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  1. I used AutoComp initially and like others I found I was getting too much unburnt powder I had to clean after shooting. Switching to Titegroup has resolved that for me.
  2. I have recently run into the issue of the Winchester primers flipping or getting stuck in my RF100. I was getting at least 3 per hundred flipped and was going to just get rid of this thing. But after trying CCI and Federal they were all oriented 100% correct. I like not having to fill by hand so I'm just going to avoid buying Winchester going forward.
  3. I have had this exact thing happen in mine. Changed the spring and right back in action.
  4. Match book with the stages is available. http://www.riosaladodesertclassic.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/CaspianArms_booklet_2016-small.pdf
  5. If I was just starting out with open I would consider getting the 155s instead of 140s if they really do make the reload just as easy. But since I already have 140s I don't really see myself buying the 155s to take their place.
  6. If you're in dire need it looks like www.reloadingunlimited.com may have both. But the prices are a bit higher than I would want to pay.
  7. Same for me in my Glock 34. Been using the 124 Grain Blue Bullets for a couple years now and have had no issues.
  8. Have one Open gun from Matt already. My next Open or Limited gun will be from him too.
  9. I had this same exact problem and would need to turn the dot back up during the stage. I contacted CMore and they advised I needed the switch tightened. Got it back from them last Friday and ran it Saturday. No problems at all so far. The switch is noticeably tighter to operate though. Hopefully it stays tight like this through more use.
  10. I have used Blue Bullets 180's and N320 at 4.8 grains at 1.17 OAL to get around a 172 - 174 PF out of mine. I'm sure I could drop a bit and still make major no problem, but usually try to come in around 172. I also chrono'd this weekend with the same specs, only with WST being the powder. 4.8 grains still came in right at 172 PF.
  11. Had my kid test out some of the Blue Bullets 115gr and 7.4 of AutoComp today in a match. Here is a link to a video of the classifier and you can see for yourself how it looks coming out of the comp.
  12. I switched to coated bullets from the Blue Bullets a couple years ago and haven't looked back. The new groove-less 180s with either N320 or WST is my main load for my 2011. Clean and accurate.
  13. I have those same exact cuts on mine. Definitely curious how this will turn out for you. I hope you get it replaced as well.
  14. I have a 9mm Open gun built by Matt and it has been great. Definitely recommend his guns. I also have a buddy that got a CK 9mm Open gun a few months back and it has run perfectly. I've never shot the DVC so can't speak to that, but if I bought another Open or Limited gun it will likely be from CK or Cheely directly.
  15. This is good to hear. I have used Blue Bullets in everything but Open so far and have been pleased with the result. I ordered some of the 115s today to a trial in 9mm major.
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