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  1. tried to watch it, could never get into it.
  2. noexcuses

    Shoes for competition

    thats good to know, there standard width is pretty narrow
  3. noexcuses

    FC NT 9mm brass

    yep there crap on a 650, never noticed them on the 1050
  4. noexcuses

    how to fix burst fire?

    really loose grip on gun and riding the reset I can induce it, hyperfire 24c
  5. noexcuses

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    hours of dryfire and rounds down range is the most important part:)
  6. noexcuses

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    WOW never seen a gun win a match before, I always thought it was the shooter Now I just need to find one that will win the match, clean itself and pay for and reload its own ammo LOL nice list of parts, not my choices but still nice
  7. noexcuses

    Extended Mag release on table

    nothing like laughing at your buddies making a mistake and then being right behind them and doing the exact same thing lol. Good ol humble pie lol
  8. noexcuses

    DAA Racer Pouches

    no, been running mine for several yrs
  9. DAA racemaster or racer is what I use
  10. noexcuses

    Lets talk MOA’s

    6moa, but i am not a top shooter and its what I stole off my open guns lol
  11. noexcuses

    PCC and Minor load

    get a Taccom ULW barrel (5.25") for your PCC and no problems lol
  12. noexcuses

    Hornady bullet feeder die limitations?

    I used some bullet tubes with the MR BF die, but I did have to due a little surgery (dremel) to make it work. I finally ended up with a complete MR BF system.
  13. noexcuses

    Slider Racker or Not

    they are nice to have for table starts also, helps prop them up if no thumb rest
  14. noexcuses

    Barrel Work

    yes, need to pass plunk test
  15. noexcuses

    VFG in PCC? Yes or NO

    no binary triggers or full auto no pistols and no beating up on the open class kids lol after that I gots nothing lol