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  1. Gen 4 RSA's will work in Gen 5 19's. Gen 5 17's and 34's use a longer guide rod that is unique to the gen 5 platform. Does that clarify?
  2. Question for the guys that are saying they want one. Im ALL for just buying guns because you want it. However, at the current state of my life, newly married, new house, trying to do the right thing financially etc, I find myself justifying purchases of firearms based upon some perceived "need" or use category. For those of you that want this pistol. What do you intend to do with it? I dont really see this out classing a 2011 in limited. I do see it as another option which is kinda cool but man, there's a HUGE uphill battle there considering how effective the 2011 is at this point. I see the bonus in this pistol as being its mags that wont require tuning. For the compact variant, its not my cup of tea as i dont prefer to carry steel firearms. Perhaps there will be an alloy frame down the road but for now, we are going with what we know in that its a steel frame. So, once again, im not sure what the point of the compact pistol will be. If YOU like to carry steel guns, rock on brothers but the real question that I have is does DW think that there's enough market demand for an oddball non 1911 steel carry gun?? I love new firearms and im glad to see this come, im just scratching my head slightly.
  3. The ergo's are quite good. The overall package that is offered is quite good, ie nice grip angle decent texture, excellent serrations fore and aft. The problem lies in the trigger. Its garbage, like, pure garbage. Its just plain bad. After a bazillion rounds (rentals) the triggers tend to clean up a bit but they're still heavy. Couple this with almost no aftermarket support (as you mentioned) and we are left with a platform that is hard to set up for gun games. To the best of my knowledge no one even makes a recoil rod so that we can tune the recoil impulse to our ammo. THAT right there is a MAJOR reason for me why im hesitant to put down money on one.
  4. Question. I have the same guide rod. Do you guys find that the guide rod doesn't seem to sit properly once the gun Is assembled? When in battery, the guide rod appears to be pointing up. The gun cycles and functions fine so im thinking that perhaps im over thinking this...
  5. I have an FM products lower and I too and looking for a magwell. I went ahead and emailed Bmiller so we will see.
  6. Magsz

    Gen 5 G17 Triggers

    I will mirror what a lot of others have said. DK, Johnny, Vanek, all fantastic. My latest love is my Zevtech Flat Faced pro trigger. Holy...s#!t... With the following im getting a 2 pound 11 ounce break that is crisp as can be, with no over travel. Zev Trigger Wolf 4.5lb striker Wolf reduced power firing pin block spring Zev Pro connector SUPER stoked to run this as im amazed at how crisp and smooth this trigger is after simply dropping it in. Zev trigger's in the past have been rather finicky with their adjustment screws losing their settings even with Loctite. This thing has no adjustment screws and should be more reliable but time will tell. I really, really, really dig the flat face as it fits my finger well and is very easy to index on.
  7. Key words being, "if they submit the paperwork".
  8. I did a google search for extended/lightened gen 5 strikers last night. I came up with a few but they were all out of stock. Is there a preferred aftermarket striker solution? I believe i found the DK, Glockstore and one other whose name escapes me right now.
  9. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    All I have is speculation at this point based off of third party information. Its nothing concrete and nothing to base a future decision off of.
  10. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    Hey bud, Im not normally one to pass off hearsay but the info is coming from some friends in the FBI who have spoken with Trijicon sales reps. Other than that, I dont have anything concrete as this is all third party info.
  11. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    This is all very true but the RMR footprint is going the way of the dodo. Ive been reading that Trijicon is going to redesign the next iteration of the RMR to accommodate a different cut. Given the price of this thing, the slide wont stand the test of time. Yes, I know, nothing lasts forever.
  12. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    Cool man. As i said before, the price is hard to stomach as my threshold for performance per dollar so to speak runs at about the 500 dollar duty range lol. Ive had nice CZ shadows before and while those pistols were nice, I always felt the price was hard to stomach. I am SO tempted by this thing but there are a few things holding me back. I dont like that its not future proof, ie the slide is only cut for an RMR which i absolutely despise. The blue lens, 1.1ish magnification and horrible track record for reliability push me towards something else. I could have the slide milled for the Agency AOS but at that point, im back to retail on the thing which i find even harder to stomach. I really hope ZEV will eventually release a the chassis and the lower by itself without the slide, allowing me to add the slide of my choice with the optics cut of my choice. There is information around stating that they will, i just hope its sooner rather than later. I definitely understand why they DONT want to do this right now...
  13. Magsz

    ZEV OZ9

    Can anyone comment on their subjective idea regarding recoil characteristics? Im super curious about how this feels compared to say a G17.5 which has noticeably softer recoil than a G17.4. I really want to love this gun. I handled one in a gun store and instantly lusted over it. At retail, its too expensive for me but with my LEO discount, the pricing is a little more in line with what I would be comfortable spending. Having said that, its still a very expensive Glock which kills me inside as a Glock is a Glock is a Glock to me.
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