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  1. digi531 would you post a picture of your engraver tool please. I would love to make one over the off season. Thanks
  2. I have KKM barrels in both of my open guns and have been very happy with them. I have no idea how to get a Schuemann barrel anymore nobody ever stocks them. When you call Schuemann to order a barrel they cant tell you there lead time.
  3. When I removed the primer system again and cleaned out the tube I couldn't believe how dirty it was. Put it all back together again and haven't had any more issues. Thanks for all the good information guys.
  4. I like a medium flat on my pistols but on my rifles I have to have a curved trigger.
  5. Xtreme's 124gr. and WST works great in my PCC and very accurate. But like you said you really have to plan ahead because takes so long for them to ship.
  6. I did replace the plastic tip but haven't replaced the tube yet.
  7. Having problem with my 1050 not priming cases randomly after having it for about 50k rounds. I've taken everything apart multiple times and cleaned an lubed all moving parts. So what can I be missing ?
  8. I do like the fact of it's really easy to pick up your brass at a practice session.
  9. Thank you buckaroo45 and aandabooks for the help.
  10. Is there a tool or way to straighten a bent moon clip ? or just toss them ?
  11. New to revolver How long does a moon clips last ? Do you guys loose a lot though out the season shooting a course of fire ?
  12. Who should I contact at H&M to send a complete gun ?
  13. What are my options for making my Stainless PT grip black and who to send it off to ?
  14. What kind of Loctite do I use on the over travel screw ? My screw keeps walking in after around 800 rounds.
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