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Found 5 results

  1. I stumbled on some info that I thought would be helpful, that I wanted to pass on. I did not see similar info posted anywhere on Brian Enos forums. I wasn't sure exactly what forum to post this, since it covers bolts and ammo, and suppressors, but ... I have a couple of Ruger 10/22's, both suppressed. I have been playing around with a bunch of different subsonic ammo. The cheapest and easiest to get (at least for me) is CCI Quiet. It is "as seem in the movies" quiet. But, it won't cycle the bolt. Then I found that Volquarten makes a FireFly bolt that is designed to work with the CCI Quiet ammo. Today, it runs about $200. It works like a champ -- as good as advertised. Volquartsen rep emailed me that they do not recommend standard velocity with their bolt. After I bought a pair of FireFlys, I stumbled on Norma Tac-22 ammo. It is also subsonic, and it will cycle the bolt of the standard 10/22. The Norma runs about 1100fps while the CCI is only 700fps. The Norma is more flat shooting. Currently, Midway sells both. Norma $50/500 and CCI $35/500 I also tried both on a Glock 17 fitted with a Tactical Solutions TSG-22, .22lr conversion. Again, the CCI would not cycle it while the Norma worked fine. Sorry for a sort of rambling post, but, here's the bottom line: If you want to shoot suppressed .22lr: - CCI Quiets are the quietest and cheapest but won't cycle. - Volquartsen Firefly works great with the CCI quiet, but, not recommended with standard velocity and it's $200 - Norma Tac-22 is subsonic, shoots a bit better, just a bit louder than CCI, and is $15/500 more money, but, it will cycle the bolt on 10/22 and Tac Sol .22 Glock conversions. So, that's what I learned with about $600 and a bit of screwing around.
  2. I'm planning a lightweight precision rig. Going with either a 16 inch lothar walther middy or a 18 inch satern rifle length. What would be the best bcg choice for these barrels? I'm planning to use a slr adjustable block as well. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  3. Hello I just bought a new hunting rifle chambered in 300 win mag. The only problem I am having is when I go to close the bolt fully with a round in the chamber it is tight like very tight. But after I get the bolt to close and the round is seated in the bolt face on the extractor I pull the bolt back a inch or so and when I push it in again after it is seated it goes right in not sure if it is an extractor problem or chamber
  4. I am in the design phase for a shared lower with two uppers LR-308 pattern rifle. One upper would be 16"-18" 308 for Heavy Metal 3-gun. The other upper would be in 6.5 or 6 Creedmoor. I would like to do low mass internals as well as adjustable gas. SLR adjustable gas blocks and a JP captured spring system are fixed into the design. Those aren't up for discussion. I mention them in case that changes your recommendations. Besides JP, Rhino, and Rubber City Armory, who else make a 308 bolt carrier that would be worth investigating for my two uses? One of the makers has replied to me with their BCG weight (including bolt). Anybody got measured weights on these makers I have listed or for your recommended maker's product? Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Hello all. I would like to hear from those who currently own, plan to own, or even just contemplating owning a Benelli Vinci or Super Vinci. We are currently developing an extended Bolt Catch, Bolt Handle, and Safety for the Vinci. I know i have heard so many people asking about them and have been seeing more and more of the Vinci models on the racks at matches. I personally shoot a Vinci and am in love. If you fall into one of the categories above please reply with whether or not you would be interested and if one of the three items is more appealing please specify that as well. Thanks!!!!
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