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  1. I don't want it to extend, just fill the hole and fill the round spot for a touch of mag guidance.
  2. Does the Glockmeister grip plug for the 4th and 5th gen guns fill up the half circle in the rear? I can't tell from the pictures on their website. https://www.glockmeister.com/Glockmeister-Grip-Plug-for-Gen-4-5-Full-Size-Compact/productinfo/BCIG4/ Which would you recommend between the Glockmeister or the Pearce for a 5th Gen 34? Thanks! Koski
  3. I've heard that Bill and Joyce Wilson are divorced, but not from a reliable source. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. If the milling is internal on the frame and/or slide, would it be legal for ESP?
  5. You're alive! I haven't seen you on FB for a while. Take care. Koski

    1. rowdyb


      i deleted fb entirely. both personal profile and shooter page.

    2. Steve Koski

      Steve Koski

      Are you OK? Still (relatively) healty? Shooting? Or have you taken to entirely dirt bike riding?


      Take care,



    3. rowdyb


      FB was taking more from my life than it was giving me, so i axed it. Still healthy, still shooting. I'll be at A1.

  6. How do you do that? Are there smaller substitute knobs or screws?
  7. Nice silver knobs hanging out in the breeze. And hole.
  8. IDPA Page 52:

    Contestants may be anyone who can legally bear arms. Juniors, ages 12 years through 20 years, may also compete in IDPA matches when not prohibited by law and when allowed by the hosting club. Additionally, the parent or legal guardian must accompany the junior contestant during the entire match.

    Not sure about USPSA. Sorry.

  9. hey Bro...Quick question. I dont want to post this because then someone would get snotty about it being in another thread. However, I cant find a thread for this although i am sure there are many...

    What is the minimum age requirement for IDPA shooters? Do you know what it is for USPSA?

    Thanks for all of your help


  10. I've experimented with some HOT longshot loads and Montana Gold 165 JHP's. I'll see if I can attach my PDF writeup on it. Fair warning - These are really hot loads, over book max. Proceed with caution, at your own risk. 20060304_Koski__s_Fun_with_Longshot.doc
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