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  1. I have both and both are setup for Carry Optics. I find the Shadow 2 offers no advantage over the traditional Shadow. As a matter of fact, I may prefer the original Shadow slightly as it seems to have better balance.
  2. What is your favorite drop in trigger for the Glock platform these days? I’m asking specifically about the Gen 5 but feel free to chime in with whatever you like for your specific generation.
  3. I always laugh when I hear people talk about how a custom milled slide is advantageous for finding the dot since it sits lower. If you put in the work to find the dot, you can find the dot no matter how high or low it is. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t. I own both, and have no preference either way. As someone mentioned above the plate doesn’t add enough height to matter.
  4. I’m sure your slides with the DPP cuts would be easy to sell should you decide to just buy new slides.
  5. Why wait? Who is to say that the factory Optics Ready model will make weight for Carry Optics? Send those S2’s to CGW and they will send you back an awesome S2 ready for CO. They did mine and I couldn’t be happier!
  6. The grip is perfect for carry. I currently carry a full size M&P. I don’t do small guns. A 19 is the smallest gun I will even consider as a viable option for anything. Just my opinion.
  7. Now that Cabelas is owned by Bass Pro I doubt we ever any good sales there again. Such a shame because it was a pretty cool place with fair pricing. It’s jjst an MSRP shop now.
  8. I will have it milled to accept an RMR but I actually plan to use the 507C from Holosun. I will be installing suppressor height sights for the purpose of cowitness since this will be a carry gun. DP Custom Works will be doing the slide milling. He has done a few for me and they have all came back perfect.
  9. I can agree with that last sentence! CO FTW!!
  10. I picked up a 45 this afternoon. Shot 100 rounds through it a little while ago and will say it really doesn’t shoot like any other Glock. It points like a 19 but recoils more like a 34. Both are extremely positive for me. I will be sending my slide off for optic milling as soon as my 19 returns. I really like my 19, but can see the 45 replacing it in an EDC role once the optic is on.
  11. Good thing I’m not too serious about PCC, mine is a 10.5” SBR!
  12. Most people aren’t very honest unfortunately. They tend to care too much about fitting in. Or perhaps I’m just an a_-hole. I’ve been called that a few times.
  13. Same here. Although I’m not serious enough about PCC to travel to shoot it, I live so close to the border of my state that traveling across state lines to a local is very common.
  14. Big ole DQ for me! Broke the 180 on a reload coming out of a port moving right to left to go down a hallway.
  15. Triangle Tactical. Lol Local dude but can’t get past his arrogance. Short Course on the other hand is top notch! Ben is a good dude, too!
  16. Interesting takes from various perspectives.
  17. hlpressley

    ZEV OZ9

    I haven’t, mainly because I don’t think those mods would be legal in Production, therefore also not legal in CO, which is my division of choice.
  18. I have never done this on a 2011 slide but have done it on several other slides and have never had any issue. Black nitride far superior IMO. I think you will be happy with the results.
  19. Why not? Seeems like it would be a pretty significant advantage over a longer barrel with ports, walls, etc. People don’t want to deal with the hassle of a Form 4 perhaps?
  20. I think it depends on how competitive you want to be. While it would be mega fun to shoot some Limited minor with an S2, if you’re looking to be competitive with the rest of the division you’re certainly choosing the more difficult path to do so. If you’re looking to just shoot and have fun, have at it!
  21. Some great matches here in the Carolinas. And a lot of them!
  22. Has anyone seen any of these for sale online? I look daily and have yet to see any in stock. Seems they’re almost giving away the non optic models nowadays.
  23. They have Federal 100’s. Just wish they were a touch cheaper so I could justify buying there rather than my current supplier.
  24. I too stopped watching at the end of last season. I’ve seen a few highlights scrolling though social media and it looks like the show has only gotten worse. It was fun while it lasted though.
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