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  1. I had a similar experience with my gen2 except I switched to 125 RN and some CFE Pistol I had laying around. After 2k rounds, I tried my 147/TG load and it ran 4 mags without issue. But at this point, I'm happy staying to the cheaper bullet with slower powder that is better suited for this operating system. I'm glad I didn't messing with opening up the gas port.
  2. PractiScore website now has the ability to output SC results in beta testing. I tried it with this month's results and worked well.
  3. When I first started shooting production two years ago I tried both 165s and 180s. Not a big difference but I liked the 165s a little better and they are cheaper so that's what I've been shooting. Usually around 136 to 138 PF.
  4. 5-10k sounds really conservative but I guess if you start running on the edge then you don't have any room to move. I have two seasons on a cut Wolff 14 lb hammer spring. Somewhere between 30-40k live fire so far + dry fire. Never had a problem using Win primers but they are seated in a 1050.
  5. RRA bolt is 15.9 oz RRA buffer is 5.5 oz I've been using the RRA bolt with a standard carbine buffer (18.9 oz total) and a standard carbine spring without issue. Using 147s that are 135pf out of a pistol but 145pf out of the carbine. Has anyone reached the point where the bolt was prematurely opening?
  6. Just ordered an Iron City bcg with the black diamond coating. I was using an AIM Surplus lightweight carrier which will go in another gun. I'm curious to see the differences between the two. Thanks.
  7. Mine has ran fine. Haven't used it in a lot of matches since I mostly shoot production. I like that it is basically the same frame as my Stock II. I can't say too much on reliability since I've only got a 1-2k through it. Although it's near identical to a Stock II/III & Limited Pros which have proven track records. Only difference is you are shooting major ammo though it. I'd buy a Limited before a TS for the checkering alone.
  8. What is the increase in capacity? I've been running +6 printed pads with stock springs for a total of 38. No issues the 4 or so matches I've shot with them even after dropping full mags on the ground.
  9. Initially I was thinking the slide stop notch in the slide was visible externally like on a 1911.
  10. You sure this is production legal? You're modifying an external part (both slide stop and slide).
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