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  1. I noticed that I had to load significantly shorter 1.12 for my S2 where I can push out to 1.15 or maybe even longer with the SP-01 Shadow.
  2. hlpressley

    ZEV OZ9

    I’d really like to get my hands on one of these. If I knew it would alleviate my Glock slide bit issues, I’d buy one in a second!
  3. I actually ordered mine this past weekend before I seen the code.
  4. My suggestion would be to give them a call and tell them what you have. They will gladly help you out. Good folks at Dawson!
  5. Plenty of opportunities to shoot USPSA within an hour or so of Charlotte. Spartanburg Pratical shooters is the 1st and 4tn Sat Rowan Practical Shooters is the 2nd Sat CGGR is the 3rd Saturday There are several others in the surrounding area as well if you’re interested.
  6. That’s a solid price for the Hiperfire. I ended up ordering a CMC and a Hiperfire. Won’t know which one I like unless I try both!
  7. There are plenty of 20” options out there. Ballistic Advantage makes some for sure.
  8. I suppose I missed the part where he asked for advice...
  9. Interesting to see how many people try to tell other people, who they likely don’t even know, how to enjoy their lives. To the OP, you do you man! Have fun and be safe and ignore the BS from the trolls.
  10. I will second bmiller. I have one that he made as well and it works well. Solid piece for a great price.
  11. I ended up ordering the BA Hanson 16” barrel. I think it will be fine for me to learn on. Can always swap it out or build another 18” gas length upper later on should I feel the need. Thanks for all of the advice and insight.
  12. hlpressley

    ZEV OZ9

    https://gunprime.com/product/zev-oz9-pistol-standard-black-slide-black-barrel/ In case anyone is looking for one. There is also a new one listed on Practiscore classifieds.
  13. Think I might pick up a case just to have in case I can’t make time to load before a match.
  14. I suppose there are good and bad apples in every bushel.
  15. I was only dumb enough to buy two. They have new homes now. I shoot my guns too much to own ones that won’t run.
  16. hlpressley

    Slide Bite

    Mine are much more than racing stripes. I’d post pics, but no one wants to see that!
  17. Hoping to make the VIR match. Shot a USPSA match there a few weeks ago. Fantastic match!
  18. I would be interested in 5k on the next available slot. I have plenty right now so in no hurry but can go in whenever it works out. Thanks
  19. But Alphas are 5 points no matter the power factor, right? So...just shoot Alphas!
  20. I upgraded from a 550 to a 650 a couple of years ago and will say the difference was well worth the price paid. The 650 has been much more efficient for me.
  21. Cheap as I’ve ever seen them. Mine has worked well for the last 2 years or so. Although it’s mainly just on rifle duty right now.
  22. Did someone say Kimber? Are there still people dumb enough to buy their stuff?
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