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  1. This is one reason I plan to NEVER buy ANYTHING from Speed Beez--Didn't know they had "Hosed" anybody other than Dave Skrzela, but it doesn't surprise me one bit--SMDH--
  2. Warren, I bet that 625 with 185-grain Softball loads is the Cat's Meow! Wonder why more people didn't try that, as Moonclips are faster than Speedloaders and a .451 projo cuts a bigger hole than a .357?
  3. Warren, are you still making the F/O Rear Sights? Thanks
  4. I missed a very old post from you about who did the action jobs on my revolver.


    Dave Olhasso is the Dave I am referring to.  http://www.olhasso.com/

    1. mikey357


      Thanks! Much appreciated!

  5. Check out Mark Hartshorne at Pinnacle Performance--He has some experience "Comping" Revolvers--HTH....mikey357
  6. I been up and down since I turned seventeen I been on top and then it seems I lost my dream I've got it back, I'm feelin' better ever' day Tell all those Pencil-pushers, better get outta' my way... ...and then the "Title Verse", which would, of course, give it away....mikey357
  7. I think that maybe another way to look at the "Trust" thing is that you must have a certain level of SELF CONFIDENCE before you can "Trust" yourself to run on "Autopilot"...For ME, I MUST be absolutely confident in my equipment--that it is RELIABLE, and that it will "Shoot Where I Look" if I execute the shot correctly...I MUST be absolutely confident in my shooting ability--that I have the FUNDAMENTALS ingrained to the point that I CAN execute the shot, no matter HOW DIFFICULT, and...I MUST be absolutely confident in my ability to execute the shot UNDER STRESS...Only THEN am I able to let the Subconscious take over and let the Conscious "Be Quiet"...Simple, really...NOT!!!...but that is what I MUST HAVE...YMMV....mikey357
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