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  1. I'm really interested for the revolutions modularity. The guy made it look like you can swap out barrels in seconds. I would love to have a creedmore barrel i this type of chassis. 7.3 lb and low recoil is hard to beat
  2. Why do you say that? Bad quality?
  3. Has anyone used this gun before? Looks badass and very modular
  4. Thats good to hear! So the 45$ offered on rainier comes with spring? Im building a grendel so may need a heavier buffer which the kak would offer over the taccom. Once you tuned yours the taccom and kak shoot equally well with recoil and sproing right?
  5. Has anyone used these in their rifles? How does it compare to the JP SCS and Taccom ultralight setups? What spring did you use to pair with the buffers? https://www.rainierarms.com/kak-ar15...ble-buffer-kit
  6. Whats your opinion of the iron city vs rca? Don't think iron city sells carrier only though
  7. Yeah i bought a grendel kit from jp so i have their enhanced bolt. Does the rca carrier only have the other components like firing pin and cam pin as well? Wonder how it ll cycle with jp everything and with a different carrier. Also trying to decide btw the taccom buffer, the kak adjustable and tbe jp scs. Anyone w experience w more than one of those?
  8. Do you know if it has forward assist serrations?
  9. Thanks Mike! Was curious - im thinking of building a 6.5 instead since its more useful for bigger game hunts. Is there anything inherent to that bullet and barrel that prevents it from shooting with lighteweight setup?
  10. Newbie here but really interested in the Taccom. Will any carbine length spring work with these buffers?
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