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  1. Resurrecting an oldie here but for clarification, this is the kit you were testing right Magsz? Apex flat trigger
  2. There's at least one posted several pages back in this thread. I just picked one up and thinking about setting it up as a back-up open gun. You can get the mount for around $80.00 MidwayUSA
  3. The roads have been improved some from last year. The mud hole on the ridge has been rocked but a 4 wheeler would be a good idea if it gets wet.
  4. I really like my Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS. Slim yet very rigid.
  5. I have a Rock River 16" mid gas. I've killed a few deer with 30 gr of Lil gun pushing a 350g HP. I originally got this for a Texas hog hunt that fell through. It is a FUN cartridge to play with.
  6. I used to use an eotech on my open shotgun. I don't remember the model but the reticle was a circle with 1 dot above the other (exp-2?). With an astigmatism I would see 2 overlapping circles but for a shotgun sight it didn't affect me much. I've since had Lasik surgery and while the "blurr" got better it did not go away. My burris FF3 still looks like a star instead of a nice round dot.
  7. You got it Matt! Thanks! Now you can kick back and watch that fooseball game everybody is talking about.
  8. Strange. I'm still not seeing it Matt. I can't find any registration emails in my email either. I do have a cashed check though!
  9. Same here eddiegunks. I decided to send another email. We'll see what happens. It wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if someone would just drop in and say why it was cancelled and that they were working on getting refunds back to us.
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