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  1. Oh man I hate you!!!! Nice guns!!!!!
  2. I have 3 old school plastic C-more’s I ran one on my bowling pin gun for 4 years and then had an open gun built. It’s been on that for 12 years now with no problems! I have 2 others still going strong I hate to change what hasn’t ever broken
  3. Come on now send a pic did you get an open gun or not??
  4. Side mount with a sig Romeo3
  5. Try the 50/50 distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to get works ok I cleaned my comp and then polished it to a mirror finish then soaked it with the Dillon brass polish the lanolin in it got this from another thread here and I didn’t think it would work but!! shot 300rds and sprayed it every 100 rds came home and cleaned it carbon was able to be wiped out with a rag almost no scrubbing!!!
  6. I’ve tried the Fed syntech 130 gr for PCC OUT OF MY JP 16” GMR15 it was very soft accurate and reliable. Shot 300 rds no malfunctions brass ejected about 1 foot or less from the gun! It also crono at 140pf to 143pf down side it’s a lot of money my load is N320 4gr 124jhp RMR bullet =130+/-pf this load hits much harder than the syntech I would love to shoot it but it’s a lot of $ and the price just went up from $11.49 to $14.99 a box
  7. +1 for 10mm Dave set up I'm new to revolver And used mine in the walls of steel match it Work great!! The moon clips felt reel smooth coming off the belt I felt I did some decent reload times for my first time
  8. Hey Guys, did you like this mount? any problems you can see with it on the gun looking to order one for my vcomp Jon
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