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  1. Warren, are you still making the F/O Rear Sights? Thanks
  2. Is Pinetucky hosting an ICORE Match again??? That would be great news if so...
  3. Nice-lookin' Wheelie you have there! Who did the work, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. So sorry for your loss, Gary...The downside to pet ownership is that we live longer than the fuzzy lil' guys who worm their way into our hearts...But the love they give and the companionship they provide outweigh that one disadvantage...I hope you'll take comfort in knowing he's not in any pain or discomfort any more and that you'll remember the good times you had together with great fondness...
  5. I missed a very old post from you about who did the action jobs on my revolver.


    Dave Olhasso is the Dave I am referring to.  http://www.olhasso.com/

    1. mikey357


      Thanks! Much appreciated!

  6. [quote name="Carmoney" post="2614257" timestamp="1464701381 I was never thrilled about the fact that they stole Dave Skrzela'a speedloader design. That kinda' rubbed me the wrong way, too...
  7. Aww, man! Sorry to hear--I always enjoyed reading his stuff in the Gun Mags...
  8. Check out Mark Hartshorne at Pinnacle Performance--He has some experience "Comping" Revolvers--HTH....mikey357
  9. Mike, they say that our MEMORY is the Second thing to go--I can't remember what is FIRST--LOL!
  10. The "Circle of Life"...Hakuna Matada, and all that... ....mikey357
  11. DRYFIRE is your FRIEND in this situation!...and LOTS OF IT, too...HTH....mikey357
  12. The "New, Improved," Model 66 does NOT have the Flat machined on the bottom of the Barrel Forcing Cone area...Not sure how they "Solved" the Clearance Issue, as I have not been able to measure a new Gun & compare it to one of my "Vintage" K-Frame Guns yet...HTH....mikey357
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