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  1. I was sorry to hear that Vic Pickett has passed. I shot with Vic many years ago at my first IRC. I was in the "K" Squad. Vic gave everyone a Kazoo. I still have mine. Vic was at the top of his game when Jerry was still shooting the IRC's, so Vic was the perennial second place finisher. I'm sure it bugged him, because Vic was a great competitor. Vic was at home on the range and had his fun. For Sunday shoot offs after the match, you would see him with his rubber chicken, and his flare for tossing the last moon clip high in the sky. Vic had an ongoing practical joke battle with the Hogues that was legendary. At the awards ceremony, it was always Vic who cried, "Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy". I was never sure what this was about, but re all responded Oye, Oye, Oye. So long Vic. You'll be missed. Richard
  2. They look short to me also. What really caught my eye was the crimp. I put a taper crimp on mine. You're reloads may by catching on the case, rather than a bullet problem. Richard.
  3. Welcome Clamper 13. Tracy is almost the local hotbed for revolver shooting. Richmond Hot Shots has an occasional ICORE match, and well as USPSA shooting twice a month. San Luis Obispo Sportsman Club has a monthly ICORE match as well as USPSA, I shoot at The Oakdale Sportsman Club Twice a month. We have a fair revolver turnout, especially before a major revolver match when we put away the autos and concentrate on revolvers. Rich Wolfe won high overall against all divisions last match. He seemed unbeatable. At least until he ran into Poggie at last weeks Regional in Fallon. Check websites for dates and times. Oakdale is close to Tracy. Bring your revolver, we'll show you the ropes. Richard.
  4. MWP, Poggie, is showing the modesty of a Champion. He was High Overall at World Shoot. Plus he just won the Revolver Nationals. Oh, and he kicked everyone's butt at the Steel Challenge Championships. I declare this the year of the Poggie. Way to go Mike.
  5. Way to go guys. Each member of the team has won at least one stage. 6 stages left. I'm a little surprised about how good the competition is. The best of the best are there. Truly a World Shoot.
  6. Good luck to our guys headed off to the World Shoot. Rich left today. Poggie, Olhasso, Lentz, and Wolfe. That has to be one of the strongest teams ever assembled. 30 stages, 500 rounds. What fun.
  7. OK. Stages are posted. Get out your running shoes. A lot of movement and tight shots. Standards start at 50 yards, and end up at 25 yards weak hand only. It's going to be a different match. Richard.
  8. This is the death knell. Rich Wolfe, returning multi year revolver champion, will not be shooting revolver. If the division will not be recognized, no prize table. Look for Rich to shoot limited with a bottom feeder. Sad.
  9. Looks like a slow sign up. Since they moved it from Mothers Day, I was hoping to see more shooters. Maybe some are just skerrit.
  10. That was fun. I got to shoot with some of the top shooters. I followed Alec in squad rotation. Started out with a clicker on the first reload. Worked the trigger until I fired off the round into the barricade. Clean after that. Finished top Super Senior, with Roger Reid finishing second. I like Roger. Rather beat Bubber.
  11. Wow! Look at all those titanium cylinders. Of course with a nickname of Ty, that's what you would expect.
  12. Try Smith and Wesson. I recently received a 327 cylinder I've had on back order since last November. I think these became available because they needed ti cylinders for the 929. Maybe they can use blank cylinders for a run of 625s. My new 327 cylinder would not fit on yolk. A call to S&W resulted in a little song and dance. Well, you know these are not drop in parts, and you are not competent you should not attempt installation. I've never had a problem with cylinders before. They had another cylinder in stock so I ordered it. Must have been the same run because it didn't fit either. Now I have two to send back. I think they just missed a step in the milling operation. The fit is not close. Good luck. Looks like I need a little too. Richard
  13. I'm shooting a single stack 45. Would I gain any advantage if I lighten the slide, and add weight to the guide rod. How would the gun handle differently? Thanks, Richard.
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