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  1. I had a similar experience with my gen2 except I switched to 125 RN and some CFE Pistol I had laying around. After 2k rounds, I tried my 147/TG load and it ran 4 mags without issue. But at this point, I'm happy staying to the cheaper bullet with slower powder that is better suited for this operating system. I'm glad I didn't messing with opening up the gas port.
  2. PractiScore website now has the ability to output SC results in beta testing. I tried it with this month's results and worked well.
  3. RRA bolt is 15.9 oz RRA buffer is 5.5 oz I've been using the RRA bolt with a standard carbine buffer (18.9 oz total) and a standard carbine spring without issue. Using 147s that are 135pf out of a pistol but 145pf out of the carbine. Has anyone reached the point where the bolt was prematurely opening?
  4. Just ordered an Iron City bcg with the black diamond coating. I was using an AIM Surplus lightweight carrier which will go in another gun. I'm curious to see the differences between the two. Thanks.
  5. Initially I was thinking the slide stop notch in the slide was visible externally like on a 1911.
  6. You sure this is production legal? You're modifying an external part (both slide stop and slide).
  7. I can't insert a fully loaded mag with the bolt closed. But no issues if its downloaded a couple rounds.
  8. I contacted Stretch. They agreed that was unusual and are going to take care of it.
  9. Anyone running into short OAL issues with their Stretch16? I just put my rifle together and am getting a very short OAL compared to my other rifles. Using the Hornady OAL gauge, I'm getting 1.835" to the ogive, which puts me at a max OAL of 2.160" using Hornady 55gr SPs. That would put the cannelure inside the case neck. For comparison. Barrel To ogive -> Max OAL (for H55gr SP) Stretch Wylde 1.835" -> 2.160" Seekins Wylde 1.920" -> 2.245" Troy 556 1.980" -> 2.305" I normally run my reloads to 2.200 which is right at the start of the cannelure. I loaded o
  10. Yeah, no issues with instructions. Wiring colors were different but just had to match them up to their respective plug contacts. If I had to do it over again, I may have just bought a 3.5mm male connector and soldiered the USB converter to that. I would have a short cord for transferring data in the house, and if I need the length, then I could just plug in the extension.
  11. Thanks for the cleaned up instructions. I got a ProChrono Digital last week so I ordered the 3.5mm stereo cord and the windows 7 compatible USB converter and got everything connected today. The software leaves a bit to be desired but it was nice not having to type in all the velocities into a spreadsheet.
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