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  1. Let me start with the obligatory "I wasn't there, but..." I know the RO and he is one of the nicest guys in the world without a single a_-hole bone in his body. I suspect he is a newb to the whole RO thing and my guess is when the shooter intentionally dumped a couple of extra shots into the no shoot he was startled and reacted. It was clearly a bad call from a newb RO, but that is why it is in the rules that we get to object. I am not suggesting that we become "that guy" that wants the overlays on every perf, but ROs are people and people make mistakes. I guess the take home message is that don't be afraid to call bulls#!t to the MD, its in the rules that we get to do that for a reason. I suspect it is a lesson that the shooter will never forget. But what do I know, I shoot open so I bitch about everything.
  2. Well, got off the phone with Apex and they are sending me a new hammer kit. They are great people to deal with.
  3. I hope this is the answer to a nagging problem with intermittent light strikes that I have had for a while. I put the original, (now carmonized) hammer back in the gun, and it runs like a top. I had a few again right before the hammer completely gave way so now, fingers crossed, that problem is solved too. Just as a side note, do we owe Carmoney royalty every time we say that?
  4. Well after a few inexplicable light strikes, my 929 stopped working completely, barely striking the primer. Initially I thought it was the firing pin, but it turned out to be the hammer. Is this ever typical?
  5. After years of just trying to 'shoot faster' I am now just starting to really try to analyze different metrics on the total hit factor of stage. I'm trying to measure transition/acquisition times between close open targets and between distant/danger targets, average step time, stationary and moving reloads as well as splits. For me the killer is still time per step, I'm looking at an average of about 1 step every 0.5 seconds, so focusing on picking up .05 seconds on a split time is lost in the noise. Once you maximize all the other skills, the split time will be important, but for me, there are other areas that need (alot of) work.
  6. I’m trying to figure out the effect of an over torqued barrel on the point of impact of a revolver. I understand the problems of the front sight not being vertical and the need to compensate with the rear sight, but I am uncertain as to if there is an effect on bullet trajectory other than sight alignment
  7. Ok, I’m still pretty much a newb with revolver, but if people who know how to shoot wheel guns are willing to show me how it’s done, I’m game. Is there going to be a squad for revolvers? I’d be good with either Friday or Saturday/Sunday
  8. So pretty much anything but Winchester?
  9. What brass are you using with the 040 TK moons?
  10. IT seems to really only be a problem with the stainless TKCustom .040 moons, the TKCustom .035 blue moons don't seem to have the same problem
  11. Well the grips are definitely not the issue, I am beginning to believe a combination of really tight tolerances on the extractor and the bulge on some brass. I actually had to pull the spent brass/moon off the extractor. I am going to try a bulge buster and see if it helps
  12. This could be part of a simple solution requiring no rule changes that could accommodate ICORE divisions including classic. I’m not sure how it would affect classifiers if they were part of match. For example, if you had a revolver optics in PractiScore how would you crosslink the classifier scores to open division in USPSA?
  13. I’m wondering if I’m punching it before it is totally open and it’s hitting the grip and making it cocked
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