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  1. Yes it is .003 larger than the cz pin just work it down until it fits right then I polished it up real good then had to do some work to the flat area on the pin also
  2. I justed used some 120 grit Emery cloth and worked the diameter down 3 thousand if an inch and then where the spring locked it in I had to smoothen up the noch on the pin
  3. Had this isue also spring not sitting hi enought on the sear had to file out the slot for the spring and installed a t shaped spacer under the the sear spring it's almost as if the grip was cut wrong
  4. If you have an extended firing pin go to Winchester small rifle
  5. I replace springs every 2000 rounds mags included
  6. Yes they are m3.5 mm screws what I have done is bought the 5x40 torques head screws for still guns ran them through a 3.5 mm die they come out perfect. When I thread them I only go as far as needed leave the rest the original thread diameter it takes up the slop in the hole.lok Tite them in if you need to remove them get a small butane torch like the novelty ones you can get at any c-store heat the head and the inside of the frame they come right out. It's worth the money to get the correct torques plus bit for removal it's not a normal torques bit is a torques plus any snap on or mac or matco dealer will have the or order one online. And yes I have a vista short and had the same problems. The other option is to have your frame drilled and taped to the 5x40
  7. Loktite the threads and the tapered part of the screw I use hi heat red loctite clean and dry they with a good carb clean tighten them TIGHT
  8. I have a canik tp9 sfx have over 10 k on it only issue was a broken striker took 3 day for them to get me a new one. the only up grades I have done to it is installed a sprinco recoil system and a lighter striker spring runs great for the price can't go wrong
  9. If I drill and tap the frame of my production gun to accept a thumb rest so I could also run limited, would I still be production legal with the holes there?
  10. could have ben riding the slide stop pin where it protrudes throught the side on the right side and pushed it out
  11. I've been a diesel mechanic for 21 years I can take a casserole dish out of the oven with my bare hands. They don't bother me at all
  12. Yes they did also drilled bleeders on the front port of the comp tracks up and down better
  13. 1.265 you must be running 38 super
  14. I tried every conceivably seating debth even had the owner of mbx on the phone trying to figure it out sent them back to him they ran perficet for him he sent me new ones same thing. At area 3 last year one of the open guys on my squad had the exact same problem with them he went back to sti problem went away
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