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  1. Thanks folks that really helps with my starting point. I'm going to load some Clay's, tight group and maybe even some bullseye. After I find my power chord for my Chrono hah
  2. Hey guys, So I've started to dabble in the world of ipsc revolver and the whole idea of .38 special trimmed to super length seems pretty interesting. I've cut down a bunch of brass to .900" and sourced a couple different types of bullets, from 158gr plated to 158 and 160gr cast and powder coated. My question after a bunch of searching here is which is a good spot to start up my loads with a Chrono. 38 super data at the bottom end or something closer to 9mm?
  3. Thanks guys for the info! Last night I took my trubor out to the range doing some basics and drills and I think I enjoy it more than my standard STI gun. The trubor that I have is set up for open, even though I bought it used with a super low round count it seems to work well. With the load that I have for it it makes major pf easily. One old guy last night told me no matter which I pic, the learning road ahead will be big.
  4. Hey guys, First off I'll get right out and say it, I'm a new guy to the sport and love it. I shoot IPSC here in Canada and looking for some advice from the seasoned guys. My first gun I bought was an STI edge in .45 acp. I started doing league nights Saturday nights with it and most guys would tell me "that's the wrong caliber". This is shooting in standard division.Now being in Canada, we are limited to 10 in the mag, so why would .40 be an advantage? After a while, I ended up trying and buying a used trubor in 9mm to shoot open.. Cmore mounted sideways and I love it. Definitely cheaper to shoot here in Canada and I seem to enjoy it more. So the question I have.... Is .45 really a disadvantage for standard division over .40? And will training with 2 styles of gun and competing back and forth hinder my gains?
  5. Hey guys, long time reader, first time caller? I've been on this site a while and thought I should at least say hi. Normally I'm an IPSC standard shooter.... In .45 acp, but recently got into open with a trubor. Now lots to learn!
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