that uses plates to mount the dots. They are nice but the CZs are better with the RDS sitting deeper in the slide. As a side note the burris fastfire fits the same pocket as the venom.
  13. Yes. My sp-01 shadow slide and my 75 shadow slide look identical except for the lettering.
  14. That and the height of the front sight. Are they glock rear with a smith & wesson m&p front?
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