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  1. Ok, I’m still pretty much a newb with revolver, but if people who know how to shoot wheel guns are willing to show me how it’s done, I’m game. Is there going to be a squad for revolvers? I’d be good with either Friday or Saturday/Sunday
  2. So pretty much anything but Winchester?
  3. What brass are you using with the 040 TK moons?
  4. IT seems to really only be a problem with the stainless TKCustom .040 moons, the TKCustom .035 blue moons don't seem to have the same problem
  5. Well the grips are definitely not the issue, I am beginning to believe a combination of really tight tolerances on the extractor and the bulge on some brass. I actually had to pull the spent brass/moon off the extractor. I am going to try a bulge buster and see if it helps
  6. This could be part of a simple solution requiring no rule changes that could accommodate ICORE divisions including classic. I’m not sure how it would affect classifiers if they were part of match. For example, if you had a revolver optics in PractiScore how would you crosslink the classifier scores to open division in USPSA?
  7. I’m wondering if I’m punching it before it is totally open and it’s hitting the grip and making it cocked
  8. It is a 929 with .040 tkcustom moons. The gun is as vertical as you dare get it and since it never happens with unfired brass (dry fire) and only infrequently with spent brass, I doubt it is the angle of the gun
  9. Greetings, newb question, but what do you do about spent brass sticking to the extractor during a reload? It is somewhat frustrating when in a match you are trying to reload into a cylinder and the brass is still stuck to the extractor and you need to punch the ejector rod a couple of times to get it to fall off. It of course never happens in dryfire because dummy rounds are not expanded by being fired. Is it the brass/moon combination I am using or is something else I should address. To clarify, it is not stuck in the cylinder, the spent brass is out of the cylinder and clinging to the extractor
  10. i don’t think that people are looking for “participation” awards, but they do want a reason to shoot revolver. If there are not enough shooters that it is even recognized, you are shooting the match “for fun” and let’s face it, even if we have no chance of “winning” we are still drawn by competition. I think that reducing the number of shooters to recognize revolver shooters at matches is a great idea. By percentage of shooters that are actually ‘special’ enough to shoot revolver, three showing up to a match is a large number.
  11. I suspect this could actually have a positive impact
  12. I used to know a guy who shot revolver optics and would get bumped to open, and when I asked him he would say he honestly didn’t give a s#!t where he was put, he was just shooting for fun, I didn’t understand that at the time but I get it now. The problem is that when we get to that point you aren’t actually shooting USPSA, you are just using their targets to play your own game.
  13. This is where I have gotten as well. Since ICORE has already solved this problem with their three divisions, I think we ought to recognize those divisions in USPSA. That means that classic revolvers will be recognized for what they are actually shooting, and people can shoot their open revolver without being categorized as USPSA open division. As a bonus I would get to see the open revolver shooters kicking people’s asses
  14. It seems to me that revolver is always going to be small, made up of people who are going to spend a lot of money for equipment that is inherently slower (largely due to reloads) and more difficult to shoot. It seems wrong to make the 625 and other 6 round guns obsolete in USPSA, since that makes up a large section of the guns out there. Maybe we could split into classic (6 round major) and open 8 round with optics (major or minor). This means all those 6 round guns would have a home in USPSA and the high capacity 8 rounders would run with optics
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