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  1. Ameriglo suppressor height rear sights dont have a set screw. I have had three shift in their dovetails. All three required a drift punch in order to be installed and some pretty stout hammer blows. I think the metal is just soft...
  2. Magsz

    Red dot for G17

    George, Ive done a fair bit of training in different lighting conditions with my SRO. This past weekend at a centrifuge training Red Dot instructors class I ran into significant problems with wash out with the sun facing me, reflecting off of the glass. There was a pretty significant reflection on the glass making the dot which was at near max brightness VERY hard to pinpoint. Its the first time I've ran into this. The only outlier here is that the glass was REALLY dirty and I would imagine the sun was projecting and refracting light off of the glass which had a bazi
  3. There is. The G17.5 rods will fit just fine. Jager has setups ready to go. I too use the Glock store extended Tungsten rods and have had good success with them. My 34.5 is a very soft shooting gun. I do find that the slide is a little bit "sluggish" with the 13 lb ismi compared to my jager equipped 34.5 with a 14 lb spring. Your mileage may vary. Part of the fun is trying different setups so have at it. Ask some guys at your local club if you can check out their guns.
  4. Magsz

    Gen 5 34 Issue

    Is Taran the only person producing a "reduced" power trigger spring for the gen 5's? Ive never seen one or used one before.
  5. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    Ok, i stand corrected then. That's way better than my LEO price quoted from STI and just slightly more than the ZEV guns.
  6. Magsz

    Red dot for G17

    His wording was confusing. I don't really think we need any evidence to prove that there is a definite benefit to the SRO's larger window versus the RMR. The key is to focus on what the end user really needs. Would I carry the SRO on duty, hmmm, probably. Is it as durable as the RMR? No, its not but the end user needs to define his standard, not the manufacturer that is scrambling around trying to keep their products relevant and clearly defined so they can continue selling them en masse. If i was deploying over sea's, id want an RMR as that is an entirel
  7. Magsz

    Red dot for G17

    How does that prove its FOR competitive use? lol. Its a good optic for competitive use no doubt but so long as the electronics are sound, the same advantages of the optic translate over to CCW provided you're ok with the larger form factor and the fact that you wont be able to hammer nails with it...
  8. Magsz

    Red dot for G17

    You are absolutely correct. However, Trijicon is trying not to step on their own dicks. They want an obvious delineation between products so that people will buy according to category. Most people dont come to forums and ask questions or do much thinking for themselves. They walk into a gun store, buy their new red dot ready pistol and ask what they need for combat. The guy behind the counter, who served sixteen tours in OIF, Vietnam and WWII will immediately tell them because of his two minutes of training and experience that the Trijicon RMR is what that person nee
  9. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    Er... Are you aware that there is a significant discount on OZ9's for LEO's? The OZ9 after discount is four hundred dollars less than the STI unless you have a different discount pathway. Thanks for the answers to my above questions bud!
  10. Magsz

    Red dot for G17

    Holy Mall Ninja batman... For concealed carry and defensive use the SRO is just fine. For duty use, the SRO is arguably sub optimal but that still is a debatable point.
  11. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    I have plenty of Glocks that have wear marks on the top of the slides from the barrel hood. Can you give us some more info about your co-worker if you have it? Was he firing a steady diet of 124 grain nato rounds or reloaded cloud puffs? Total round counts on the guns? I THINK that this may be the only report of a catastrophic failure of an OZ9 like that. Im super curious to hear more. Also, that statement above is a little disingenuous for those of us that get discounts. After the discount, the zev OZ9 pistol is significantly cheaper than the STI.
  12. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    Is this a recall specific to that trigger, or specific to the OZ9 WITH that trigger? I have several of their older flat faced triggers that have been 100% reliable but id like more info on that recall if you have anything to share.
  13. I think they started that on PF.com. It's not a bad naming convention. Makes life pretty simple.
  14. My experiences with LW are limited to years ago when their QC on alot of their products was not all that great. I have no experience with their newer stuff. I'm not buying this to "get tighter groups" or "better accuracy" like most people are. I started the thread because im simply curious as to who makes a g34.5 barrel since I need to buy one to complete my upper. The factory barrels have been more than accurate enough for me but the current pricing that im seeing leaves the LW, the KKM and the Factory barrel essentially the same price. I'm just curious as to what m
  15. Hey guys! I've always been a factory barrel kinda guy but im building a g34 gen 5 upper and since I need to buy a barrel for it I figured why the heck not, lets see what's out there and maybe get some bling. So far ive come across Zev and KKM. Does anyone else make a gen 5 barrel for the 34? I think Lone wolf also makes an XXL barrel or something like that but ive never been a huge fan of LW.
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