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  1. My Gen 4 34 done the same thing unless I ran at least 140PF. The Gen 5 ejector did help some. Now I use a Gen 5 17 MOS at 133 PF and have no brass hitting my DPP.
  2. I run the same springs in my G17.5 Carry Optics gun. Also use a Lone Wolf connector and have had a reliable 3# trigger with Federal and Winchester primers.
  3. I run the Gen 5 G17 MOS with a DPP. For some reason I like it better than the G34 with milled slide. I for sure like the ejection of the Gen 5. No worries anymore of my optic batting the brass.
  4. 230 RN and Ramshot Competition powder works great. Can’t go wrong with RN bullets.
  5. I agree. I had to run almost 140 PF in my Gen 4 G34 with milled slide so I would not get that occasional hit on my DPP. In my Gen 5 G17 MOS the brass isn't even close to hitting my DPP even with very low power factor loads. My Gen 5 G45 and G43X both really throw the brass.
  6. Had both, no difference when the buzzer goes off IMO. But from now on I’m going with the MOS.
  7. Talon Grip’s are awesome. And the Glockmeister grip plug is my favorite.
  8. A KKM Barrel in my G34 Gen 4 wasn't any more accurate than the OEM barrel either. As for 147 grain bullets go. The profile of the ACME 145’s and 135’s load easily in my Gen 5. I prefer the 135’s and load them to 1.125. Crazy accurate so I didn’t mess with the OAL. But could load a little longer.
  9. Nice! I got 3oz in the grip with plumbers lead wool.
  10. You will be happy with your choice. Especially the way better ejection of the Gen 5. Don’t have to worry about your optic batting the brass during ejection like the Gen 4.
  11. I like my G17 Gen 5 MOS slightly more than my G34 Gen 4 milled for DPP. Can hardly tell a difference.
  12. BASE772

    MOS mounting plate

    Thanks. I’m going to give one a try for my Delta Point Pro.
  13. BASE772

    MOS mounting plate

    Anyone ever see or try these mounts on a MOS? http://www.chpws.com/product/leupold-delta-point-pro-glock-mos-adapter-plate-v3-pre-sale
  14. Pmag 21 round mags have been flawless for thousands of rounds.
  15. 124 grain Precision Delta JHP’s with 4.1 Grain TG gives me around 1100 FPS out of my G34 Gen 4. Very accurate.
  16. The older Fiocchi primers in the all black box were harder than the newer ones in the red box. The red box fioochi primers are as soft or softer than winchester in my experience.
  17. BASE772


    Thats awsome news!
  18. Off a rest, my stock Glock Gen 4 barrel out shot my KKM threaded G34 barrel using several different types of ammo. Difference wasn’t huge but there was a difference. Granted I’m no bullseye shooter but tested it several times. The lockup is slightly better with the KKM though.
  19. BASE772


    The 43X grip is about 1/16” longer than my G26 with 12 round factory mag. I like the idea of the longer grip on the 43X. And a little thinner would be nice.
  20. BASE772


    Do you find the grip of the P365 kind of small? Width is fine, but the length from the front strap to the back strap is uncomfortably small for me. Ive shot one and they do shoot nice. I’m a huge Sig fan but carry a G26. I’d buy a G43X before the P365 .
  21. That is actually milled off on both sides. I had weight reduced on the rear of the slide.Had it milled for a Delta Point Pro. It’s still a work in progress so I just cold blued where the finish was milled off. Being a 1911 shooter most of my life my thumb just rides there.
  22. I’m converting my Carry Optics G34 into an Open Minor gun. I had a blast shooting Open Minor a few years ago. At local levels you can be more competitive than you think. Just got the KKM barrel and Alpha Wolf comp for it. We’ll see how it goes.
  23. Prima V meters fine for me also. Just keep it topped off.
  24. I use Ramshot Competition for USPSA for .45 and love it. But wanted to come up with a full power load using 230 gr coated lead bullets. Since Prima V is now my go to powder for 9mm I’ve got a bunch of it and the burn rate seemed about right IMO so thought I’d give it a go. Plus it runs cool. 5.2 grains of Prima V with a Black Bullets 230 grain RN @ 1.250 OAL was an average of 855 FPS out of a Glock 41. (5.3” barrel). Recoil feels like Winchester White box. No signs of over pressure per the Winchester primers. Pretty stout, don’t think I’d go any higher. Will chrono some out of my 1911 soon. More used to it and I’ll get a better feel for it.
  25. Group with Gen 4 G34 at 25 yards. 115 grain @ 1200 FPS. I have a G26 Gen 5 but not a very good comparison.
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