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  1. Since we've moved off podcasts pertaining solely to gun related topics, I have a couple suggestions for the scientific minded folks. Robert Sapolsky is a professor that has some podcasts. Two of his YouTube videos I saw were fantastic, but I don't know if the topics are also found in his podcasts. The YouTube video's titles were "Are humans Just Another Primate?" and "Why Zebras Don't Get Stomach Ulcers."
  2. Talking trash back can be a good option at times. Other times it just encourages further childish behavior. Your classification of the entire male sex as trash talkers is way off. Part of becoming a man, and not being stuck perpetually in one's teenage little sh** mindset, is learning how to communicate without insulting. Trash talk is not male behavior. It's for the insecure who get a charge out of putting others down. If one is a bully, then they probably shouldn't have a gun. I'm not at all saying we should restrict speech or any crazy leftist baloney, but with the freedom to say what we please, we should work together to form a cohesive and supportive culture. Civility is the lubrication of society. PS This isn't to say some folks aren't more sensitive than they should be. But the way you put it makes it sound like being an a** is acceptable behavior.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions on tightening the grip. I'm going to need to play around with that next time I'm out.
  4. Best of wishes with the procedure on your right wrist today Aggieddad02!
  5. Awesome that your surgery went well Fox! Don't rush shooting again. You'll regret it if you come back too soon.
  6. We're not grazers. Try eating one meal a day (or two within a four hour period if you must). Though I guess that applies to diet more than fitness... I get best results lifting heavy weights (though safely) infrequently. Too often and I seem to exceed my body's recuperative abilities.
  7. Well, I don't think surgery is something most folks like to rush into. And some procedures entail more risk than some feel they can justify. From what you say it sounds like your particular procedure tends to garner favorable results. Happy for you!
  8. I'm glad to hear your left side healed well. It sounds like your right sight has a good forcast!
  9. Now those are stages that sound like the folks setting them up had as much fun as the people shooting them! How big was that tunnel?
  10. Thanks for the thought simulating input. But I have a hard time with a couple parts of this. Selling a gun that you bought new for anything near what you paid for it (unless it's been a long period of time) tends to be rather difficult. Unless it's no longer available new and or is approaching antique status, folks seem to hesitate. One of my friends is currently attempting to sell an AR-15 for under half of what it took him to build and he's only got ~300 rounds through the thing. And as far as the press goes... it literally costs more for the components to make ammunition than you can buy a finished product for in many cases. Yes, the big brand stuff doesn't shoot sub-MOA, but a great deal of folks are far more concerned with price than quality. Same with the textile industry. The True Cost is a documentary about "cheap" cloths. Sad stuff.
  11. I'm not sure about exercises for carpal tunnel but I would suggest avoiding doing what aggravates it to speed its recovery. I think some even suggest wrist splints to restrict movement. Like the neuroma in my foot, exercises may only make things worse. I don't believe it is like arthritis in that moving and working through the pain can actually help in arthritis. I hope you find it leaves quickly! Don't quote me on this part, but you may want to try adding some bone broth, or at least gelatin, to your diet. Given that tendons and ligaments are involved, you may benefit from ingesting more of these amino acids to help repair tissues with.
  12. Moving targets hmm? Does that mean you enjoy FPS video games?
  13. Nothing quite like stifling free speech hmm? Sounds like Spain needs to watch some Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris. Impediment of free speech is where it starts...
  14. Haven't played that one. CS: GO is one I've played that's probably in the same category though. It's nuts how good some people get at FPS. Greatest game ever is Sword of the Stars!
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